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  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
  • Have you explored other paths?
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    Yes, I would say that im a spiritual person, this precedes my "witchiness" but is also a crucial part of it. I never stop reading and learning and expanding my knowledge base, for me being a witch has a lot to do with growth and connection to/working with/understanding natural cycles and energies and less to do (nothing to do with) with pentagram jewelry and individual "special snowflakeness".
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    To me, it is a holistic perspective on something that is being bought and sold in pieces by various groups. More than that, its a deeply intuitive way to interact and participate in the natural procession.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    Intentionally, from about the age of 15 onward, although it was sporadic in the early years. before that, i was a very "superstitious" child, and looking back many of my behaviors resembled offerings and little rituals among other things. They all had a purpose, i just didnt fully realize at the time what i was doing, only that it felt like the right thing and i wanted to.
  • What brought you to our site?
    searching for intelligent open discussion on these things. Other forums have seemed more like LARP forums, or have been straight up silly in the love and light and rose quartz way.
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    Same as above, and obviously i intend to reciprocate.
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
    no longer participate or check, but i imagine my account is still there
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    My wortcunning gets better every year and strengthens other aspects through the process of learning and connection. I am also confident in my dream work, although i am forever in the process of expanding and growing so these very well may change in the years to come to make way for new skills.
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    Just not knowing enough. I never can know enough.
  1. LOL Duchess, in a lot of her videos...the imagery is telling. Its really jarring sometimes the pictures she chooses to go along with what she is saying. If i go to check on what she is up to, i stick to reading her crappy verbose blogs. they say all the same things, without her dead eyes, drolling voice and inappropriate smirks. Still, the images are jarring. But its kind of better. There are some funny videos on youtube calling her out on various things. So, I know im not alone in thinking she is a total creep and batshit crazy.
  2. oh yuck, i would have gone running from that guy. thats such a random thing to bring up. Makes you wonder who hes around that nonchalantly mentioning child molestation in the presence of a child and childs mother is an acceptable thing to do.
  3. those are good points, she certainly helped me fine tune my radar. She is more subtle than david wolfe or alex jones, or more woo-ish rose quartz and positive vibes people. Most people are basically harmless, but she is insidious. The whole authenticity trend...oh my. Obviously there is nothing wrong, whatsoever, in being authentic. But the focus on it, the *claims* of being authentic, just reeks to me. Like people who go "i HATE drama", "loyalty is the most important thing ever", "im the most honest person i know" etc. those are red flags. Decent characteristics either are or arent, and the people who are dont even think to push that identity onto others. their character speaks to it, instead. Does that make sense? i think its the same thing with authenticity. They want their specialness to be REALER than other peoples specialness, it still comes from a place of ego and competition. Its kind of funny.
  4. She crossed my awareness some time ago, and i spent an embarassing amount of time researching her. I cant tell if its fascination or concern. I check in from time to time, and it only gets crazier as it goes. Now i might have to go catch up again. but im going to resist the urge because its so damn frustrating to read about, haha.
  5. she does, she says she can cure ptsd and all kinds of things. she teaches people that they were abused by their families but they dont remember it. that she is medical intuitive. she doesnt even beleive in germ theory and says all kinds of reckless, unfounded things. its a wild ride looking into her stories. I am fascinated by cults, and so naturally she rang every alarm bell. its a modern day cult unfolding. i think as annoying and imbalanced as new age thinking can be, its not anywhere near what she is doing. its a mix of extreme conspiracy, new age, reality tv, and fear porn. She eeks her way in where people are at their weakest or darkest points. she describes herself plently of times, describing herself as a psychic vampire, of using sexuality to draw people in, but people like to think this is her being authentic. So, maybe she is authentically horrible. But i dont really define manipulation and deceit as authentic, regardless. Speaking of the whole bravery aspect, the untouchable victim narritive...she said she hates elizabeth smart, she feels rage and jealousy becuase her stpry is believed and her books sold. I think that is because her story is true and has evidence to back it up, and she isnt starting a suicide cult. but maybe that is just me. I think there is something really damning about that, if she was the survivor she claims to be, why would it be rage and jealousy she feels ? Something is seriously wrong with that woman, its a slow motion train wreck
  6. Yeah its really weird. she has dead eyes, she gets pleasure from duping people, and from making them envision horrible things, you can read it all over her face. She gets people to listen to her, because her garbled, but flouncy, language mixes psychological and woo terms, so its partially accepted theory, and partially manipulative twist or flat out crap. AND she says contradictory things back to back, so you can assign any meaning to it at all, depending what you already believe or want to believe. If she is asked for clarification, she cannot/does not give it. She doesnt go any deeper into her own explanations because they arent teachings, they are just bait. She claims she speaks for "source", she claims to be an alien, that she was cleopatra in a past life...she claims to have survived several years of satanic ritual abuse which included child murder and being sewn into corpses and being made to fuck them while her captor ate them. she also claims to have posed for playboy, that she was an Olympic skier, and to have been an international model. She tells people that they are her alien collegues, and that they are passively suicidal. she also claimed that at some point that she was a wiccan high preistess. she must have lived a very very busy life, lol. Its all over the place.
  7. Bwahaha! she is a predator, she goes for easy prey. She would not have a fun time going up against anyone who knew they were 'playing' in the first place. the more you look into her (if you are feeling masochistic or particularly morbid), the worse it is. She is long over due for her comeuppance. She is small time with the most bloated ego i have ever seen. its fascinating. There is a pull there that is very much intentional, and effective. The woman has lots of fans, with telling common threads.
  8. Bingo. thats the one. She is a psychopath with some nasty stuff attached to her. She also has a thing for pedophiles and mass murderers. A lot of bizarre sympathy, love and light for them. their victims though, they brought it on themselves with their "vibration" attracting it. She is a fraud, but she is unique in that she is actually dangerous to her following. Think jim jones. she has a fetish about death and suicide, but interestingly, has not pushed her own reset button. Her back story...is uh, interesting. easily debunked, but its waaaaay the fuck out there
  9. Anyway, in the spirit of the thread, it doesnt come up with people who arent already in the know, which is basically everyone. People know that i have superstitious "quirks", and I leave it at that. I would never presume to "teach" kids things their parents wouldnt be open to. BUT there are ways to explain things without the witchy parts. Like when my friends kids asks about why I have certain things, i just tell them because its special to me. Which isnt a lie, but it also doesnt cross any lines. With my own child, i do NOT use the word witch, or witchcraft (little kids repeat e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g). But he has participated in certain things, like burying the placenta he came into the world with, when we finally lived in a place we could do that. We did a whole thing about it, it was sweet and nice. and he did talk about it. But because i was cautious with phrasing, it wasnt a thing. not really. I still was a bit uncomfy about his open sharing, but it didnt raise any flags with anyone else. And i would never want to squelch him. He also sees me do things like smoke cleansing, but that is standard enough even with non-witchy folk that its fine. When he gets older and has questions, I wont lie, but i wont give more info than he is ready for, either. Its tricky enough when its your own kid. I would never *not* be super cautious with another's child. My kid knows a lot more than others in regard to herbs and mushrooms, what is edible and what is not, what will kill you and what can be medicine. So there are things you can definitely assign to preparedness and survivalism, before you would to witchcraft. If you needed an acceptable "frame" to put it in.
  10. That is cute, because they were praying IN the spirit of fear.
  11. That is a fun thought, Duchess, hahaha. My brother and I as kids would find rotted things to poke at, or crack "bad" eggs to find chicks inside, in various stages of completeness (but sometimes, just total rot, and holy yuck) and were fascinated with the process of gutting fish, or preparing an elk carcass. We made "potions" in the decorative well in the front of one of the houses we lived. i went on to continue being a weirdy in those similar ways, and he went on to be a weirdy in a different way. I remember carrying dead road kills home to give burials to. My dad hated it, but obliged me, so long as i basically boiled myself after the deed was done. I think, if I had been born a little later, I would have been put in counseling early on.
  12. About your point about nature "raising" vibrations and nature = love. I think thats the understanding that surface skimmers take as grounding/balance. If feels good to connect, in general. But its the other part of that, the edited way of looking at it, that is problematic if you really want to dig deep and *connect* in a meaningful or productive way. Its so common for people to take the easy understanding, those feel good moments as the RIGHT moments. and just seek them one after the other. And they will go in circles forever if they dont figure out why its a goose chase. that instant gratification mindset that is pervasive in most modern societies. Its ironic, because its actually quite destructive and solipsistic. Its superficial..the opposite of the outward claim of what its about for them. And yes, im speaking in broad strokes and putting a lot of people under an umbrella, but its something I see a lot of on social media and in acquaintances. I dont get to vent about it IRL all that much. I dont think there is anything wrong with wanting to feel good or trying to see the silver lining, but if you dont know yourself or assume you do and always will, because you think your personality is static and solid (ie: identifying with a concept of yourself, an outward persona of who you want to be), then it just calcifies into blinders you wear. Its armor against the lessons of life, and the biggest obstacle you can create.
  13. Great points about nature, and peoples ideas of it. I love nature as much as any new age hippie, but I am not deluded. It can be gruesome, it can be grueling, and it can definitely be dangerous. The whole of it is beautiful to me, bloody life eat life, decay, and rebirth, all of it. To parse it out and cherry pick what you find "high vibe" or pleasing about it, is just fancy denial of your own nature and of nature itself, and it IS stagnation to stop there, to choose to block out all the "other". I never thought of contentment as a state (cant say I've really experienced contentment for more than a moment or two at a time). Same for happiness. It is fleeting, and its NOT a destination. Its just feedback like anything else. People treat it that way all the time, and its tiresome. You dont just arrive, at any state, and stay there. everything is in flux, and thats the beauty of it. i like your point about discontentment being a motivator. I have had the same thoughts about pain and suffering (all different kinds). Its a message, it serves an evolutionary purpose. Its not something to rid yourself of, but to listen to. The most intense growth and change I have experienced in life have been after periods of upheaval and chaos. Its like a germination stage. Not unlike cold-water stratification of seeds, or germination by fire, which many species of trees and flowers need to even begin anew. My favorite ecologies are fire ecologies, I relate on deep level to my region for that reason in particular, but also many others. Its made me a bit weird, to be honest. I can be experiencing the worst of something, and this niggling little part of me is thrilled with it. Because I know what comes after, as bitter or hard as it can or will be.
  14. Sorry to quote your whole comment, but my gods what a satisfying rant that was to read. I agree. It sounds like you are venting about a certain new age mentality, with a certain guru at its head. "they need to act cheerful about their judgement of someone" oh bingo. Its infuriating.
  15. For me, its not really about light/dark or positive/negative. It has to do with microcosm and macrocosm. Both micro and macro have the same aspects, archetypes, and patterns, be it light/dark good/bad or whatever. Its a matter of scale, is my understanding, and seeing how the patterns and aspects are connected within those scales. You can spot them out and apply it to wider understandings, or narrower, more specific things. from the cosmic down into your deepest, inner world, and visa versa. As far as the terms go, I read "higher" and the like to the macro, the bigger picture and long long long time scales. Things that play out over time and have a wider scope of influence. "lower" is more like micro, things that exist and happen in our timeframe, in more specific (smaller) manifestations of the macro. When speaking about a specific issue or event, those same terms can just be labels for the aspects at play, depending on their effect, subjectively. Or when speaking about the self (or another self), the 'shadow' aspects are just unfinished. They arent dark/negative/below anything else. I think there is just stigma or fragility around it, things we arent fully aware of or maybe dont want to be. I guess you could describe them as hidden, and in a way that is 'below' your consciousness or awareness, or shrouded in darkness, in that sense. But again, those things to me reflect the deeper 'micro'cosm. You go digging and discover how it is connected, you find your 'macro' in relation to it, or heal, or grow it, or whatever it is you need to do. Im trying to explain myself broadly, so hopefully this makes some kind of sense. Let me know if I have misunderstood the question, I have been in and out of the forum this year and have probably missed the threads that inspired the topic.
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