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    music,science,camping and stone collecting.
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    I am quite familiar with witchcraft. I studied it for quite some time before practicing it. It always felt like home to me.I have been practicing for 5 years now and always studying and learning everyday.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    I started out wiccan but felt it wasnt right for me. I now practice traditional witchcraft.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    yes, I work strongly with healing both herbal and spellcasting also spirit communication it has always been an ability since childhood.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    It is my life, it means to help others and our planet through the use of magic and to always learn more about myself and the mystery that surounds us all.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    6 years
  • What brought you to our site?
    the need to be able to talk to others that are in the craft. this site is welcoming and nonjugdmental a rarity in forums anymore.
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    I hope to find people with knowledge and wisdom and have similar beliefs as me. I feel I can bring ideas and help to others who might be struggling with themselves and the craft.
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    spirit communication and healing.
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    learning to control and protect myself from constant negative energy fields. lack of protection from constant spirit contact.

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  1. Since you mentioned veggies, I have been craving some that I used to hate like beets,squash and egg plant. :carrot:
  2. I find as I grow as a witch I have been learning more and more about myself. My Craft as of late has gotten stronger which has helped me learn to be stronger in my mundane life. I have found where my real passions in life are and how important it is to indulge in those thing as they can boost how we feel about ourselves. I love to help other but I have found that I need to look at myself and deal with my needs which I have not done in years. I have had to live my life holding on to secrets about myself due to fear of being chastized or shunned by others. I'm learning that this is something that I need to work on and stop the self hate and accept myself for who I really am. To realize that everyone is different and we can't help the way we were born. I feel that even though I might be different than most people I still have much to offer. Our differences is what makes all of us unique. Bigitry will never go away there is always going to be narrow minded people out there that feel they need to judge people bc they are different. The key is be the bigger person than the ones who judge raise your head up high and live well. Living well sometimes is the best revenge. HW
  3. Travsha you brought up smells and that made me realize that I used to love Maple syrup and candy now I can't stand the smell of Maple. It is funny how we change in such ways.
  4. I have never heard of Krampus please do tell!
  5. I for awhile now have been fighting to stay strong emotionally,so I fight and fight and always put on a happy face to try to hide everything. I have been a strong person all my life,but how much fighting can you actually do before you can't muster up anymore. I always hide behind a wall bc I don't want pity. As of late I have noticed a decline in my health that I just can't ignore. I shake so bad anymore that doing anything becomes a big chore. My memory is slowly slipping away more each day. I saw a picture of myself today taken a few years back and seen a guy that was in shape vibrant and full of life. Life has a way of slapping you in the face that really stings. I'm at a moment in my life that I'm facing my own mortality at 39. My son has to watch me deteriorate and that is what hurts the most. I feel that the medical world needs to do more research to find treatments and cures for these diseases that have been around for ages that are destroying people and their families. I just had to get my feelings out to try to regain some strength. By purging our emotions out we can reset our mind to fight another day. HW
  6. Hecolyte I am the same way lights and electricity make it very hard for me to build energy. I have recently been going through changes in my senses I find that I am more sensitive to different types of energy around me other peoples energy and natural earth energy. Which has made my Craft more effective in certain ways. I do like a dim blue light I find it very relaxing and opens up my mind. As far as taste I have been craving sweets like crazy and I ways a person who hardly ever ate sweets.
  7. This is something that has really intrigued me. Since being a member here I have learned how easy it is for witches to connect to one another! I never realized that I could pick up on each witches energy signature. Which at first freaked me out but now i have become acustom to it. The thing I have recently been noticing about myself is that bc witches can connect easily the amount of emotions that can play into this. I find myself being drawn to certain people and have a influx of different emotions at the same time for me being a loner most of my life I find it wonderful and confusing at the same time. Is it bc we are witches that we feel emotions so strong? And this being somewhat new to me I wonder if this is normal or not. I have made many friends on here and enjoy my time on here. So I'am just trying to sort out these emotions and figure out what it all means. Just been whats on my mind today. :thinking:
  8. hawkwind

    Thoughts Today

    Today I have pondered the way people percieve me and I feel bc I am a very cheerful witch some find that offputting but I'm not a dark and brooding witch and never will be. Don't understand why some people are so put off by someone you tries to look at the positive side of life. Almost like kindness is a bad thing. I will never change the way I am bc it is truely me. I know that some people might feel I have no experience in the Craft bc I don't devulge everything that I do in my Craft. I believe in a certain amount of secrecy not that anything I do is bad or wrong more that it is very personal to me. I am always learning but by no means a novice. I think that different methodes and beliefs sometimes get taken as doing thing wrong. Everyone has different styles and beliefs and that to me is what makes the Craft interesting. I have seen arguements that clearly could be avoided if people understand and accept that everyones styles are different. In closing I just want to say that as a community acceptance of diversity is what will make this commnity stronger. Just food for thought. :vhappywitch: HW
  9. This is my first entry in my new blog. I recently have been looking inside myself and really looking at my feelings and how it pertains to me as a person and a Witch. Many dark memories from my past I seem to dwell on,which is the thing that holds me back in many facets of my life. We learn valuable lessons from our pain and suffering but after these lessons are learned we need to know when to let the bad thought and memories to disolve away and not dwell. If we don't we create a negative energy around ourselves that festers like a disease which breaks us down physicaly and mentaly and emotionaly . That is when our power as a witch becomes weak and the negativity spreads to other people usually the ones we most care about. When we learn to set the bad memories free we can see then the true beauty of life around us as we realize this we start to grow as a person and a witch we can reclaim our power. Happiness and fullness can then enter our lives and we create a positive energy around us which will glow like the light of a bright star. AS this happens people around us feel peace and attract to us and our positive energy can heal ouselves and others. This is my personal realization! I'm in the process of excepting who I am and learn to embrace it no matter what others might say or think. To become a witch and a person with self love and self pride. To all that read this know that even if life seems too hard and dark we all have an inner beauty and positive light. We can feel and live this if we are willing to throw away our negative baggage and find the peace and light in all of us. You are all special in your own way let your true self shine! :sunny: HW
  10. This entry really spoke to me bc this year has been very emotionally taxing for me and I have been kinda living inside my own head which just seems to amplifiy my emotional turmoil. I have a hard time dealing with winter I normally hibernate like a bear. Your words have given me some hope that thing can start to get better but it has to start with me internally. Thank you Ravenshaw for your words. And my best wishes to you and hope you can find some peace and happiness in your life.
  11. I got a Sunflower I am tall does it mean I have a sunny personality.LOL
  12. That is me for sure I hate large shopping areas and some resturants too. Like you said it's like you can feel everyones energy and emotions which at times causes me to get a severe headache and when that happens I become very angery. When I used to drink when the bar would get very busy I would have this reaction which I feel lead me into a lot of the bar fights I was in.
  13. So Sorry your mother was that way. My father is like my best friend my mom on the other hand was very abusive, she has a personality disorder I try to tell my self that it wasn't her fault that she was sick,but I just can't forget or forgive.
  14. I also shave my head I find it very cleansing to my spirit. Plus I have very thinning hair and refuse to do the comb over.LOL
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