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    Worcester, Massachusetts
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    Music and art. Reading mystery novels as well as endless love poems especially of the Victorian era
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    Most Familliar
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    I am always learning and exploring.
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    My tradition yes.
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    A simpler way of connecting to the earth and using its knowledge. Family and handed down wisdom. Spirit guidance and audience. Magic.
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    17 yrs
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    What I thought this website would offer and what it has offered is very different. I am not sure that is a bad thing though.
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  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    Love magic and anything that involves the sway of feelings and thought. I love working with the extremes and the opposites, subtly and beauty with a caress of decay. Divination of all kinds whether its crystals or tarot or pendulum or entrails.
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    I am all powerful.

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  1. I was gifted with three dead pygmy seahorse bodies yesterday. I am aware that dried seahorse has been used in Chinese medicine for a long time. I think I even heard that dried seahorse is more valuable than gold and silver in their economy. Now I am sure that the species used for medicine differ from what I have, I think the pygmy species was only really discovered in 2001 or something. I could be making that up. I have witnessed how the living ones in my friends tank just wrap their little bodies around blades of grass and just float in the "current" of the tank. I was lucky to even get the little guys she was able to get me as her tank is crazy healthy and the dead Don't last long. I am researching more about them today and trying to get an idea logically what they are all about. I have held them and pondered them as far as their personal experience and energy and I am still not quite sure what it is I am feeling from them. I think they are dying to be made into some sort of charm however.
  2. I tried taking it, But got distracted by the Robyn question and ended up having a dance party with the Mr. to Robyn instead. It was super fun and mega gay.
  3. To me, magic works within the laws of nature. These are my rules of magic. I can weave my spells to work within these natural patterns to bring about a desired result. Instantaneous pigment transformation of the iris is not something that I can manipulate as there is no Natural basis of this for my magic to awaken. There are documented cases of Heterochromia Iridum, where one iris may change color due to a lack or excess of melanin. Such drastic changes in pigmentation of the iris can be brought on by many different factors: Inherited, genetic mosaicism, chimerism, disease or even injury. None of these being anything I want to endure in order to change my eye color. especially because if I cared i could just get some contacts. Glamour to me is not about creating actual physical change in my appearance, but suggesting a different version of myself as to confuse the mind and eyes of my targets. Something as obvious as changing eye color is to specific and easily focused on to work.
  4. I am reading one of my diaries at the moment. It is from when I was 12. Well I am trying to. Very tiny writing all crammed into tiny pages. I am also feeling like a sex and drug crazed starlet of the 1960's, so I am re-reading Once Is Not Enough by Jacqueline Susann. One of my all time favorite books by an all time favorite author.
  5. Witch-Belly You're not safe in this house In some witch's bed You know the one She lies all lit up
  6. Doom generation! Eat my fuck. love that movie.
  7. I hated charmed until they got Rose McGowan. I mean the show still sucked after she joined but I adore her. I prefer her with a machine gun leg personally.
  8. Gold Dust Woman First the Fleetwood version and now the Hole version.
  9. It's cool, I have one of those mining helmets with the light on the front. I could always venture on in and retrieve the foot. As long as there is a pickaxe I can borrow to break my way back out.
  10. I would have kicked the twat who said men can't be witches.
  11. Just heard a song by Iggy Azalea where the lyrics go something like "Valley girls giving blow jobs for Louboutins. What you call that? Head over heels?" I have to admit I cackled out loud at that.
  12. Only poorly colored grey or white hair looks orange or pink when colored red. You have to replace and "fill" the hair with the lost pigments and undertones to get your desired shade. I adore older women who dress in insane color and pattern. Is that not one of the perks of getting old?
  13. I did actually start the spell today to take advantage of the solstice. Also yes the plant only blooms at this time of the year. It is not uncommon for them to bloom once more around Easter but I have had this plant a few years and mine has not. I don't bother trying to create blooming conditions for Easter. It blooms well on it's own in December. I usually trim it back around Easter and definitely will this year as I don't want it to bloom and ruin my work. Very excited for it to bloom next year and release my magic as the flowers open up!
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