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    Learning, Building, Raising, Helping, Teaching,
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    I am called a Witch by those that know of me, those who live near me, and those that call themselves witches. In part because they call what I do Witchcraft. I have studied and become familiar and effective with many things called witchcraft through history. These include published works and things passed down, as well as thing that just are. In that sense I've been familiar with Witchcraft since birth or near enough.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    I have studied and lived among those of many beliefs. Some of them are jewdayo christian, new age and old world pagan, tribal and island beliefs, local and family beliefs, and those that worship spirits animals and idols. Exploring and learning to understand others beliefs is an interest of mine. My beliefs if your asking I can most briefly describe traditional of Witches in my family and area.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    Yes, if you mean the creation and use of spells, potions, charms, and effecting change on things.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    I was taught as a child there two kind of witchcraft. First there was it witchcraft that is, anyone could use this by spiting to banish evil, cultivating a lucky penny, or getting ready for a visitor if a broom fell. The other was Witchcraft because it was the deliberate actions of a Witch. I have not found fault in this. By defining it as Traditional Witchcraft I would consider that these acts were influenced by things passed down or from study of the past.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    I don't really know what it would be like not working with Witchcraft. I'm told I always did. My first deliberate working of a spell was the winter I was five. Those around me started coming to me about their problems and fears about eleven. Other Witches and those that didn't know me started the spring I turned fourteen. The past ten years have made my position in my family extensively demanding.
  • What brought you to our site?
    For more than ten years I've live in the country near a small town. I take care of what things I need to. Otherwise, I spend little time with humans. I have been content with this having plenty of company in the forest. Over the past two years I have been told that I should make contact with other Witches. I have, however the new age and Wicca folks try but can't much relate. Your site seems to portray a more familiar feel. So, I hope to find that's case.
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    I hope to find places my education has holes and find new perspectives on things. As well as offer my perspective and education to you folk.
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
    No, I don't be leave so. I look over them from time to time but don't belong to any. don't belong to many site at all for that matter.
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    I never really thought about it. I guess most folk come to me for remedies, to look on their new born, and see off the dead. So, if that's any measure it would be one of those.
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    Embodying others animal or human. I've proven weak here.
  • Additional Information.
    edits just fixed some bad spelling.

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  1. Butcher's twine sounds like a good call Onyx. A good connection to livestock and the larder to. Aurelian thanks for the reminder on hurricane lanterns. Quite a while ago I use an alcohol lantern for candle work. It did a good job. If I'm remembering right some Powwowing names hurricane lanterns directly. Used in spiritwork and divination. I like that cross street, cross roads to. It is what it is, no matter what it looks like. Historic maps are often a good way to find an old crossroad that is now a city street as well.
  2. I like the way your thinking there Ravenshaw. Lilac – for will to thrive and passion for life. Bay laurel – for protection and connection to spirits. Pig bones or blood – to find nourishment and strength against the odds. Pine cone – for rebirth and virility in pollination. Could be a nice complement to eggshell. I enjoyed the coffee comment. Its hard to beat sharing a meal. I've used dawn and distilled vinegar. It worked but took a lot. I think it dissipates to quickly. I don't use weed killer much these days, but if I run into a need again I may try adding plant glycerin to stabilize and help it stick to the weed. Drive way or sidewalk cracks I'd soak a hand towel with it and ball it on it a few hours. My grandmother used tobacco tea. A tobacco vinegar decoction, with Dawn and/or glycerin should work well.
  3. They sure do. Most of its from picking stales and reding up the barn. They just rake it up with everything else and dump it in the fertilizer pile. But, it also gets used to tie up anything and left where its used. It was popular with local witches to for its relationship to the barn and animal care. Problem is when our grand mothers where using it, it was mostly sisal or jute. Yesterday I fond a loop sticking up and pulled. It was a full peace still knotted from the bale. I wish I could say that was rare. After however many years in the ground I just rinsed it and used it to hang an ax and some rakes in the barn. Nasty stuff. Cotton is good call. I may look around for a ball.
  4. I'm not sure on the decay rate of bees wax. I wouldn't think thin wall would survive the winter above the frost line. Down in the clay it may stick around a bit longer. But, I'd think more of the point is that if its pure bees wax its decay will feed the ground instead of pollute it. I forgot about your wishbones you showed us Onyx. I bet your right, silver leaf would probably be really nice for that. I'm a bit bitter about what folks tie things up with at the moment. Around here people do try to reuse as much as possible. However, there hasn't been a horse on this property for four or five years and I'm still digging up binder twine. I'm not apposed to using it for general work, but it shouldn't go to ground. I've been using a lot of hemp cord the past two years. I'm not real big on it, but its not horrible and I got a spool cheap at a yard sale. However, I find a cheaper better solution is handmade cordage. I find making its a good skill. Mostly fiddle work and easy with just a little practice and experience. I'm always looking for new materials to work with. Right now I've been liking the leftovers from last years lilies and dead lemon grass. I'm fining them both strong and easy to work.
  5. Hello Dandelion thorn, In my experience long distance relationships particularly with more than to people can be demanding. Those demands seem to be trust, devotion, courage, and respect. As well as a strong connection and emotional interaction. Along with the understanding that a good portion of life is location. So in separation time should be balanced. All parties also need to feel these reflected to maintain a health relationship. Now, my experience may not be the same as yours. However, if you feel that statement holds for you I would first look to see if that's what your giving and getting. If not you may consider working on that first. There are workings to bypass a healthy relationship, but then I find your just gluing a it together with witchcraft. That can be harder in the end, often turning into something else quickly. We don't know each other well enough yet for me to know how you work. I also try not to put to much direct workings in guest areas. However, some of this might helpful. For someone not openly communicating. Rose quartz can be good if you work with crystals. I've found it good for stimulating emotional communication. All Heal(Prunella vulgaris) is my plant of choice for getting someone to open up or be more talkative. Without being to controlling. I don't know about where you are but here it will be free, growing as a weed in about a month or so. If you work with animals, crows are often the popular pick for communication work. I also wouldn't over look coyote for that kind of work. They are experts at long range communication and coordination. As for staying close at a distance sympathetic work seems the obvious choice. I find the biggest issue with long distance relationships is missing the subtle shifts in emotion and energy. All of those unspoken things there may not be words for. Multiple objects made one and kept in sight in respective bedrooms(where you sleep) can be as good as sitting next to someone. It can also build a well for focused energywork. Two shards of clear quartz(any in a pinch) can be worked into a nice energy bridge. Obsidian also has a way of being everywhere at once so is good for only one side putting the work in. Migrating birds particularly nesting water fowl also tend to be good for this kind of work. I hope that helped at all. I tried to focus on stone and energywork. Your post made it seem like that might be a strength for you.
  6. It sounds like you all are looking at good celebration of the holiday. HeidiGWOTR that sound enjoyable and appropriate for the season. I hope you have a good trip. I think this year is looking is leaning toward the less tangible(?) for me. This year it seems like I'm feeling the holidays less and the spirit of the season more. I have plans peppered in from here though the first week in May. Thing started yesterday when the forest provided a sacrificial meal. In the form of a turkey given to a young boy on his first spring hunt. Easter supper is today. A few close families get together yearly. I skipped the last year or two. This year I'll stop in to support my christian folk while they celebrate the season in their way. They have been going the extra mile to support everyone else's customs the past year. Then its make something, spring cleaning, learn or get handy at a skill, and a construction project to give new life to the home. I'll be doing my yearly rituals. One to give fertility to the mountains and forest. Giving life back, since it gave life to us through the winter. Then one to start enticing those wilderness spirits back to the gardens. I also have some workings planed to build more intimacy with those often shy deep wilderness spirits. And well if I know the locals there will be plenty of opportunity for sitting around the fire getting to know folks.
  7. Oh damn! I feel for you Mountain Witch. I might've considered moving. I had no idea it had caught on like that. I guess to each their own, but I never heard of such a thing. Sugar glitter sounds reasonable. I might need to pocket that for when the little ones get crafting. That's a good idea I'd bet Kudzu work real well. It hasn't taken a strong hold up in the northern Appalachians yet. I use yellow dock a lot its tough and I have a whole unused pasture of it I have to cut back constantly. Also herb wast. After hanging a batch of mint, then striping the leaves. I end up with a lot of left over stems. The stems can soaked and woven. Wood is another possibility for liquid. A chunk of fallen branch makes a good jar. It just needs hollowed with a knife or drill. It can also be corked.
  8. Mostly I'm commenting here because your mods and I can't click the +1 button. Ravenshaw I think this is a great topic. And you folk have some good ideas. Mountain Witch a wax box is a great idea. Before anything else I know I'm out of the main stream, but I don't know anyone using glitter. That sounds horrible to me! I've maintained a ban on glitter since the 90's just because its so hard to get out of the house. Maybe its just me but I find it scary stuff. Is it really that popular right now? A lot of my workings involve keeping things cleaned up as best I can. As well as being as self sufficient and economic as possible. So this hits home for me. Most things I put in the ground is with the intention of the ground digesting it. I think its a good idea to ask ourselves why it is being buried and if it should last. I think the worst thing or longest to break down is metal. Things like barn nails, railroad spikes, horse shoes, and carriage pins. These have been used for some years before I get to them so already rusting away. Mountain Witch wood ash sounds like a great way to speed the process. I do liquid in libations so its poured directly in the ground. Grease I bury if I use it for a fat offering for the land. Leaving it for critters can also be a good land offering just the long way round. Then I leave it where they can find it easily and a burdock leaf makes a good offering plate. I also think its best to stay away from putting processed oils in the ground. They can leave oily patches for months. I've noticed around here the use of woven baskets have fallen out. I find them real handy to contain thing for spell use before burial. They can also be made from nearly any plant if they only need to last a short time. If not into weaving they are often cheap at thrift stores just watch what they are made from or sprayed with. I'm always looking for things to do with clay dug out of the garden. Its rather quick and easy to shape a basic bowl and leave it in the sun to harden. Cut grass can also help hold things together. It can also be caked into the weave of a basket to seal the mesh. Coating it with wax or honey or sap then dried in the sun can hold liquid for a time. It can also be lined with a large leaf. You already said about animal skins. I just wanted to throw out there that they are often available for those willing to put in the work. I find the practice of tanning and pickling hides and skin has become unpopular. I don't mind to much because most skins are left near the woods. So it feeds the critters at a tough time of year. However its easiest to take a deer home and hang it to skin it. I find most hunters are more than willing to give them away. Instead of dragging them back out to dump of them. Also they often find the idea of tanning neat but to much work. So they don't think its weird someone would want them.
  9. We are seeing purple dead nettle and buds on all the trees and bushes. Frogs and wasps have been every where to. I'm hoping the dandelion bloom makes it this year. Last year a late hit sent them to seed in a day or two. I tend to think its often a good thing for a witch to interact with the community in some way. Going to the topic there are worse ways than weather prediction to start. I know around here every store has folk in line buying seed or thinking about their yard. Everyone's trying to decide what they think it will do and talking about it. I find that's a good way to throw forecasts out there without any pressure or going into were they came from. It can also draw feed back of how others in the area make their predictions. I also don't think it has to come into it that someone is a witch. Often how we go about things is best left to others assumptions. So its just a case of careful wording.
  10. I think that is a truly well put and very good defense of your method Nando. I'm glad no offense was taken. I think it seem to make things more clear to me. My difficulty here seems to be the difference our perspective and how we work. I figure that's a good place for it. If we all have the same perspective conversation would get old quick. As you've described it this would then work well for someone that knows themselves, but is having trouble with focus or staying on track? If that's the case it would be quite useful given that it can be hard to find good ways to advise them. If effective it could be proactive in my view curbing uncertainty before crises. I find that to be a vague area while most methods work best in extremes and absolutes. I also want to say I enjoy that you're using this as a tool for them to answer their own question. I agree its often best to be leading rather than lecturing when folk are on shaky ground. However I'm not sure that means answering directly so much as leading them to their own end conclusions. With the way that you put it I also think I'm getting why you grouped the virtues as you did. That does make a bit more sense to me now. I think were we start to differ in perspective is the of folk being self-defining given the setting. First on the level of someones nature I would be looking for them to describe rather than define. To me definition would happen as a response to the assessment going forward. I also find it can take a bit of courage for them to come for advice. This mean they often let things reach what they at least feel is a crises before knocking on my door. This means after getting them to stable ground, determining not only where they should be headed but what is stopping them. I think I see some potential for that here. I still have some issues with them answering these questions on their own or at least directly. I think this is just a difference in the way we work. I think I can see how it would work for someone else more clearly now. With me the folks that show up often don't want to know my methods. This mean readings are done in unassuming ways, before they show up, or if it is a good circumstance for it after they have left to be given the next day. So the session(for lack of a better word) starts with someone standing disheveled on my porch. Then they are sat down out by the gardens with water or tea and we have a talk. Reading are then put to use in the conversation. That's actually one thing I really like about this. If I could draw the answers and see how that fits it would be quite useful to me. But if I ask them to answer twenty-four direct questions or pull out a deck of cards on the spot that may spook them or put them off. Since you asked to see adaptions to it here is my first thought. I hope you don't mind me using yours. I don't want to risk making it fit by creating an example. I'm thinking the mid-virtues may illustrate difficulty or set backs in correlation to the midnight hours. Possibly by way of outward or maybe reverse perspective. Hopefully also pointing to guidance. For instance. 00:00 Autonomy - 12:00 Trustworthiness/honesty/respect. If we see Autonomy as inward in nature or circumstance. Then the difficulty in reaching it may be feelings distrust or disrespect from others. As an out ward view. Say I need my independence to move forward but can't trust others without getting involved. However if the Autonomy seem outward in nature. Say expressed as avoidance. Then it may fallow that the hang up is distrusting, disrespecting, or not being honest with ones self. Something like, I can't grow without sticking to my own opinions but don't respect myself enough to keep it from being colored by popular ideas. And so on down the line. Its rough yet and could breakdown easily. But something to play with as a start point for me. As you said those mid-virtues are likely in flux. As they should life gets messy and confused. Your pools of three should fit better. Say 00:00, 01:00, 02:00, correlate to 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, as groups used in the same way. Seems it would paint a better picture that way than one hour at a time.
  11. Yeah Aurelian you've got to watch out for the tricky folk. Never can tell. Some folks just seem to have bad relationships with some materials. I've also known a very few with something like an allergy to some metals. It'd give them a rash or infection from skin contact. I don't know much about it I think its tagged as a “hypersensitivity” or something on those lines. Or maybe its just off putting. My sister even touches Styrofoam it hits her last nerve and makes her skin crawl. No end of fun growing up. A lot of folks can't deal with aluminum foil on their teeth or touching velvet. That's what I would think.
  12. That's sound like its going pretty good then. I started some from seed in the window just showing themselves now. It looks like a good bunch, but the two cells closest to the window seem to be to chilly to germinate yet. edited to make this readable after posting in a hurry.
  13. I find the Böögg tradition your talking about very interesting Khundekling. Thank you for posting about it. Its not one I'm familiar with and I look forward to learning more. As for your speculations toward the end I'm with you there. Over the past several years I've found folklore and fairy tales from around Russia referring to snowmen or women rather as Baba Yagas. Even describing the coil eyes and teeth, as her iron teeth for eating children and cold dark eyes. Her pale skin, fat body and sticks for spindly arms. Even the carrot(or sometimes turnip or small gourd) as her pointy gnarled nose. The broom has been oddly absent. Maybe just didn't make it to the stories I've found. I've spent years looking for more trusted sources than stories filtered though other cultures but haven't found it mentioned. I should also say I haven't found a link to western cultures ether it may have been brought to them later or started independently. Over resent months I spent sometime with an old Russian-Slovak witch that without being ask talked about building snow Baba Yagas as a little girl. Then smashing them with rocks or snowballs for fun. I figure that was good enough for me, but obviously isn't proof. I would point out this may have just been good fun in her day, but I think likely did serve as a reminder or warding connected to the threat of cannibalism in a bad winter. Baba Yaga after all does teach the hard lessons. To throw my own speculation out there. I find the snow Baba Yaga less mentioned the newer the story. This makes me think it might have been the other way around. That is to say the East Orthodox Church may have tried to drive it out during the transition to Christianity. Sort of the same as their efforts to change the Gods to saints in the old stories. Just a thought. It could have also just faded out with time. edit for spelling errors
  14. Thank you for your kindness there Nature Mama. I'm glad to hear thing are coming along well for you. Personally I find those direct messages can be sort of refreshing. Its nice to interpret things with the confidence of personal relevance. Things can often feel cleaner and more clear to me in those terms. I figure these types things also more commonly come to us on a spiritual level than not. However our traditions have grown us to acknowledge it. Be it a chat with Great-grandma’s ghost or by the pricking of our thumbs. I don't know if the rest of you run into this, but when a prediction is personal I find it easy to forget it could effect others. So I find when we pull those threads or think of ourselves more universally or in a communal sense, we find they can be just as relevant to those around us. We might feel/know hard times are coming for us from the weather. Then it maybe a time to hint to a neighbor to put up some extra food. I tend to think its uncommon for the weather to effect me that way and not someone a quarter mile off. As for knowing change is coming in a broader sense. Even if I don't know where its going, I find these types of predictions strangely optimistic. Things are always changing in small or major ways. That's weather even if its not wind and rain. I figure if I know how to prepare for it than I'll know how to grow to live with it. The ways to prepare can also lend clues or impressions to anticipate whats to come. But I figure that's not always important. Just knowing a change is coming is reminding or warning me to allow myself to grow with the changing world and passing of time. Of course that's just how I've looked at things, I think where familiar to what you are talking about there. But I hope it might be useful to you.
  15. Its good to hear from you and how things are looking by the lake Nature Mama. Like you said lets hope I doesn't get to crazy while things coming around. We're still getting wintery nights here, but its melting off in the morning for bright sunny days. The crows have been flocking a week or more, and now robins and red winged black birds are joining them. Yesterday I noticed one or two daffodil trying for it to. They aren't looking so hot, but still have some green. I also noticed some tiny buds starting on the lilac. We don't really expect to see any of that for another month or so. I figure what we should see here if this is early spring is that after the next week or so the snow should be isolated events. Then hard frost should become less frequent for about two weeks. Then around the last week or two of April we should be left with thawed ground and just watching for a stray killing frost. Agriculturally speaking that would put us about a month early. Guess we will see. Something else I'm curiously looking for are significant spells of drought this summer. Last year as I said was terribly wet. Winter gave significant snow, but a rather shallow frost line and uncharacteristic surface ice. Seems to me that could add up to winter not providing as much ground water as we expect. While making a wet year in the foot hills. I figure it will be up to if the rain can make up the difference. I'll be interested in seeing if it does and maybe should take a look at my irrigation. Now those are some good thoughts and points to bring to light about the deer. First to the deer in your yard. Yep, I figure your little deer could be still small from last year, maybe a late birth. Also, could be an early birth if it was small enough. If early it was apparently viable. Meaning to say the doe was able to get the nourishment to grow and feed it. Meaning more vegetation through the winter, or more food stored from fall. I figure in your shoes I might be looking more at them grouping up. That's not strange on the face of it, but if you haven't seen it in your yard before than its new. To me new and odd behavior or events is a great place to be looking for significance, or at least to ask why now. That sort of leads into what you said about uncharacteristic breeding habits. I think you had great thoughts and perspective there. I really had to read it a few times and mill it around to respond in a way I hope is reasonable. So let me be clear that I'm trying to add a perspective to your statement not disparage it in and way. I find the perspective of your statement very scientific, in its assessment of cause and effect. In science at least for the most part we have to look at previous or seemingly current events as the guiding factor of behavior. That's one of the things that makes it so useful. So it tells us things like the weather patterns an animal is in or was in have determined how it is behaving now. I don't think we should find ourselves at odds with that as a rule. After all we are all operating in and looking at the same world. However, when we start adding witchcraft, mysticism, divination, and what have you, to this it starts to broaden things. We can start to look at say the energy in an area, spiritual activity, individual thoughts of an animal, or even the relationship between say the night sky as factors. While they must be absent from a scientific analysis. For instance we might say we have intimate knowledge of the way one dog thinks compared to another. Could be a more relevant example to say sometimes the deer are proactive because of what they know or think is going to happen. The scientific approach must ignore these things because they're not available to any given observer. It also means we can look closer at outliers and odd behavior. While science needs to stick to the typical and expected. With that in mind the question about the off season births in deer might be. Is it do to the stresses they have been under or preparation for whats to come? At the moment I would have to say one way or the other could be true, or even a mix. I hope through observation or gaining an intimate knowledge of the animal we may find out. Although that stays second for me to, what does it mean is going to happen? I figure they're entitled to their secrets. I'm more interested in what they are telling me. Okay rereading that I think I may have been over explaining myself. So, let me say I was just trying to be clear, not schooling anyone. If anything that was the other way round. I think my perspective may've been straying to far the there way. I appreciate you helping to level it a bit.
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