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  1. @Jaesin- that is a great post, +1 from me. Lessons important to understand on a deep level. Not "I get it", but " I really get it." Conversely, I am completely utterly mystified at the number of people who seem to have zero interest in why they believe what they believe. No drive to discover the unseen and unknown. To me this type of curiosity and having a drive to understand these things is fundamental to being human. Yet apparently it isn't, at least for many people it isn't.


    On a different note. You wore a black chicken foot necklace to work, apparently in plain view?!

    Lol, so you hated working there anyway is what your saying:) :):).


    Thank you for the kind insight.  I stand with you in being mystified by the number of people who never stop to ask themselves why they believe what they believe. I couldn't agree more with your statement that "this type of curiosity and having a drive to understand these things is fundamental to being human."   If you "believe" what you believe without knowing why you believe it, is it truly belief, or just programming? 


    I have had this conversation all to often here in the Bible belt.  Obviously, wearing my chicken foot sparks a bit of conversation and stares (and it amazes me how many southern folk ask me if it is a monkey paw...WTH????  Does not even look similar, and this is the south, we have LOTS of chicken farms and people raising their own chickens. Oy vey. But I digress.  All to often, when they comment on the chicken foot and ask me "WHY?", I will usually ask them why do they believe what they believe.  Almost unanimously, I get one of two reoplies;


    1) "I was raised to believe this" (Christianity).

    2) "The bible says...


    Both reasons astound me. With answer #1, I usually tell them a short story that basically goes like this.


    One day a wife was preparing a ham to be cook while her husband sat with her and chatted. As he watched her, she cut off both ends of the ham, and threw them in the garbage, then placing the ham in a pan.  The husband, out of curiosity then asked the wife "why cut the ends off the ham and threw them out.  it looked like perfectly good meat." To which the wife replied "I don't know really, That's the way mamma always done it. So that's they way I do it


    The wife now thinking about the question, calls her mother and asked "how come you always cut off the ends of the ham and then threw away when you were preparing it to be cooked."  The Mother replied' "that's the way grandma always done it, so that's how I was taught to prepare it."


    The wife then calls her grandma and asks her the same question, "When you prepare a ham, why do you cut the ends off and throw them away?"  To which the grandma replied, "I never had a pan big enough to fit the ham in, and we were to poor to buy a ;larger one. So I cut off the ends to make it fit."


    A whole lot of good gone to waste over the years that could have been very beneficial simply because no one asked why!


    In reply #2, Having a graduate level theological education, I have a ton of replies to this, but I will usually have them do the work themselves by referring them to look at Hebrews 1:3 in the Codex Vaticanus which contains a side note reading “Fool and knave! Leave the old reading, don’t change it!" -which is absolute proof of alterations within the Bible. 


    As far as wearing the black chicken foot to work, yes.  I figured most walked around with rosaries, crosses, some with shirts that were rather vulgar,  one wore tzitzit - Tassels worn as commanded in the Torah (Numbers 15:38), so why could I not wear my chicken foot?  Well, as you already heard,  apparently having the stigma of strange attached to you is not a good idea in the workplace (although my job now does not mind it at all). 

  2. I'm not sure if I'd go as far to say they neeeeeed us or they will cease to exist. But I believe they feed off our worship/attention/manipulation/offerings/energy to gain power. Dieties don't seem to be that interested in humans unless they stand to gain something from the relationship in my opinion. Trad witches tend to work more with spirits that have a vested interest in their well being (ancestors, house and land spirits) but when we do work with deity, it's not as worshipful supplicant but as a bargainer that is willing to give a fair deal within certain boundaries.


    But how much of an effect do humans have to empower the deities they worship?


    A popular example along these lines is this: is Santa Claus actually an entity? If humans can create and sustain a deity with prayers, worship and offerings, I'd say there are enough children around the world that are begging supplications, worshipping his image and leaving offerings of cookies and milk each year to keep that entity going for a long time. All with "the faith of a child" which tends to be unquestioning and hopeful in every way.


    Think about how parents act at Christmas time (and Black Friday specifically), seemingly possessed by the need to appease their children whim's, all in the "spirit of Christmas". Could these be a result of a meddling Santa Claus God manipulating adults to answer the prayers of the thousands of children that worship him? It's iust thought.


    Did we create Santa and his powers have grown alongside his popularity? Is it Odin being mischievous, as some suggest? Or some other spiritual entity that has attached itself to the persona of Santa Claus in order to absorb all that energy in the winter months?


    Excellent reply!  I have never heard this example.  I appreciate you sharing!

  3. Just watched the first two episodes. Definitely entertaining! Super cheesy, but in a way that makes you feel light hearted and enjoy watching IMO. I kept thinking " wow, I wish a magic school would pop up and take me in" lol ;)

    The school in the show reminds me of a Hogwarts for the rejects of the magic world.  lol  Yes, ridiculously cheesy.  I cant say I don't have those thoughts as well!  But I look at it as Nature is the very magic school that has taken me in.  Just in a much less formal setting. 

  4. I liked the books better than the series so far- but there are so many things going on in the books.. would be hard to get it all on screen. The casting is pretty good though.

    I never read the books.  I don't get into reading fiction much, but I do enjoy the TV series for fun!

  5. Wow, this is a subject I could write a thesis on but I will however keep this brief as possible. 

    When I began to practice seriously, I went through a series of changes.  I am a former Buddhist Monk of 11 years, pastored a Christian church for a few years while getting my Doctorate Degree, and through that process, began to ask myself questions (Long story up to that point).  

    I can recall sitting in the middle of a state park, staring off into the mountains and asking myself "why do I believe what I believe".  When I began to deconstruct the walls of "religion" and societal programming that  I had built around myself one by one until I was able to see back to when I felt most natural.  This led me to return to practicing Witchcraft, and the connection it made me feel to nature sparked a new question in myself...

    "Who am I?"  I a clearly not the things I thought I was.


    I recalled when I would journey to other "realms" in trance I would be called something different.  This led me to the realization that "I AM NOT MY NAME."  If I change it, do I still exist?  Yes.  So I cannot be my name.

    I recalled others calling me "biqshu" and "pastor". I recalled others telling me I was crazy as I created various concoctions from herbs, stones, bones, and the like.  Yet, the results were beneficial.  I learned that "I AM NOT WHAT OTHERS SAY I AM."  Yet, I had a teacher that believed in me enough to teach me that I was not the only crazy one!  I proudly embraced the stigma of strange. What they call me is mere opinion, and you know what they say about opinions....."Opinions are like rectums.  Everyone has one, they blow a lot of hot air, are usually full of crap, and often stink!" 

    I recalled my house catching on fire as I was studying at the kitchen table.  I lost everything I owned.  All of my "supplies".  How was I going to practice?  Yet, I still existed.  and "I" still practiced.  I learned that "I AM NOT WHAT I HAVE" 

    I recalled a time when I lost my job for wearing a black chicken foot necklace (which I still wear to this day) to work and was fired for "scaring people with black magic".  Even though I lost my job, I still existed.  I learned "I AM NOT WHAT I DO."  

    I recalled traveling to other realms, communicating with "spirits", and see in places that I could not imagine existed, all while leaving my body behind.  I learned, that "I AM NOT MY BODY".  The real me is much greater.

    So what differences has practicing witchcraft brought into my life?   I learned that the mask I wore (the ego) for so many years was not me.  Witchcraft stripped me of this false identity and showed me who I really am.  I am not my name.  I am not my body.  I am not what I have.  I am not what I do.  I am not what others say I am.  I am something greater than all this!  To me, this is the most powerful form of witchcraft.  Revealing the true self!  Not for the world to see, but for you to KNOW!


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  6. For me, its a morning coffee on the porch and reading the "runes" in the trees, bushes, etc.  But I would extend that further as I always pay attention to such things as I go about throughout my day, from cracks in the road, patterns in the sand, to branches of a bush, etc.  Runes are everywhere, But I especially like to read them in natural settings, so the morning coffee ritual is the best for me.


    Yes, his posts are very informative. Too bad he is not around anymore. :cry_witch:


    When I was a full member back in 2011 (I took a step back for personal reasons - known as Zen Draegon then), I got to know blacksmith pretty well.  He is a Bokor, thus explaining his knowledge of the African Diaspora.  I was actively sharing my knowledge as a conjureman (Hoodoo) and he adn I would often ping off of one another.  I miss that guy!  He was a cool cat!

  8. Has anyone been watching "The Magicians"?   IMDB gives the synopsis "After being recruited to a secretive academy, a group of students discover that the magic they read about as children is very real-and more dangerous than they ever imagined." 

    Being a fan of picking apart folklore and fairy-tales, picking them apart to find their deeper meanings, I thought this show might be a hoot,and I gave it a try.  I have enjoyed if for pure entertainment purposes thus far, but have discovered that the "magic they read about as children" was based solely off of 1 book series. 

    They have portrayed Ceremonial Magicians to be superior to the Witches (which they openly call hedge-witches), But I suppose I will see how this plays out.  Any watchers?

  9. So, how do my fellow mutts determine what tradition or traditions to embrace?

    My path is as void as possible from as much cultural influence as possible.  I found it much more beneficial for myself to return to a primal sort of witchcraft - that which was just everyday living for primal humanity, of which the ability to communicate with the soul and/or spirits of those human, non-human (such as animals), and other than human (spirits of the land, as well as of other non material realities) was simply natural to do.  It was not seen as anything special.  This primal form of witchery spoke to me clearly, calling me back, and therefore I did not embrace *it*, but *It* embraced me.

    Do you consider yourself bound to your dominant DNA? or Is DNA not all that important?

    I do feel very bound
    by my DNA but not in the sense of any cultural appropriation.  It is very much in regards to 'Tapping the Bone'.  To me, our DNA carries an organic memory of all who have came before us. Our DNA does far more than just supply the building blocks of which we are made (our genetic makeup),, but also contains one's Spiritual genome, so to speak, which can be far more important than blood lineage (IMO). Blood does not make one a witch.  It is the spiritual energy imprint that is passed on that makes one a witch (thus inheriting the ability of a seer, medium, etc,.)   We carry Spiritual energy as stewards to then be transmitted to the next generation. 

    What about someone who was adopted from one culture and raised in another?

    This is the very reason why bloodline cultural appropriation is less important than the Spiritual genome itself.  Once again, it isn't the bloodline that makes the witch. A bloodline may link one to a 'class' (for lack of a better term), but it does not make one a witch.  If one has inherited the DNA of centuries of a witch, and chooses to ignore the inherent abilities and go on with a mundane life, is one still a witch?  I would contend not.  Therefore, being adopted from one culture, and into another really holds little clout in the role of a witch in the true sense.

    Do some of you consider it cultural appropriation if a witch chooses to practice a tradition that they have little DNA attached to?

    I think it has nothing to do with cultural appropriation for the reasons stated above and more.   In my experience (and I stress that on purpose), each person rebirth (not reincarnation) is accurate in respect to the cycle of birth and death.  In each incarnation, a person takes on a particular personality if you will.  This personality allows you to learn and experience that which is needed for you in that given incarnation.  Think of it like this.  If you look at old photographs of yourself starting at the age of four and worked up yearly to your age, you would look at them and recall lessons and unique experiences that you had at that given state in your life which were appropriate for that time.  Yet, the you today is certainly not the same as the you at 4, 7, 12, 16 etc. years old.  While you still maintain the memories of those experiences and lessons, the personalities of those times are left behind, and you have grown into your present personality.

    The same can be said for this incarnation of your being.  *You* may have existed in various cultures in previous incarnations, learned the lessons and had profound experiences of those cultures, But the *you* of today is no longer those things (they may not even exist in the bloodline of your current incarnation), all the while that Spiritual genome carries that memory, waiting to be accessed.  So you may not have a DNA link to that culture, but Spiritually, the memory can be present for you to access.  So practicing outside of a tradition that you have little to no physical DNA to is less cultural appropriation than it is a Natural knowing.

    Do you think this matters at all? or Do you think this is the foundation of one's practice?

    I think the answer to this question is a matter of perspective.  To many, it is the bloodline that validates ones *status* as a witch, much like a royal bloodline validates ones royal status, but IMO it is the spiritual link, or spiritual DNA if you will that is important.  True validation comes when ones efforts on whatever path you walk come to fruition!

    This of course is simply my own opinions based off of my own experiences and insights in the material and non material realities as I have navigated them.  So please take it with a grain of salt.


  10. 1) Don't judge witchcraft (or the legitimacy of your practice thereof) by the actions of the people.  Some people have no idea what they are doing. 

    2) Keep a Journal of your conversations with Spirit (whether in dreams, myrk riding, or journeying, etc.)

    3) Don't get sucked into the ancient bloodline-lineage drama.  Your life as a witch is not determined by your blood line, nor does any claim to a bloodline make a person any more powerful than one called to be a witch.

    4) Just because a person wrote a book about it, does not mean that they are the end all of the subject.  There is a lot of crap out there, in fact more nonsense than that which is valid.

    5) Study the folklore of the path in which you choose or are looking to chose to follow.  The folklore contains many secrets to be discovered.

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