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    Spells,mother nature,metaphysics
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    I know a little
  • Have you explored other paths?
    Sort of learn little bits from some
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    I did a few spells and stuff
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    It really the only one that started way back,long before other paths
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    42yrs I have been dabbling you could say,never had a lot of time working rearing 3 children but always loved the craft
  • What brought you to our site?
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    I am always learning myself. I put up a few posts and answer a few if I can or help if I can. I learned gypsy magic so that I know a little about.plus I read playing cards and runes
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
    No,was with a odd one but felt like I did not belong maybe my age. some of the real young one's think magic should work first up.but I tell them it's like learning to drive the car first,if you don't learn how to handle it,you will crash. Anyway I always tell the truth,they may not like it,oh well that's life
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    I know a lot of stuff from reading books,never get stuff off the net or Google. I have 3 crows that call each day,sing me a song for a bit of food as there got no habitat left due to housing. I love em, one big male crow got killed by a car at traffic lights. So I look after his wife and kids now.
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    I don't use black candles or ouija boards or tarot cards and don't use all the bells and whistles.Just plain old simple stuff like my wand is me finger and I put plenty of mind power in to magic and I have done ok

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  1. A tiger doesen't lose sleep over the opinions of monkeys ***************************** Sometimes you got to accept what life throws at you, to find out what your made of. ***************************** A Tortoise doesn't get anywhere unless he stick his neck out. ******************************* How much you enjoy life is more important,then how much you have in life
  2. Hi witchpriest,yes I find tarot is a bit to potent for me.yes a pack of good tarot can cost ya $50+ a pack of cheap playing cards $3. It not the money,but what ever one is happy with I guess.i think ecept for the 22 major tarot cards the rest are the same as playing cards. playing cards were copied off the tarot or something like that they say
  3. MY MEANINGS OF SPADES A-large town or city 2-deceit around you 3-crying or rain 4-illness coming for you or someone around you 5-temper tantrums by you or someone else close to you 6-a young boy 0-12 yrs 7-a car,bike,rv,something that's moves along a road 8-a roadway,street,highway, 9- feeling depressed,just down in life,no feeling well due to something bothering you. 10-night time after 12pm or noon which is the start of a witches night Jack-young man under 30yrs star sign,Gemini,libra,Aquarius Queen-widow,can be a spiteful women. Star sign same as jack King- this man has something to do with government or works for it. Star sign same as Jack COMBINATIONS OF SPADE CARDS Ace Spades any court card-photograph 6s & 7s....fall or injury 9s & 10s...fire or a burn 8s & 10s....news at night not to good 8s & 5s....jealousy 8s & 7s & 5s...car accident 3s & 7s & 9s.....a death in hospital 6s & 8s.......Delay or postponement 7s & 6s & 5s....danger of robbery 9s & 10s....very sick Ace of spades and 7 of diamonds.....news read in newspaper MEANING OF CLUBS A- a letter,fax,text message.some message where you don't talk 2-new developments or can be a friend who is a little disappointing 3-friends fighting among them selfs or with you 4-strange bed you be sleeping in 5-news coming from family or someone in a country area 6-material gain,good news 7-money for work or a little reward 8-a small win with gambling,or something you took a risk with....you maybe flying in a plane too. Or drinking 9-romance on the wind or someone you like or they may like you,may make contact. 10-an appointment or a settlement. Can mean you'll be inside a big building also Jack-young man under 30yrs,star sign Leo,Aries,Sagittarius.ok person Queen-lively woman,a leader or boss type of person, quick tempered.star sign same as jack King-again a boss type person,star sign same as jack
  4. HEARTS,how I read there meanings A -the home or where you live 2-friendship or two lovers 3-enjoyment or celebrations also can mean in one week 4- the marriage bed 5-someone likes you or has a crush on you 6-this means you will have mr naughty or someone close to you will make love,more so with 4 hearts 7-can't make up your mind,juggling ideas or things 8-visitors 9-you will have a little joy out of something 10-entertainment or festivity for you Jack-young man under 30yrs,make out his the best, watch him.star sign cancer,Scorpio,Pisces. Queen- a nice women to know,same star sign as the jack King- blue eyes and over 30yrs a nice man same star sign as jack DIAMONDS A-a phone call to you from someone 2-a warning about something or a person 3-a social activity is coming 4-a short journey to be taken 5-a meeting 6- some sort of offer 7-a gift of money or a cheque 8-meeting about money or money matters 9-fixing up the home,a Reno,building or hanging something up 10-something to do with property,buying,looking at or like to rent Jack-a young fellow under 30yrs star sign Capricorn,Virgo,Taurus....good person Queen-same star sign as the jack,good person King- over 30yrs fair man may have plenty of money ,SOME CARD COMBITATIONS OF HEARTS AND DIAMONDS 9H 9D. Could win a good sum of money 8D 8H. New clothes or something you ware 10d 10H. A wedding 4D 4H. Young children AD AH AC. Something very good coming
  5. How I read playing cards,I will put a little of the meanings in each week. So you need a 52 card deck take out jokers throw them away. Shuffle,shuffle,and shuffle and think of what you want to know. Then cut the deck with( left hand only)with the cards you cut in your hand,put to the left of the heap you cut from,so you have 2 piles.then cut from 2nd pile again and put that to the left,so now you have 3 piles 3 2 1 Now with the left hand pick the first pile on the left that you first cut,put it on top of the second pile,then put the first and second piles on the 3rd pile so you have your deck as one pile now. Off the of the top of the deck ,deal out 10 cards turning them face up,from right to left in a line then deal ( this is your ( PRESENT ) Next deal another 10 cards,off top of deck again, just under your first line this is your ( PAST ) NOTE AS YOUR DEALING THEM OFF TAKE IT SLOW AND JUST GLANCE AT EACH CARD. Then another 10 under that line which is your (FUTURE ) Then deal off 2 more and put them to one side,this is your ( SUPRISE ) So you should have 3 rows of 10 cards plus 2.....The lay out is called past present future as far as I know,I been using it for 40 odd yrs. You don't need no fancy packs they all do the same thing and don't make your readings any better,just a cheap pack from the supermarket is fine,but always keep in a little cardboard box or wooden box not a bag. With a new pack of cards mix and mix them well so you don't have small runs of spades etc, I put hearts and diamonds meanings tomorrow if the bloody post button works. Remember if your reading for anyone,they must shuffle and cut in to three and that's all they do. you must pick the heaps up as you did for yourself and the rest is the same....cheers
  6. It would be nice to hear from others on this. I my self remember back to 2 yrs old and my father in bed dying,then I don't remember anything till 5yrs old. Growing up life was hard,never enough food or clothes. But I always had a feeling there was some think was watching over me and kept me out of danger. I was 7 yrs old and got hit by a car in 1960 on the highway chasing a ball,I got knock about 20 meters over the sidewalk into bush area and i got up and walked away with a cut toe,hummm they were watching over me that day. I was alway looking for something I did not have a clue as to what I was searching for,but I was always drawn to the unexplained stuff like ghosts,UFOs,card readings. Then about 12 yrs old I met a sideshow girl with two red bellied black snakes wrapped around her boobs under her top and she found one that day under a sheet of tin. One bit and your in hospital also with them,I thought how can she get away with not getting bit. "She said she had the gift".Thinking back was she into in to the craft or some thing or just very wise with snakes. Anyway ever since ,if I see a snake crossing my path it will look at me and then bolt,I know it's a warning of some trouble coming it's never wrong. Then in 1973 I was drawn to an old bookshop,where I found this gypsy witchcraft book and I knew I found what I was looking for all my life,a witchcraft path. I also married a witch or wise one sounds better,but it only lasted 5 yrs we have always loved each other, but never got along which was a pity. Oh well I guess if your meant to do something fate will lead you there anyway. ,
  7. Hi Michele,I just have a cloth and candle salt, model clay a few herbs,oil,I sort of use the cave man style of magic I guess where magic started and some gypsy as well. I don't know about shrines or gods if they work or what,I guess it's up to the person. I don't muck about with spirits that much either.i have did ok without them. There and old saying by witches I read somewhere, Groups and books don't make the witch it fate. That might be right after awhile you can feel something or a knowing or like your guided,hard to explain the folks here might know what I am on about.cheers
  8. Yes I have worked with them and have done for 40 odd yrs. I might put the layout and meanings in the divination section. I don't go by books,I have a lot of my own meanings as I have watched the cards for years to see really what they meant and happened so I could say that this card means this for sure. I have read the tarot a little,but found they have strange vibe or potency. It's like books and web sites how many are out there to predict the future,millions of them which ones are spot on. Have not found one spot on yet with its predictions. they all vary. But that's just my opinion. If ya want any help just yell out. I don't go much on the one card pick, as for eg,the 2d means a warning or 2 days which one do you take it to mean. That's why it's better with most of the deck out you can see what coming in 2 day etc, Cheers
  9. A witch will smash their egg shells after use, as another witch may get half the egg shell and use to harm them or kill them. Peacock feathers or ornaments in the home are bad luck. Plaster of Paris ornaments in the home are bad luck. New shoes on the table portends a death A picture falling from the wall for no apparent reason portends a death. Bird smashing in to a window portends a death. Breaking a cobweb good luck. To have clinging ivy growing on your home brings good luck. If a cat sits before your front door and washers behind its ears,a visitor will cross your threshold. Silver rings around the moon, rain in three days. Always dip your new candles in salt water and let dry,as someone may have touched them in the store and have there vibe in them. I have watched a lot of superstition stuff over the years and some of it is true.
  10. I have a wart on the arm that comes and goe's and a little pimple on me nose and a brown pimple birth mark on me gut...shit I am gone,I be hang at the next witch trials. I have seen a few witch photos,I think the right eyebrow a frack higher then the left eyebrow....I bet ya will look in the mirror
  11. I was reading somewhere not long ago by a witch card reader,who said tarot cards are rubbish and there meanings are not right and there a few cards missing.....But I have read them a few times, seem pretty good to me,but I get a sad vibe off them and I get a bad feeling when I go to look at an Aleister Crowley book.Any other book is fine
  12. Hi Barsa,yes I read them. If you need a spread patten that's works well or meanings,but the meanings are mostly my own after years and years of watching what they mean. Books I found are about 40/50 percent right,I guess it's what the card means to the reader. Like the 5 clubs to me is temper tantrums and 9 spades stress and sickness, 9 and 10 of spades together is fire or someone could get a burn.or 8 of clubs maybe a small money win etc, just let me know if I can help cheers candleflame or Greg
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