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    Bedfordshire, UK
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    candle & incense making, reading, keeping fit, boating
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    Very familiar but always learning.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    Wicca found me when I was a teenager, my mother a catholic did not approve and burnt all my books and research, but it has always been with me. Some years back I re-discovered Wicca and started practicing solitary from what I had read and learnt from books, I felt isolated and eventually I attended courses through a local New Age shop more for the association of like minded people as well as further learning, from there we formed a small coven, whilist practicing with a group and as time went on I felt strongly that Wicca was just not the path for me I did not feel comfortable with it as I could not really fully associate with a God and Goddess and the restrictions so I moved onto working solitary to try and find my path, I seem to be attracted to more of a folk/traditional path but have no guidance most forums I am/was a member on are wiccan, even though some members say they are Traditional I still find them wicca orientated. For sometime now I have just been in limbo finding my path. At the moment I am particularly drawn to Hoodoo.

    I have also studied herbalism, crystals, tarot, reiki.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    No.. been doing research but looking at moving forward to actual workings as I learn.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    A craft not a religion, a way of life and a path that has neither a right or wrong way to practice, a path steeped in history and tradition, no new age fluffy bunny stuff with flashy tools etc, I see all space as sacred where ever I maybe and I believe the power comes from within. A practical path with the freedom to practice as I so wish.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    Witchcraft found me 28 years ago, but have actually practiced Wicca solitary & coven for approx 10 years.
  • What brought you to our site?
    Because of your non-association with Wicca which you have made perfectly clear, it also looks like a nice friendly community.
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    I want to be part of an online community not dominated by Wicca to find friendship, guidance and interesting discussions I can contribute to and be a apart of.
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
    Children of Artemis
    Big Fatwitch

    Several others that I had short lived membership with I can not remember the names joined them thinking I could learn about other paths but they just turned out to be Wicca dominanted.
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    The wrong points, wicca practices which I am changing
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    Knowing what I want of a path but lack of direction.
  1. After a recent trip to Glastonbury I had to pick up a copy of Barbara Erskine's 'Times Legecy' a Supernatural/Historical tale set around a young present day Priest in the Church of England who is sent to a Glastonbury retreat by the church after being accused of Witchcraft by her obsessed boss, with the aid of a magickal crystal she watches a story from the past of a druidess unfold before her. I loved the descriptions of Glastonbury past and present (made me want to go back immediately) and the time hopping. I read the book in record time, definitely her best book to date.
  2. We had a lovely clear night although very chilly, the moon was incredibly bright and beautiful.
  3. Welcome back to Olde Blighty have a safe trip.
  4. Received my copy this morning it should be re-titled Utterly Delicious LOL but Oh Dear! I am in the middle of decorating so looks like not much gonna get done today:wickedwitch:
  5. Just ordered my copy :dancing: bargain on Amazon can't wait.
  6. Just wondered if anyone has read The Lost Book Of Salem by Katherine Howe I am about half way through and just loving it can't put it down. It skips between 1692 Witch Trails and 1990's with a young girl searching for a missing book of 'physick' I'll do a review when I have finished it which will be pretty soon, off to the patio to read some more as we in the UK are enjoying a super hot heatwave and there is nothing like a good book outside on a warm evening surrounded by bird song.
  7. Just finished Evil Ways, and a bloody good book. Not that good at reviews so I will give the basics. The bad guy follows on from Black Magic Woman. Nasty evil man who employs even nastier wizard, in turn all the fluffy bunny white witches are being assassinated so they can't interfere in a ritual. Our heroes and FBI agents hunt nasty evil bad man and naughty magician, whilst in the meantime left hand witches continue to murder children for body parts for ritual. All this leads to a ritual on Warpurgis night to give the big bad man eternal life. Well it all kicks off like an episode of 24 on its final hours fast paced with good witches v's not so good witches. The bit I did love was Butcher lending the name of character Harry Dresden (very briefly) and the pub he hangs out in, nice touch. Now gotta wait until next year for the next instalment.
  8. Finished Black Magic Woman and now on the sequel Evil Ways. BMW was a great witchy read the story stems from the Salem trials and a family grudge resulting in a black magic curse to modern day. It has a few vampires and demons briefly thrown in for good measure, a bit of voodoo and South African tagati, sangomas and muti. Face paced, humerous and I couldnt put it down. It's basically good witch and companion hunting down bad witch with a few twists. I recommend.
  9. WOW brilliant topic and loved reading all the posts. I am not often very good at putting things into words so sorry if I ramble . From a very tender age I embraced dark energy infact I can not remember a time when it has not been with me, I am not just talking about the energy within but surrounding me as well I always see a darkside to everything so much so my mother got me a therapist when I was a teenager:rofl:this often made me feel an outsider and different. Once again Witchcraft has been with me since I can remember which freaked my catholic mother when I was younger (she accepts this now, sort of). I had no where to turn at that age no internet etc so it was just left festering lying low within me. Years later I felt the energy burning in me to explode so I found Wicca like many at first I thought it was the only path out there, it was not what I expected I could not connect with a God at all and tried hard to concentrate on connecting just with a Goddess, I was told either connect with both or I will not be balanced! I could not connect with the religion aspect at all, what made me off balance was the feeling of all this light energy and not being allowed to tap into the darkness, I made a pretty awful Wiccan and eventually realised that it wasn't for me as I was drawn into another direction Trad Craft where I feel I am meant to be. Thats why I find Wiccans unbalanced! they are looking into the light too much and doing nothing with their darkness. And, they had the nerve to say I would be unbalanced!!! People even my family tell me that they always know when not to approach me as I give off an 'dark energy' that keeps people away from me, my mother even told me once whilist we were out 'you'll never find a man if no one in a room wants to approach you' PMSL Now I feel I understand energy better my thought on it is all energy is the same in raw form it is how you percieve, harness and manipulate it that makes it light or dark, in order to have a healthy balanced life you must experience both, I would consider any person a liar if they do not admit to having darkness within. I like the saying; A witch that can not hex, can not heal.
  10. Ive read a few of Kelley Armstrongs books, I loved Dime Store Magic, Industrial Magic and No Humans Required. I also like the way she uses her characters throughout the series but uses a different narrator for each book. I loved Nora Roberts Three Sisters Island Trilogy I bought all three books and just read them one after the other couldn't put them down it was so well written I could almost see myself living on that island! infact wish I did:)
  11. I have read quite a bit of witchy fiction, I just love it. I am just starting a new novel Black Magic Woman by Justin Gustains I bought it today, I read pretty quickly and will soon be craving for more and just wondered what good bit of witchy fiction you have all read and enjoyed and could recommend for my next read/s.
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