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    gardening, cooking, my cats and dog, walking dog, local herbs, watching dance
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    becoming more and more familiar and confident with each passing day.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    not really, I was raised Roman Catholic but not at all strictly.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    I have been practising going inside and visualisation, and started spellwork with more focused intent.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    To me it is validating of so many things I have always done anyway, for example, growing my own plants from seed, growing my own herbs and using them in my cooking with intent, interest in the moon phases, love of nature and respect for all living things. It would be good to use that a little more.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    consciously for some months, unconsciously since childhood
  • What brought you to our site?
    from somehow ending up googling Traditional Craft, because that is what I believe is more my path, not Wiccan.
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    hoping to get insight from others' contributions; will probably only contribute by asking questions to start with!
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    Dreams coming true (often seemingly trivia - although now I am putting the pieces together.....)
    Very green fingers.
    Healing (potentially).
    I am very visual. Scrying, feeling colour.
    Strong sense of self.
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    Time constraints? (edited to add that I've learnt now that this is a way of life, so what I do is simply woven into my day, thus doing away with time constraints)!
    Astrology. I want to learn more here.
  • Additional Information.
    I love the countryside and the city equally; I am familiar and comfortable with both. I find both have similar and different energies.

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  1. what you see in the mirror isn't what others see, because the mirror flips your image.
  2. Another one here that REALLY needs loads of time alone in order to be able to function. Or at least, alone with cats and dog and whatever other creatures turn up. Contact through this forum is priceless though. It's like the best of both worlds. We are so lucky to live in these times and have the internet!
  3. ------------------------------ Aureilian, that website is great, thanks for posting the link. The courses look good but way out of my price range. However, there is loads of useful info on there without buying a course! edited to add: I might buy a poster, though ;)
  4. -------------------------- Yes I agree, I'm happy for my craft to be unspoken and silent. Silence is golden, in lots of ways. Secrecy is important to me too. A couple of my daughters seem to know a few things themselves anyway. I have spells hidden in plain sight; books on my kindle that no one else can see, or actual books that to the casual observer are just country recipe books, herbal lore, art & craft books and so on; there are loads of books in this household anyway, and eclectic interests within my family.I have ribbon boxes and sewing boxes and odds & ends boxes which are just there. I work with very young children, and lots of my funny concoctions can be explained away as experiments to see what craft activities will work with the children. Always best to practice that homemade play-doh recipe at home first, in advance of doing it with the kids! We all love candles anyway, and incense. One of my altars is just the kitchen window sill, and the other more of an ancestor altar consisting of an art nouveau sideboard with a tree of life design on the doors, and grandparent related stuff on it that has always been there. Herbs are drying on there at the moment, but no one looks twice at them really. I don't use a specific atheme, cauldron or wand; I have kitchen utensils which are used both for crafting purposes by me and mundane purposes by others, although they know not to touch my silver teaspoons! I guess those around me who I live with just take it all in by osmosis and have never asked direct questions. But as far as going out of my way to alert outsiders to it, well, like I said, silence is golden.
  5. Nothing wrong in not liking something you're "supposed" to like, in my opinion. I do like Shakespeare but there's plenty of stuff I don't like that everyone says is amazing, edifying, renowned, and so on and so forth...... (by the way- I didn't know the petard saying came from Shakespeare as it's another of his phrases that has entered the general language - so didn't intend to go all Shakespearian there)!
  6. ssshhhh Bran I was going to say I thought of it ... ;)
  7. I have become more self-confident, more trusting of my instincts and less bothered by what others think. I came across a woman at a meeting whose every other word was to undermine me, but I couldn't care less. I could see clearly that her only issue was with herself, and that everyone present most likely could see that as well. A few years back, I might have responded to her but now I prefer to see someone hoisted by their own petard than get into one upmanship with people who harbour insecurities. I am sure that this transformation has come to be since I began practising more seriously, because practising has brought to me a kind of deeper inner awareness of who I am and why I am here. Those are the things that matter the most.
  8. I like this very much too. Thank you for posting it.
  9. ------------------------------- I agree! +1 from me. I like all of your post even though I've just quoted the end part. Regarding the elephant, here it would be the other way round. Plenty of rosemary but a noted lack of elephants.
  10. I'm able to make most people feel comfortable, especially in my own home, and relate well to different people from different walks of life and background. And also people of different ages - old people and children - and teenagers. I enjoy interacting with my children's peers(who are teens)- and my children get told by their peers that they have a nice mum! There is always a limit though, with teens. I have had people turn against me quite violently however, at various times in my past, for no particular reason i can tell, just an energy thing maybe. It has usually been based in some kind of jealousy about something, and for that reason, jealousy is the one emotion I will not tolerate,I find it the most destructive emotion there is, and I will not entertain it and distance myself from anything like it. Even in jest, i will never say things like,"ooh I'm so jealous of you!" because to me it's just a bad thing. I need my own space and time to recharge, and enjoy my own company. Reading back over the thread, I also like to wear black a lot, including in the summer, but always felt that's just because it suits my colouring (which it does). I'm fascinated by those of you whose eyes change colour - that's cool! Mine are only ever blue-grey.
  11. Listen to your intuition - perhaps you aren't ready after all. Maybe it's not the right time to "feel the fear and do it anyway" or whatever that phrase is. You could make a decision to investigate the plant kingdom for example, as Celtic Gypsy suggests.... just engaging with seeds/plant growing... or something else that piques your interest, in a calm and reflective way and see what happens. Then you might find yourself in a place where you can do what Oroboros suggests and nail your fears. Or you may find they have dissipated back into the ether! But don't put yourself under pressure.
  12. Abraxia- that makes sense. I'm left handed and it feels more natural for me to stir clockwise with my dominant hand. Like many lefties I'm pretty adept with the non- dominant hand however, and use that for anti-clockwise, which is the direction I stir for making something go away.
  13. I find making crumble is a good way to get into a "zoned out" state. Gently massaging the flour and butter between the finger tips... sends me into a daze, and I just have to keep doing it even when the crumble is well and truly crumbled! I have an old cook book. My mum gave it to me, although it wasn't hers she found it in a charity shop and bought it for me as it was similar to an old one she has. Maybe even the same edition. I fixed thin ribbons of different shades of purple to the inside of the spine, to act as place markers. I've always referred to it as my Spell Book, to the children mainly, as a kind of joke,as it has a lovely dark green cover with gold writing. Maybe it really is a sort of spell book! There's no conscious symbolism of using purple ribbon - I think I probably thought it looked good with the green and gold. Complementary colours and all that......
  14. ---------------------------------------- it's Viv I feel for!
  15. Yes, indeed! But let's say a fan of the poetry more than the man....
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