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  1. ENFP (though I'm 3% more E than I - I feel like "xNFP" is more fitting haha) Extravert(3%) iNtuitive(22%) Feeling(31%) Perceiving(12%) You have marginal or no preference of Extraversion over Introversion (3%) You have slight preference of Intuition over Sensing (22%) You have moderate preference of Feeling over Thinking (31%) You have slight preference of Perceiving over Judging (12%)
  2. Book of Shadows - Patricia Telesco (Llewellyn)
  3. The moon cycles are what I can rely on. Weather has always been quite mercurial here. I have not followed a wheel of the year for a very long time, except for always Samhain, sometimes Yule, & perhaps a summer celebration. It is difficult to have a GLOBAL calendar of seasons. Winters tend to be longer here. When, for instance, my friend was in Germany for Imbolc (& Fasnet, etc) there was a true spring, flowers blooming, etc. Meanwhile, here it was still very cold, very snowy, windy, with no birds, no flowers, etc. Just since yesterday are things beginning to truly melt. I feel, for myself at least, it is hard to live by a calendar per se. Not to call a calendar dogmatic, but it is just too large a thing for something as wild as the..wild. I tend to do things on moons (again, Samhain aside - although I believe it fell on a moon this past year!) I understand that in continental Europe (Germany especially) it seems to fall in line with the "Wheel of the Year" more than anywhere else. Listening to the land & beings
  4. My brother was just sharing with me how he sees shadow beings moving about him as he wakes in a state of "sleep paralysis" roughly once a week. It is interesting. He said he never experienced it until he was put on a psychotropic for a month trial period (he hasn't been on it for years). Ever since the end of that month, this has been "happening" "to" him. (I place quotes as I am unsure if that is the right way to word "it"! haha) My cousin in California, when I lived there, had taken me to eat & over the meal shared she shared her own experience with shadow beings while working in a home for mentally disabled adults. Neither of these stories are mine to share the details of, so I have only shared the vague bits. In my own experience, I have seen these shadows as well. Not as often as a certain other being, but perhaps I do not notice them when they are there watching. I am watching this post
  5. I am reading "Cunning Folk & Familiar Spirits" by Emma Wilby. An incredible read. I'm also going to revisit the incredible "Return to Coatlicue" by Grisel Gomez-Cano after I finish with this one.
  6. There is a song called "Carry On" that came my way - not my usual kind of music but a friend sent me this video the other day. I think it is lovely. It's hard to contain all we are "listening to" in one post, but at this moment, it is this & I wanted to share with the forum. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6K_fYZ-W9PM Here are the lyrics: Valiant swords Are buried now Gone like the howls Of the warring crowd Echoing an abstract sound Tattered and torn We roam this town All the fear is broken now We stand at the Dawn of revolution Heavy is the head That wears the crown Immortal is the debt Of victory bound Carry on Kings and clowns Must tumble down Beating to the sounds of The war drum clouds Carry on Fly again we will in time The truth lit up Transparent in the sunlight Echoing an abstract sound Tattered and torn We roam this town All the fear is broken now We stand at the Dawn of revolution Fall away love Fall away love Fall, down down, fall
  7. I adore this thread. I've gone through & read it all. I've +1 to a few & you've all right said it! Thank you for this.
  8. It's been trading off between Loreena McKennitt & Zazie, with a little Kylie & Brandy thrown in there as well. & Joni Mitchel!!
  9. Firethorn (& its sequel, Wildfire), by Sarah Micklem, both blew the lid off any witchy fiction I'd read before. Truly wonderful. I cannot recommend enough. I may have been born to tell you to read this series, actually.
  10. Yes, Peter Tosh & Valerie June!! Zazie's entire collection. I'm preparing to go to France next year & I've always adored Zazie, & it comes in phases where she's all I listen to for months at a time. In one of those phases.
  11. Hello. This thread has helped me a little, but I have a specific question & don't feel the need to begin a new topic in regards to it: As someone who rarely, if ever, works with books (everything is through trance, intuition, & fetchwork, with me), I have been curious about this man. I agree with many things he has said elsewhere. Now that I've left the true Country, & am now back in the big city for a few months, I suddenly feel the need to look at his works, even just one of them, as a sort of guide. Has anyone been in a similar situation? Has anyone here read his "Ressurection of the Meadow"? Amazon gives glowing reviews.
  12. I followed this topic when it was heating up back in March & intended to reply. These responses are all so well-said that I am now reading it again & again before I do so. I suppose it depends on what I am doing that it could be termed self-serving. As someone said above, "There's nothing wrong with trying to make one's life amazing" & "Who wouldn't want to defend their own, get what they want, etc.?". There's a lot more to explore, as my opinion on this subject isn't so fixed. What is moral to one may not be to another.
  13. I would say "You have much to learn. The books do not hold as much as what is inside you, but they hold some knowledge that will aid you." I would also mention the word Fetch, as that is becoming & has become a large part of my work. Fetchcraft, in a way. I'm still learning.
  14. I can understand that. She does live in quite a sexist world, unfortunately, which made it hard for me to read at first. However, I got around that & read it as the world she was in. It changes tone from the first book (a smaller-scale feudal pagan Rome, seen from the eyes of a "drudge".) to a mind-bending adventurous epic journey across the sea in the second book (honestly the better of the two, but it's imperative to read the first to grasp the characters, her canny abilities & the world). In addition, in most of Wildfire (book 2), Firethorn's speech is messed up (I don't want to spoil how that happens!). It is written with such wit.. the words she uses instead of others - are very telling at times. They are such different books. I e-mailed the author a year ago asking her about a third book. She hadn't even begun it. So I am often reading Wildfire.
  15. The "Harem" album by Sarah Brightman. Beautiful soundscape
  16. Whenever I need something to read, I visit this topic & page through for ideas. Lots of great books listed here! I have been reading the Firethorn series by Sarah Micklem again. I am on the second book (Wildfire), which is when it really grows into an epic tale.
  17. It's been between: Loreena McKennitt's "Nights from the Alhambra" live album & Zazie's "Cyclo" album. These are some very real affirmations for our day ("Les Contraires", "Cyclo", "Tout", "Si Tu Viens", "20 ans", ... etc.. all of them actually). It's an enchanting album. I should translate it for the world haha
  18. Alan Moore's Swamp Thing!! It is phenomenal & stunning
  19. Well said , Anjeaunot. Thank you. I am in agreement.
  20. Who among us knows the answers? I suppose I am in this camp of Otherworld Travellers. (Dreams are also important!) I dance for magic. I have travelled to the Otherworld many times - a drum helps take me there. The first time, I came to the Other side on a shore at nighttime. The water was black but the stars were bright. An acacia tree (at least it resembled an acacia) was silhouetted in the distance when lightning flashed. A white mare came to me. I flew alongside her as we ran up the coast. I only came this first time to "visit", but on later journeys, I was shown much, & joined by other guides. Thank you for a fantastic topic. I will watch it. Who knows what we don't know?
  21. Very cool books in here!! I just finished "Fingerprints of the Gods" by Graham Hancock, not an hour ago. A wonderful study, but unfortunately the last chapter is a dramatic shift to apocalyptica. Also reading "Serpent in the Sky" by John Anthony West, "How The Dead Dream" by Lydia Millet, & "The Atlantis Blueprint" by Colin Wilson & Rand Flem-Ath .
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