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    varying forms of divination, calligraphy,
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    Quite familiar, I feel this question is rather relative, though. There are plenty of traditions on other paths that I am sure I am quite unfamiliar with, and just as many that I am familiar with, but do not practice. That is the beauty of witchcraft, really.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    Yes and no. I take it upon myself to learn what I can about the practices of others. Every now and then my deities lead me to something that really makes sense and has a practical place in my own personal brand of the craft, and these are incorporated into my work as I see fit. There are so many paths, and I really enjoy the diversity of it all. Some things have no place in my practice, but I still enjoy reading about and learning what works for others!
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    I don't think witchcraft is something you work with, I think it is something you simply do. There is no working with it, that implies a side by side partnership. Being a witch is more than that, personally. If you are asking about example of times I practice witchcraft... I use the moon cycles to make tinctures of various substances (these can be used alone, or combined with other tinctures/ingredients/intents to suit whatever purpose I or my spirits see fit. I use a bath ritual and a flying salve to achieve astral travel to the realm my familiar spirits live. What is achieved on that plane varies greatly, I couldn't even begin to explain...
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    To me it is a form of witchcraft with no limits. I don't need a religion, or rules limiting what I can and can't do, and traditional witchcraft is the blanket term for the path that those of us that feel way take.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    It's hard to say. Even when I was a child my sister and I would make "potions" out of whatever was in my backyard. As we got older we just kept doing that. I'd say at around 14 I had a pretty serious collection of rituals and spells.
  • What brought you to our site?
    Well, I came across this amazing specimen. By specimen, I mean a dead scissortail. There was a nagging in my brain, I know that the nagging was not coming from me, one of my familiars wanted it. A few googles later, I wound up reading an article posted here. I have come across this site a few times, and now I figure I should probably apply to join, because if the articles are so helpful, the forum is probably a vast resource!
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    I guess I kind of explained it up there. I expect there is so much to learn, and so many points of views to read. I expect that I will benefit greatly from all of that. And in return I expect to contribute my point of view, and insights into my path.
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
    Nope, this is all new territory for me.
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    Homegrown and homemade. Everything I do is with stuff that I have on hand. I try to grow my herbal ingredients (admittedly not there 100%), and make my own candles. I do some glassblowing, crocheting, sewing, and pretty much whatever I am capable of and I incorporate it into my craft.
    I love using divination, may it be cards, runes, etc. I have been practicing heavily for about eight years.
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    I'd (my spirits, too!) really like to better record my rituals and spells. I have a pretty stellar collection going on in my head, but sometimes I'll do something really cool, and then I won't remember how later.
  1. ___ Oh, please excuse me while I kill a few more hours on here looking at that forum. :D (I just haven't made it down that far, yet!) I haven't been so lucky to use machines for the binding process, I bet it is so much more efficient! Probably something I'll look more into as I go. I have several experiments for what type of paper I will be using... I have to decide on an ink as well, and the two have to work together nicely. No bleeding, no running, not too thick, not too thin. It's an admittedly self-inflicted tedious process, but all in all it is layered with intent and purpose, and I think all the attention to detail will really show through.
  2. ___ I read all of it, although most of that pertains to my note taking, not so much my Grimoire making, except that a lot of those tips might end up in how I write down spells and such! It's a great thread. I spare no expense on any notebook, like ever... Also, I am lucky in that my family often gives me new journals for gift-giving holidays, because it is a sure-fire way to please me. Calligraphy, hand lettering and typography are some of my favorite things in this earth and have been since I learned to write. Writing and writing beautifully are such sacred things to me, and having a beautiful book to record all of my things in has definitely been a priority for me, always. I have several beautiful leather journal covers, and I have learned to bind books so that I can continue refilling the journals I am most attached to. I've also dabbled in paper making, and in my dreams the final draft of my Grimoire will be hand-bound, with hand-made paper. (I have yet to bind a journal with solely handmade paper, but a girl can dream...) Which really all emphasizes the core of my Craft, the Craft I will teach my children. If your hands are capable, they should make it. To me, hand-made, hand-written, hand-grown, etc items are the most powerful of all.
  3. Your methods are very similar to my slew of notebooks, it is a beautiful chaos that probably only I can navigate, and up until now, that is exactly the way I wanted it. Now I feel this calling to make an actual tradition out of the family craft. It's been pretty interesting so far. Making this Grimoire has consumed me, it's basically the Family Trad Craft 101, and I hope my future generations use it as a reference with a little slew of notebooks of their own that tell what worked for them, and how they applied some of my information to their own unique experiences and situations. :D
  4. What are your methods? I tend to have several notebooks in my general surroundings at any given time. These are my running books of actual practice, much like the lab notebooks one keeps to record their experiments as they perform them. Historically I have not been so great of keeping up with or keeping track of these things. These are full of learning, crossing stuff out, redos, recants, and oopsies, and eventually something I deem worthy of the Grimoire. That way, instead of my Grimoire being partially (if not mostly) full of the sigil sketches that I didn't accept, that love brew that backfired (I wanted to attract suitors, NOT STALKERS...), and stuff of the like... Do you all have a similar system? Or does it all just go in a book and you flip through as needed, disregarding all of your perfectly imperfect mistakes? I see nothing wrong with including the rejects, but I am in the process of making an heirloom Grimoire to pass down, I want it to be intuitive in its order. I absolutely cherish my notebooks full of the process it took to get the final product, though. I never get rid of them. This is going to end in having a LOT of written material, but it is what works for me. Now, more about that Grimoire... I tend to make things in pages. I am obsessed with things having order and flow. The Grimoire will be divided into volumes. Possible ideas are specific volumes for (and these are not necessarily the titles, just content): Natural Ingredients (non-toxic)--woods, herbs, flowers, types of charged waters, etc. Natural Ingredients (toxic, psychoactive, entheogenic, mind altering)--alcohols, alkaloid plants, baneful herbs, etc. Other Ingredients--blood, nails (of the finger or pounding variety), hair, animal parts, bugs, metals, wax, etc. Stones--gems, stones, etc. Spells/Rituals--with subsections for purpose or type. Ceromonial Traditions--how my family will celebrate sabbats and things of the like. History--basically a giant sourcebook with added anecdotes for why I use a green candle when I do, and the significance of other such things. The Most Badass Index of All Time--you'll need it what with all the information I hope to amass over this life. I think I have a few more sections, but my notes are in another notebook, and the cat is napping on my foot. If you are comfortable with sharing, I'd love to hear and discuss how you have yours set up, and what your process is for creating one! Thank you! Keep it weird. awildekkem (Also, if this is better suited in another board, I am sorry, I used my best judgement, and this is my first post other than my intro, so I am super new. FORGIVE MEH.) (Damn, I use a lot of parentheses and dashes.)
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