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    West Yorkshire
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    Beach combing, crafting, herbalism
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
  • Have you explored other paths?
    After many years of studying and exploring many paths, I'm finally settling onto what I feel is my true path and am finally dedicating myself completely to it.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    I have always gravitated towards traditional witchcraft, every path that I have explored and been drawn to has had a traditional basis
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    Connecting to the true spirit of the Earth, the magic of nature and the timeless consciousness that veins through it all
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    As long as I can remember
  • What brought you to our site?
    Many interesting articles by users, I wish to learn and converse with the enlightened and intelligent people on the site
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    I hope to find new views and ways or doing things, to remain open to learning and exploring to further my knowledge in the path, and in return share the knowledge and wisdom I have been blessed with with those who are new to the path
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
    Not anymore, just 1 Facebook group
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    Sea magic, folk magic, herbalism, hedge riding
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    Mediumship/spirit contact
  1. I read tarot and playing cards mostly, but I enjoy exploring loads of various other cards systems (I publish indie decks), hedgeriding, tea leaves and I'm working on making myself a black mirror for scrying.
  2. I thought it would be interesting to list the witch trial memorials around the UK. I will add to this as I find them, currently trying to find any in Wales. If you know of any let me know! :) Scotland Paisley - memorial of trial of the Paisley witch in 1697, bronze plaque Crook of Devon - Witches maze made of beech trees at Tullibole Castle, dedicated to the 11 victims of the 1662 witch trials Dunning - Maggie Wall's memorial, in the former grounds of Duncrub Castle. Stone memorial for a woman burned as a witch in 1657 England Essex - Colchester Castle park houses a memorial to the witches burnt throughout the 16th and 17th centuries Essex Manningtree - Planned memorial, currently funding Pendle - In Roughlee, a statue of Alice Nutter stands in the centre of the village. Burned in the 1612 Pendle witch trials Exeter - Mural and plaque dedicated to witches from 1682 onwards.
  3. I made these little flash cards a while ago for a cartomancy series I wrote for a blog. These are just my general keywords but thought they might be useful to someone interested in trying the system out.
  4. I did a spell protection bottle for my cat when I first got her years ago. I get anxious over familiars being out and about but want them to have their nature and freedom, so this spell eased my anxiety somewhat for me. I hung it in the fireplace, just because that was like the centre of the home and the hearth where she would sleep in winter and where I always wanted her to return to. Anyway, a few years later we moved to the house we're in now. On the second day, my partner and I had a crisis because we couldn't find the cat. There had been delivery guys in and out and we were resigned to the fact she'd snuck out and she'd made a run for it. All day went and nothing, we were feeling really bad by this point so I distracted myself by unpacking boxes and in one of them was this bottle, which I took out and hung back up. Within half an hour we'd found her (turned out actually...she was in the house, she'd just managed to shimmy into the cutlery drawer and lay as flat as a pancake for hours lol!) but I'll never forget that. I've kept it up since and I swear by it now, coincidence or not! As Onyx said, the spell I made up was to Baast.
  5. I can totally understand. I suffer from both and if I allow myself to start to disconnect from my regular contact from my craft, it gets worse. Once the flow is back, I instantly notice I react to thinags better, I've got more drive and am in a better relaxed mood.is about not letting myself allow anything to take away that sacred time and space I need, even if it's reading a witchy book or doing some card spreads.
  6. I love cartomancy, I've read tarot for years and only in the last couple have I read with playing cards regularly. I found it hard to find my eureka moment with them, but when I did find a relationship and meanings I liked, I fell in love with it! I still prefer traditional style decks as I do in tarot, especially the Russian sets from a friend. There's so many traditional spreads too, which I learned from a friend The Knave of Swords on YouTube. Did you curate your own system of meanings?
  7. I only recently came across Robin's work. I too didn't know anything about him, I just picked up a book after seeing a mention of some workings on a blog which were from one of his books. I much prefer to pick up a book and not let the author's reputation precede them, so I can make my own mind up if I think it's pants or not. I have dipped in and out of a couple of his books and I've found certain bits fascinating. I took the bits I agreed with and found useful and skipped the rest. I don't mean any disrespect to the author on that point, but that's how I feel we all develop our own unique path. A few bits from his books have made it into my grimoires and I'm definitely going to read some more!
  8. I wondered if anyone uses this method of divination? I came across the witches runes in one of the first books on witchcraft I remember buying. They're not an old system, in fact I think they may have been created by the author of that particular book which I gifted on years ago, but I couldn't even really connect with the elder futhark and when I created myself a set of these I actually really felt a connection and could read them intuitively. I've seen a couple of variants since but I used the 13 stone set.
  9. I am definitely a solitary witch, I always thought hedgewitches were innately solitary but I have heard of a coven of hedgewitches, so just shows each find their own style! I'm out as a witch, definitely, but prefer to keep practice very solitary. I did, when I lived in my previous town at the other end of the country, have a couple of witch friends. They were very different on their paths, but I did enjoy having witches around just because they "got" it and it was good to get insights on different things. I don't have that now and I do miss it. I wouldn't want to join a coven as I feel that wouldn't really suit my practice, but a group to just have a coffee and chat would be nice!
  10. I totally get where you're coming from with Instagram, though it is essentially SM based on aesthetics. I know it's all about creating a look and I really do feel a bit fed up sometimes with the posts under witch-related hashtags on there. It does seem for show and no substance, I think Insta probably spawned the concept of the basic witch. I just avoid it now, I do feel like it undermines tradition and I think about it a lot....I thought it was just me! The fact that "witches of Instagram" is one of the most trending hashtags on there says it all really. On one hand I want to be like "NO that's not it..." but privacy is way too important to me. It's trying to maintain the respect are seriousness of the tradition from a point of not revealing it. I am in a witch group on FB, but it's a small controlled closed group with witches who are all on the same wavelength.
  11. It really was as if I was talking to someone I'd met before, even though I really hadn't, she was from Canada! I'm so glad she did feel confident and relaxed enough to just ask...and confident enough in her intuition to know that I was. It really made my day!
  12. I am personally very secretive about my craft itself. Most people know I'm a witch, but that's as far as it goes. And they do ask questions or advice sometimes, but I just state the 4th rule of witch club...to keep silent, that ends the conversation usually! My close friends know better than to ask now, but I enjoy being out of the broom closet generally. My mum and partner also practice, so it's not as if there's lots of questions or a need to keep things hidden for me, it's relaxed at home and with family. I keep my belongings and books bound and out of the way, upstairs though. My personal things and writing are absolutely for me only. Interesting to see other people's experiences!
  13. This has happened to me once that I can think of, and it happens to stick in my mind as several other strange and powerful things happened to me at the same place. I was visiting a very old hall in Derbyshire, it was a week day out of season so there were very few people there. On the long walk down the path to reach the entrance, there was a group of other visitors making their way down at the same time. One woman for some reason stood out to me and I have no idea why, she just "pinged" out from the rest, but I forgot about it and walked off around the hall. A while later, after I'd been around the hall, I sat in the courtyard to have a rest and take in the place. All of a sudden the woman appeared besides me and sat down, before saying "are you a witch too?". I said I was and she said "I knew there were witches here." We sat and chatted for a short time about local places we'd visited and the best stone circles in the area, before she left. I have to say it stuck in my mind because of that knowing we both must have felt, but she was obviously more tuned in to than me! It was really awesome to bump into another witch like that.
  14. Onyx, thank you. I've started to look through and make pinboards, I'm really getting sucked into it, I've found a bunch of great stuff already!
  15. Thank you Onyx, I've never gotten into Pinterest because I thought it was mainly crafting and things, I'll definitely check it out now!
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