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    It's something different for everyone.
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    I wonder.
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  1. O, I can't suggest Susun Weed's Meopausal book for you strongly enough. http://www.amazon.com/Menopausal-Years-Woman-Alternative-Approaches/dp/0961462043?ie=UTF8&keywords=susun%20weed%20menopause&qid=1463773462&ref_=sr_1_3&sr=8-3 I don't know what the difference is between the old and the new book. I had the original (a friend swiped it LOL - linked to above). I even ordered fresh black cohosh root. Good luck gagging it down. A friend of mine was able to by mixing it with Dr. Pepper. The simple tincture made at home tastes horrid.
  2. I learned a whole new level of respect for poisonous plants last spring. I've never gotten poison ivy. I'm the moron that you see wading into it with shorts, flip flops and a pocket knife to clear it out. So, we were cleaning the vines off the trees in the back, I identified vining poison oak, and continued on with the days chores. It turns out, I have an anaphylactic reaction to poison oak. Who knew? I didn't.
  3. I don't practice. I just live. My interests are varied. My hobbies are fun. When I have time for them. Life is hectic with 4 generations under one roof at all different and huge stages of life. I'm just busy living. I love the way this conversation has been going because we're all just talking about life.
  4. Scrying isn't about projecting your own images. I do believe it's a natural Talent. I also believe that if anyone has a spark of this that they can work with it and improve, as with any skill. Mild meditative state, unfocused vision, crystal balls, cloud formations, the leaves on the trees blowing in the breeze, different people use different things. Seeing omens is a little different than scrying. Omens kinda jump out at you. Scrying is an activity.
  5. She's out in the desert about 1,000 miles away from me. She's all about the plants.
  6. Kiva Rose has some excellent write-ups on blog. Perhaps, you can find something helpful there http://bearmedicineherbals.com/relax-already-selected-nervine-differentials.html
  7. How does one bind a person to karma? Doesn't karma do it's own thing in it's own time?
  8. Thank you for reminding me of that, honey. It's always lovely to see you :)
  9. I watched a movie not too long ago, and of course, can't remember the name of it. Anyways, there was this one line that stuck with me. Paraphrased - any curse can be a gift once you learn how to use it. Is this something you've always had?
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