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  1. Well, since it's well past July... I must say I did not enjoy this series. Although the rare parts that featured Santa Muerte were good, this wasn't anywhere as witchy as the original Penny Dreadful. In general the characters failed to move me. Natalie Dorman's acting as she portrayed several different roles left me feeling so-so overall. I was disappointed.
  2. Hello Everyone :) So, tonight we are getting another Penny Dreadful: City of Angels. Showtime Series Premiere: Sunday, March 26, 2020 at 10 P.M. ET/PT Set 50 years after the first Penny Dreadful, this supernatural 10 part spin-off series created and written by John Logan. "1938 Los Angeles is a time and place deeply infused with social and political tension. When a grisly murder shocks the city, Detective Tiago Vega and his partner Lewis Michener become embroiled in an epic story that reflects the rich history of Los Angeles: from the building of the city's first freeways and its deep traditions of Mexican-American folklore, to the dangerous espionage actions of the Third Reich and the rise of radio evangelism. Before long, Tiago and his family are grappling with powerful forces that threaten to tear them apart." The characters are connected in conflict to the deity, Santa Muete, while others are allied with the Devil. Cultural divides and political ambitions seem to the tinder that Chaos ignites. From what I can see, it seems to focus on pulp religion rather than pulp fiction. I can only hope ‘City of Angels’ doesn’t make light of rich cultural folklore and traditional practices. Staring: Natalei Dormer, Lorena Izzo, Rory Kinner, Nathan Lane, Amy Madigan, Daniel Zorvotto. Adriana Barraza, Kerry Bisho, Piper Perabo (Coyote Ugly) and too many other actors to list - which concerns me. There may be too much going for a cohesive narrative to emerge in 10 episodes. ​Personally, I enjoy Natalie Dormer on screen. It will be interesting to see how City of Angels play out.
  3. Stupid questions time: Wouldn't the programmed fetch still have the fingerprints of the Creator? Is it realistic to attempt to 'get around' yourself without doing the work to overcome what hinders 'you' in the first place?
  4. Did I know I'd call myself a witch? HELL NO !!! I seriously thought witchcraft was just silly, hocus-pocus nonsense. Halloween costume stuff. I KNEW I was different by age 4. As I grew, so did my abilities. I came to witchcraft very late in my life --- and it was then I realized, I had always been a witch.... and had done witchcraft without 'knowing' it WAS indeed witchcraft. Who wudda thunk it? I sure as hell didn't see that coming.
  5. ^^ Nice. I just had this exact conversation with another witch tonight. I think a Witch's power comes from with in. When she/he can also open up to receive outside power ( like a conduit) and is able direct that current towards a target / goal, that's pretty cool, too. And, as Witches don't we 'empower' objects all the time? When we aren't blowing them up, that is :)
  6. Aint' that the truth !!! LMAO
  7. I don't confuse MY Path with Practice. Walking Path is solitary (and where my Practice takes shape) It's not easy to be odd-girl out in the mundane society. Having other Witches in my life helps a lot. I love what other witches bring to the table. What they do and how they view craft allows me to explore the deeper parts of myself - which enhances my Practice. Knowing that I'm not *alone* is priceless.
  8. Hey Kalinia, maybe the spiders are a 'sign'.
  9. I haven't a clue if past lives are real... but phobia is - for those who suffer with it. Regardless of its origin...What a roadblock it must be. Especially for witches. And, even more so if the phobia interferes with ones practice / magical development. Where does a witch draw-the-line and take control of his/her mind and emotions? And, how might one strive to overcome their irrational fears?
  10. That's fantastic, Belle. Thank you so very much !!! Hey RF.... I'm sorry that my excitement and curiosity stomped on your thread. Blending the two Arts is fun to explore, for me anyway. Thanks Again and Sorry Again...lol
  11. OH, Belle.... I love that link/article !!! It makes perfect sense and I can literally see how and why synthesis is necessary. Thanks for that. I also LOVE the mandala imagery, too !!! Please bear with me - as I try to synthesize this myself: - So, once someone's natal chart is synthesized, then you tailor make a spell to 'correct' the energy for that person - at THAT exact moment in time? ( I'd use the term 'balance' or 'counterbalance' instead of 'correct'... but that's my WC lingo shining through.) Same idea, different words. -With just a Sun sign / Age: Are those two bits of info enough to 'construct' a natal chart accurate enough to 'correct' their specific RT problem ? And, to craft a specific planetary energy based spell? OR it's more like - The SKY is like this right now, You're a Virgo, and pretty much (financially) screwed for the next 3 years, type thing? Cuz, I'm thinking ... (forgive my ignorance) if I hadn't a clue what their Second house looked like, or that it contained something like Pisces and lots of it (gods forbid...lol) how would one go about crafting a suitable spell to 'correct' this longstanding (past, present, future) issue? <---- more rhetorical, but if there's a practical Astrological answer, lay it on me !!
  12. I’ve always enjoyed astrology… it’s like a guilty pleasure, hobby of mine and I’m always learning more about it. Once beyond the basics, it’s a terrifically intricate area study an useful addition one’s magical toolbox. I’ve got a few questions: @Belle: The way I use astrology for magic is not for timing but for reading the energy. Which energy? Personal or Planetary energy ? Or Both? If I have someones chart then I can see, feel, and sense the energy, as a map of the psyche. Psyche or Personality ? If there is a problem with the chart What kind of ‘problems’ could a chart have?or with the person...lol… people can have LOTS of problems beyond their scope of their chart… then I can manipulate the energy. Which energy? The chart's energy? person’s energy or the planets energy? Some people use blood or hair or DNA in their spells, but if I have the map, so is it fair to say you uses someone’s chart as Tag Lock? that is the key to the kingdom. It works best if I have an accurate chart but even having a basic idea of where the planets are is enough. In real time or at the time of the person’s birth? So if I know a person's age and sunsign, that's adequate.Adequate enough for what? What does ‘synthesizing’ a chart mean? Thanks in advance for enlightening me
  13. @ OP There are several threads that explore Excess Energy, as a few witches experience overloads... but such threads aren't DO THIS that will address your issue or fix it. And crows... there's a ton of info on crows. Do a Search and you'll see. Unless I'm mistaken, your concerns don't seem to belong in this thread. This topic is a more REFLECTIVE thread, not a Help Me thread. Perhaps the Mods can move the last 5 or 6 posts? Learning your way TW around takes time.
  14. Interesting topic, Aurelian :) I'm always witchin' no matter what I'm doing... so, I cannot separate my mundane life, interests and hobbies from witchin' ..... and......... which World are we talking about?....lol. I'm going to guess you mean society..............? With self-improvement... and caring enough about others, even strangers, I strive to improve the world around me... with every little thing I do. Everyday. @EVERYONE - What awesome replies !!! Such an enjoyable thread to read !!! :thankyou:
  15. My path opened wide when I found TW. I treated TW like a full time job, reading and learning from those Witches on the Traditional Path longer than myself. More than any book... or collection of books... it was other Trad Witches generously sharing their individual experiences, insights and wisdom that I found invaluable. What they 'gave' me was and is and will remain Priceless.
  16. Abraxia, that makes complete sense. What's clock-wise in one hemisphere is counter-clockwise in another. Paying attention to that is note worthy. Being left-handed is a funny sort of thing.... I don't think about it much about it - UNTIL MAGIC is involved..... I 'mind' what I'm doing when mixing and stirring. Intent matters... and reversing /sending away isn't always the desired outcome.... lol.
  17. Abraxia, I wonder why you were taught to do this and what it means? How interesting !!! When I stir counter-clokwise, it is to 'reverse'. Sometimes a recipe calls for sugar, but I'm not being sweet -- I stir it in backwards :vhappywitch:
  18. @O... I kinda like that your apartment is a vault...lol.... however, a witch's home should be what he/ she wants it to be. Perhaps you are more naturally attuned to land spirits... hence the outdoor activity. Which, you can 'take' indoors, if you really wanted to.... but exploring 'their world' is half the fun and twice the learning, no?
  19. Same here, Jojo. Some stay around, others come and go; some visit once then don't return. It's an ever- changing, evolving 'cast of characters'.... Keeps it interesting. Can be informative, too. I'll know that someone has died long before the phone rings -- because I see him/her 'standing' in my living room (or some such). Also, I've 'lost' some 'unseen' because someone else dies - Spirit A leaves when Person B passes on, and they both go off together. If these two are close relatives or friends, it can be very bittersweet.
  20. @ Jaesin and Wexler +1 to you both. Excellent posts.
  21. Somehow I got 'hooked' on this show. I enjoy the cast and think each actor plays their part well. ( Some remind me of Witches I actually know... so funny.. maybe that's why I got hooked) Ahhh.... the allusive Hedge Witch definition !!! Nice Twist on THAT in last 3 seconds of the Season 1 Finale. I like it !!! I'm looking forward to the return of Season 2 in 2017.
  22. My pleasure, Solanaceae. I'd like to read that book someday. :cheers:
  23. holy crap... that took a turn. I accidentaily voted up your post when I meant to Quote it instead. Yes, knowledge is power. But book knowledge isn't the only power a witch has access to. It's clear you were helping by offering information you found useful. My comment was not to undermine your suggestion or the information presented in the book, however, if someone is under attack there isn't time enough to find a book, purchase it, read, it and put whatever practice is advises into action. That's all. On a personal note: Most of what I've read in books about protection (not the one suggested) are light and little remedies that won't stop a higher level entity or an advanced practitioner from attacking. So, YMWV. Hats off to my peers who have wisely pointed this out. @RG: I am so sorry that my post left you defending it. I am also grateful that you understood the "mentor-y" 'spirit' in which it was intended. You're a smart woman who will do whatever is required for peace-of-mind based on sound magical practice... even it means getting tough. I feel sorry for the next thing that tries to mess with you that way !!! Which, really is the whole point. @RR... Never heard of new practitioners grabbing the spine of entity... on this plane, anyway. Fish tales, perhaps? On the Astral plane, it could happen. OWL - no kidding... me, too... swooped right down and carried a little yippy dog away !!! ( just kidding about the dog, but Owl thing pinged here, too)
  24. IF I wanted to wax poetic, I would have. I meant to be offensive. 100%. With my whole heart and soul. BE OFFENDED that an entity entered into your space --- IT broke through your protections and shields. BE OFFENDED that you were caught off-guard, vulnerable and ‘terrorized”. BE OFFENDED that you think it means you HARM!! And that it could ‘inflict serious damage’ That’s OFFENSIVE!!! Take that OFFENSE and use it !!! Gather up that power blast it forth !!! This is the one of the most important Path lessons one can learn. (Or one can just throw a book at it next time it shows itself - which could be tonight. See how that works. OH right, if you can move, that is… silly me!!!) <--half joke + whole truth. **Hey… moonshadowe… That message wasn’t for YOU. Aaaand your response is any less insulting or useful? Really? By you attempting to dictate how, where or when I express myself is ‘condescending, arrogant and indicative of either youth or a low IQ’ so... :fu: Feel FREE to block my posts. If you don’t know how, I’m sure one of our Mods will assist you. RG knows me well enough to know what I meant -- and why. So do others here who actually take the time to get to KNOW me; they know I care. Deeply. You and your opinions, like all assholes, have no place in my face. So back the fuck the up.
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