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  1. I know rose and white quartz are very common crystals that can be picked up just about anywhere now, but if anyone ever needs a big chunk ( as big as your fist or bigger for example ) then do not buy from new age stores or even gem shows as they overcharge. Go to aquatic stores ( you may also find some online ) . I have a BIG lump of rose quartz that I bought from an aquatic shop while ogling new fish. They had a large rock selection for tanks, and there was a whole basket of rose quartz and white quartz ! It's usually sold by weight and is sold for aquaria because it's inert and doesn't leach into the water. But I got that big lump for under £10 ( $15-20 ish ) If I recall correctly. It's about the size of 2 fists put together so it was a real bargain.
  2. I've done pretty much the same thing... only mine is 2 shades of green now with brownish streaks where the lightener didn't work well enough ( I dyed it black for years) :laugh: I don't dye it often and eat really healthily, and yet my hair has never grown any longer than about 3 inches below my shoulders. I rarely trim it more than about half a cm every few months just to get the worst of the split ends off, and in the 20 years since I last had it properly cut ( in a bob when I was 10 ) , it has yet to reach even my elbows If my hair had a conciousness it would hate me I think :cry_witch:
  3. I. AM.STERILE! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot stop grinning ! :D

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    2. Aloe


      Whoot whoot!

    3. atewsley


      Good for you!!! Whoo-hoo!

    4. atewsley


      Good for you!!! Whoo-hoo!

  4. Ahhhh FRIDAY! Friday is Sterilisation day! YES! 20 Years I've been waiting for Friday to come. 20 very long very irritation and annoyance filled years . The pain afterwards will be worth it. So very worth it...

    1. Aloe


      Congrats :)

    2. atewsley


      Good luck to you. :-)

  5. Thankyou all :biggrin: I can't wait to finish him ! I do sort of switch off whilst at the same time swtiching on in a way when I sit and make a mask or head-dress. It also helps my diet as I rarely feel the urge to eat when I sit there glueing and stitching :happy: . I wait for the lightning to strike. I sit and stare at the thing for a while and then start rummaging in my boxes of fur and feathers and little trays of bones and then he say's what he wants to be .
  6. Well, in amongst all the mad busy-ness of this year I've started on a new mask. I've had this card mask base for well over a year. But Inspiration is a slow old bitch and often forgets I'm here :dry: But she's finally showed her face and I got started today! Either side are secured a pair of mallard wings, and in the centre, a whole dark blue cock cape. The other bits are not secured down yet as I've run out of mini glue sticks, so I'll finish those off next weekend hopefully. Black leather nasal piece forming some of the "eyebrows" . Two "antennae" of sea fan, and a pigeon skull. It's part scowling stern old man, part butterfly ( hence the antennae ) . I'm not sure what else will go on there yet as I don't feel like sorting through the boxes until I have more glue. I can't begin without glue! But yes, work in progress, should be rather fun once I have him done. It's another one to wear while dancing round the Wicker man once a year :biggrin:
  7. Had to verbally bind my father while he couldn't hear me due to the rotavator running. He' used to beat up my moter when i was a child, and the sad little misogyist threatened to do it again yesterday ( she wasnt there) I am not a weak child anymore. I'll take my fists to him if I have to.

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    2. Honeythorn


      aaand it's cut the bottom off he comment...


    3. Honeythorn


      that should have continued as, well sorry but he is lord and master of nothing at all, and will be reminded of it with breakages and bleeding if he crosses me. Subtle hints don't work on the mind of a bully Ive always found ( and I was bullied at school for the entire time I was there so believe me I know ) Knock them out and they understand.

    4. Aurelian


      Excellent, Honeythorn. I admire your fighting spirit. Knock em out!

  8. SO ANGRY. The doctor couldn't sterilise me using the Essure procedure. One of my fallopian tubes is naturally 3/4 blocked. I watched the whole thing on the screen. It's mostly blocked with some sort of whitish tissue. There is a very tiny hole but it wasn't big enough for him to slip the device round it and into the tube. The device bent in half both times he tried. I have a titanium uterus that hates me. Well I hate you too uterus. Fuck you. I'm now booke...

    1. Aloe
    2. Panis_Ramey


      Sorry to hear it Honeythorn.

    3. atewsley


      So sorry, Honeythorn. What a blow.

  9. I have an idea needling away for a sea themed head-dress, involving leather and auger shells, pearls and dried sea fan, seagull feathers and if I can get any, some old vintage sealskin from an old coat or mitten or something . I have absolutely NOWHERE to wear such a thing and haven't the figure for the sort of outfit it would go with . But it's poking the back of my brain more insistently so it will get itself made soon enough I reckon..

    1. Evergreen47


      Sounds beautiful, HT! Perhaps look on Ebay for old sealskin things?


  10. My workplace very kindly said everyone could choose something/s from Amazon up to the value of £ 40 ! So I have finally got myself some craft books worth reading given the reviews on here :) I chose Robin Artissons Witching way of the hollow hill, and a Grimoire for modern cunningfolk by Peter Paddon. There was one other I wanted, Chasing the tides, but it's turned out to be out of stock. So I have one more book left to choose as long as it's under a tenner! Yay! :D
  11. My poor angelfish has finally succumbed to a bad bout of Lymphocystitis ( non curable, equivalent of fish herpes ) . He was jet black, a double dark as they are known. Such a sweet character :_( I have his little body drying in salt. I can't bear to part with him . RIP Lord poopington crackrunner the 1st. ( yes really... don't ask I have no idea what I was on that day )

  12. I HAS MET HIM. He's tiny! I could pop him in my bra and run off with him!
  13. Stuffing a rat on Saturday. I'm going to dress it as a witch ! Going to have a mousebone necklace if I can make one, a little FIMO cauldron, a blackthorn spine in one hand, a wax poppet in the other :) , a mouse skull on the side, a stereotypical witch hat.... it's going to look ace !

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    2. Honeythorn


      Now i can skin small animals relatively well.... I can make a cracking rug for a dolls house! Not that I have one, but if I did I would make a lovely rat skin rug. With the mouth open like they do with bearskin rugs.....


    3. ejfinch


      Pics of the witchy rat, please!!

    4. Honeythorn


      done! go see!


  14. :D Thankyou ! I did and have :P

  15. yesterday I happened across a young hawthorn with the most GIGANTIC thorns I have ever seen in my life. Proper massive and certainly rivalling any blackthorn I have seen. Anyone need a needle? Lol :P

    1. Aloe
    2. Gramayr


      Sounds like my old hedge at my last home. :) hatpin anyone lol

    3. Archabyss


      Fantastic when you find those! You can do so much with them!

  16. HA! Never done a hex yet andeven now I've not needed to bother in the end. haha! There's a right childish bullying swaggering prick at work. Between Burns blackmailing him on a spare phone ( the guy stole rom his own friend and flagrantly blamed a co-worker for it ) and me threatening to stir a teabag of hemlock seeds in his tea, he's shut right the fuck up with his big mouth nd stopped picking on people ( including me )

  17. Guineapig.... STUFFED! Mother said hes ugly! :o How mean! He's not, he just has that insane fur that sticks in 50 different diections. I like him ^___^

    1. Aloe


      Are there going to be pics? :) I love that crazy guinea fur!

    2. Honeythorn
  18. I have new knickers! This is always a bonus. And Tomorrow I shall be off to London to stuff a guinea pig!

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    2. Aurelian


      Pics of the knickers, guinea pigs, or both?

    3. Evergreen47


      Try not to get those new knickers in a twist, HT! ;)

    4. Aurelia


      To stuff it with knickers?! ;) Lol Aurelian!

  19. Aha! I hath returned from Denmark! I have a big horn ^___^

  20. Floyd...don't you DARE die on me. Please .

  21. Bodypump again *creak*

  22. Well the taxidermy workshop was great! I have been sitting in a tall victorian style room, with wall so high there are walkways on 2 levels. The room is CRAMMED wall to wall with preserved bodyparts in jars and solid blocks. Every single organ and bit in the body that could possibly have a disease/malformation was in there. My hamster is....amateur obviously but he sort of works. I've posed him like Usain Bolt since it;s the olympics. ^___^

  23. Been off for a little. My rabbit died. He was 12. I nearly fell aprt in the vets when I took his body to be cremated. I'll get the ashes back thursday. I'll be setting a scoop of ashes free in the fire when we Burn the wicker man at the Mercian gathering. The rest I;ll keep close by me. RIP Titus.

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    2. Jevne


      So sorry to hear of your loss

    3. CelticGypsy


      Oh my, sorry to hear about your Titus.

      My best to you,


    4. HeksCiska


      May Titus rest in peace and be happy wherever he is xo

  24. Who's doing a one day taxidermy course in 2 weeks? MEEEEEE!

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    2. Honeythorn


      The subject is a hamster. I might pose him "shooting" with his little hamster fingers :D


    3. Oakbuchanan


      Hope you enjoy the course..

    4. CelticGypsy


      Oh you will bring MUCH to this class, I just know it, how fun for you, please share with photos.



  25. Thinking of trying to make a knife with an antler blade. I have a single roe deer antler with just one long curving point. No other tines on it at all. It would make a cracking knife if I can sharpen the bugger... or maybe get father to take it to work and do it on one of the machines there. No idea what I'd do it with by hand O.o

    1. Kupala


      hey, if you find out any good methods, post 'em here.

    2. Honeythorn


      To be fair I don't have any use for a knife whatsoever. I just want to make one. It's so.... knife shaped! :P I think having father do it will be easiest and quickest, though if you have access to any sort of mechanical grindstone I would imagine that should work.


    3. sarasuperid


      You cqh sell the final product to a fellow witch.

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