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    Tropical fishkeeping, Arts and Crafts, Reading.
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    I'm not sure how you'd define familiar really. I've not been brought up in any religion with regards to my family, and have always had a strong connection with nature ( living close to green belt countryside has helped that of course ) and have collected crystals and been interested in spritual/occult things all my life. I have read a few books , though they are of the typical commercial Llewellyn variety ( don't kill me it's all I could find!! ) and in the past 2 years have attended the Mercian gathering which I very much enjoy for it's talks and open rituals which I find very helpful for gaining information on witchcraft .

    Since I know of no covens or anything of that sort in my area I obviously cannot learn that way, and no one in my family is pagan to my knowledge so I haven't been able to learn from them. So as I say, I am familiar only through what I have been able to read in books, online, and through attending the Mercian Gatheirng.

    How familiar that makes me I have no idea. I just keep plodding as best I can really. I rarely do rituals or spells, having no space to do them (seriously) even outside since there are alawys youths hanging round in the bits of woodland or dog walkers and the like :( but in the distant event of me getting a house of my own I will have the space and opportunity to really do things properly.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    Not sure what path I could be classed as to be honest. I'd say I am a nature based pagan/witch. I'm still learning so I have yet to find a definitive path to suit me.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    Since I'm still unsure as to what constitutes traditional witchcraft I can't really answer. Unless joining in at the open ritual at the Mercian Gathering ( run by the Hearth of Arianrhod ) counts?
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    My interest in Tradition witchcraft means for me, returning to the roots of my ancestors, the crafts and beliefs they practiced, centred in the natural world. I feel this is something I need to do and be as much as I can in this modern world .
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    I'd say my interest really began when I won an Ogham pendant at a historical centre when I was about 14 ( now 27) . They were having some sort of Anglo Saxon ( not sure ? ) type day and I decided to play a game involving throwing horseshoes round sticks. I won the pendant and was curious about it's marking. Funnily enough the few, which I later found out to be Gort (ivy) corresponds with my birth month/time frame for Gort. Fate perchance? Who knows..
  • What brought you to our site?
    I was bored of a forum I used to frequent since activity has gone right down and it was more wicca based which doesn't quite suit me really. I typed in Pagan Forums to Google and picked this one at random ( OR WAS IT?? MUHAHAHAAAA)
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    I would like to learn more about the craft, new ideas and things I din't know before. Help with my own simple rituals and if nothing else I can contirbute arts and crafts ideas should anyone need some inspiration.
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
    Not any more no.
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    I'm not sure I have any yet, being fairly new to it and all that.
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    As above, though in general I have a terrible habit of starting tings and not finishing them which needs to be worked on I feel.
  1. I know rose and white quartz are very common crystals that can be picked up just about anywhere now, but if anyone ever needs a big chunk ( as big as your fist or bigger for example ) then do not buy from new age stores or even gem shows as they overcharge. Go to aquatic stores ( you may also find some online ) . I have a BIG lump of rose quartz that I bought from an aquatic shop while ogling new fish. They had a large rock selection for tanks, and there was a whole basket of rose quartz and white quartz ! It's usually sold by weight and is sold for aquaria because it's inert and doesn't leach into the water. But I got that big lump for under £10 ( $15-20 ish ) If I recall correctly. It's about the size of 2 fists put together so it was a real bargain.
  2. I've done pretty much the same thing... only mine is 2 shades of green now with brownish streaks where the lightener didn't work well enough ( I dyed it black for years) :laugh: I don't dye it often and eat really healthily, and yet my hair has never grown any longer than about 3 inches below my shoulders. I rarely trim it more than about half a cm every few months just to get the worst of the split ends off, and in the 20 years since I last had it properly cut ( in a bob when I was 10 ) , it has yet to reach even my elbows If my hair had a conciousness it would hate me I think :cry_witch:
  3. Thankyou all :biggrin: I can't wait to finish him ! I do sort of switch off whilst at the same time swtiching on in a way when I sit and make a mask or head-dress. It also helps my diet as I rarely feel the urge to eat when I sit there glueing and stitching :happy: . I wait for the lightning to strike. I sit and stare at the thing for a while and then start rummaging in my boxes of fur and feathers and little trays of bones and then he say's what he wants to be .
  4. Well, in amongst all the mad busy-ness of this year I've started on a new mask. I've had this card mask base for well over a year. But Inspiration is a slow old bitch and often forgets I'm here :dry: But she's finally showed her face and I got started today! Either side are secured a pair of mallard wings, and in the centre, a whole dark blue cock cape. The other bits are not secured down yet as I've run out of mini glue sticks, so I'll finish those off next weekend hopefully. Black leather nasal piece forming some of the "eyebrows" . Two "antennae" of sea fan, and a pigeon skull. It's part scowling stern old man, part butterfly ( hence the antennae ) . I'm not sure what else will go on there yet as I don't feel like sorting through the boxes until I have more glue. I can't begin without glue! But yes, work in progress, should be rather fun once I have him done. It's another one to wear while dancing round the Wicker man once a year :biggrin:
  5. My workplace very kindly said everyone could choose something/s from Amazon up to the value of £ 40 ! So I have finally got myself some craft books worth reading given the reviews on here :) I chose Robin Artissons Witching way of the hollow hill, and a Grimoire for modern cunningfolk by Peter Paddon. There was one other I wanted, Chasing the tides, but it's turned out to be out of stock. So I have one more book left to choose as long as it's under a tenner! Yay! :D
  6. I HAS MET HIM. He's tiny! I could pop him in my bra and run off with him!
  7. Don't know how to work with the sea to be fair, and being over 100 miles from any sea make it a bit problematic to start trying to learn !!! :P But I am terrible for beachcombing. I rarely spend a day at the beach in an upright position ( OO-ER :P ) I'm always hunting for little treasures to bring home. An interesting shell, a pebble, I adore sea glass, bits of driftwood, seaweed to take home and dry out. I have all of the above. The seaweed is from wales but I get a lot from Denmark when I visit my boyfriend. I have quite a few hagstones we found together, and I also found the hipbone of a cat!!!! On my most recent visit I captured 2 bits of green sea glass, 4 nice bits of smooth wood and a really great chunk of flint ( I think ) . Coal black and slightly transluscent glassy on one side, white and chalky on the other. A real duality of a rock that encompasses both light and dark, and the thin grey line between. I intend to eventually make some jewellery from 2 of the bits of wood and the sea glass.
  8. I get the same, but mine does not flow with any tide or moon. It just drops on me at moments.
  9. It is. And also good to see another with an interest in steampunk :) You don't frequent the Brass Goggles forum by any chance?
  10. I use a mooncup( as they are called here in the UK) . I just pour some of the contents straight into the plant dish and add water. I'd find soaking pads and tampons rather messy by comparison , plus I live with muy parents and it's not really the sort of thing you want your dad stumbling across :o Menstural cups don't suit everyone but for those who haven't tried one and wish to collect pure menstrual blood without having to dilute, I strongly reccomend giving cups a go. They are made of soft rubber and are very comfortable IME. I'd never go back to pads or tampons unless caught unawares and need one in an emergency ( my body like to re-set the timing ) I have a random little tree-ish shrub thing in a pot on my windowsill. No idea what it is but I saw it on the reduced shelf in the garden centre and felt sorry for it. I also have a small jasmine type of plant, which has beautifully scented white star shaped flowers when in bloom. They're the only plants I can fit in my room but they both now get the blood treatment. I've only recently sarted giving it to them so I'll see how they go size-wise. I don't want another triffid incident! The most growth ballistic mixture I've ever used is Menstrual blood, aquarium water ( from doing a water change on my tank) and the squeezed out contents of my aquarium filter ( on the rare occasion it needs a rinse) All that iron, nitrates, phosphates and christ knows what other nutrients were what did my aloe vera. The filter is due for a clean next month....I may make up large pop bottles of the supergrow stuff to take down to "my" ( HA! ) Blackthorn down the allotment. And the veg too.
  11. I will just nip in and say that using menstrual blood as an offering or "feed" for plants may cause them to grow insanely! Which is precisely what happened to a piddly little aloe vera i bought because i felt sorry for it ( had about 3 leaves ) It ended up a 2and a half foot monster with numerous babies.
  12. The taxidermied parts are from Custom creations . She does some jewelllery too which is really nice indeed. I believe she's quite a well known taxidermy artist. She's commonly known for putting animals together to make chimera creatures. Really mad looking stuff. Here's the etsy store http://www.etsy.com/shop/CustomCreature?ref=seller_info And here's her website. Check out the Esodermy section. Really amazing freaky looking stuff. http://www.customcreaturetaxidermy.com/Site/index_.html
  13. I dribble over Etsy regularly. I sometimes buy a few taxidermied animal parts from there that I cannot obtain myself, and some jewellery findings ^_^
  14. No birthmarks here, but I have been told I have a good stare/eyes ? *shrug*
  15. Indeed. I actually work with women who until only a few months ago did not know that the urethra was called just that, or that it was situated directly above the vagina/vulva. Where on earth they thought they were peeing from I'll never know. The reaction when I explained this was.. " urrrgh OMG that's disgusting! " O.o
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