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    Pacific Northwest
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    herb gardening, storytelling, games, painting
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    I am of medium familiarity with witchcraft. I spend a significant amount of time with other witches both in my coven and outside of it. I immerse myself in books and practice craft skills, like herb gardening, herbology (lol herbalism), divination, and mythology.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    I flirted with Christianity, it didn't work out for me because a lot of the elders in the church had hateful views about women and gays. I am a woman and I have family that is gay. For example, the uproar about the DaVinchi code and our wish to read it in women's group was too much, because the men in the church didn't want us talking about it. I looked into it for 2 years as an adult, I was raised sort of new age, nothing in particular. I found that traditional witchcraft connects me to my heritage and ancestors and I like that.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    I have worked with Irish reconstructionalism, which is a kind of tradition, and I do witchcraft with it--looking to Irish traditions that I can read about and what I can learn from other witches around me.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    Traditional witchcraft means magical folk customs and family practices of ancient Northern Europeans. A traditional witch is awakened in the blood--they may not have had a witch in their family for generations, no training, but the call comes to them to study and practice. Some are taught by someone else, others teach themselves, and still others are taught by the spirits and nature.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    Nine years.
  • What brought you to our site?
    I made a typo when navigating to traditionalwitchcraft.net, of which I am a member, and typed this address instead--so I started checking it out. looked awesome.
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    I am hoping to see shared ideas, discussions of folk customs and folktales, I have an herb garden, advice on it is always nice. I am a member on another traditional witchcraft forum, but this one seems bigger, so I thought I might benefit from joining this one too. I understand the different netiquettes on different forums, and I accept and will follow yours.
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
    Yes, Traditionalwitchcraft.net, I have been a member a few months there. I moderate nonwiccanwitch community on livejournal. I am a member of a few different communities for witches on livejournal.
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    focus, discipline and determination.
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    I don't know anymore. I think I am doing well in all the major areas. I just want to continue to deepen my practice.
  • Additional Information.
    I am pretty private but I share when something comes up.

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  1. Love those cheap kindle prices! I have an excessive number of kindle books considering how many I find free everyday too!
  2. OMGS these are in reprint and a reasonable price now. I just bought all three!
  3. Aw shucks folks! I was just thinking along the lines of purse magic that a variety of tea bags are single use herbals. Chamomile, mint, ginger, etc. I am building up my purse arsenal now, currently its just rubber bands, sugar and salt. (I always end up using the chocolates and mints!) But my next taco bell run should add some hot sauce and mints. And Mara, you are very prepared. A witch to look up to for sure!
  4. Its okay to be just a plain old witch if you want (versus a hedge witch, green witch, cottage witch, urban witch, white witch, sea witch, city witch etc.) you might have to move and then where are you? I find post it notes are helpful for temporarily labeling things. I just cut along off the not sticky part and I have a nice paper tape thingy that will pull off with easy later. S tick the label for your dry herbs inside the herb bag. That way you can reuse bags later, and the writing won't rub off. Sometimes even sharpy rubs off if it gets oil on it. This way you can see through the plastic what is in your baggy. Funnels are good. Yes funnels are an unsung witchy tool that deserve some credit. Same goes for pipettes, eye droppers, and turkey basters. Something being new doesn't make it bad. You can use windex or purell in a spell if it suits you. It doesn't make you less of a witch to use modern convienances. Though sometimes doing things the old fashioned way is a part of the magic. Try and know the difference rather than doing either to be reactionary or superior. The fanciest newest all the rage thing might be dangerous. Don't just do it to be cool. You are just as cool even if you aren't rubbing poisons on yourself. But if you do decided to do it, don't feel bad for waiting a while and picking it up on the tail end of the fad--you took your time and considered the consequences and thats awesome. Did you just start including bones in your practice? even though the trailblazers are bemoaning all the posers? Well maybe you just wanted to make sure it was right for you, and hey why are they writing blogs about it if they don't think anyone else should try it? Buy lighters and matches in 12 packs. Then you can have them everywhere, in the car, your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, purse, pocket. You never know where you might want some fire and not having a lighter/matches is silly when they are so darned cheap! Pick up salt packets and pepper/hot sauce packets and sugar and honey packets at restaurants. Salt is protective, pepper/hot sauce for hexing, sugar and honey for sweeting things up. Chocolates for romance and sex and mints for chance meetings where you want to make a good impression. You can keep them in your bag and always have them handy. Rubber bands are good for bindings.
  5. I have a high tolerance for new age. My parents are nominally new age. And I am more willing to be a friend with someone I can leak a little bit of my practices to than none! I am back in the dating game, and I feel more like I can connect with someone who knows of otherworlds and spirits than one who doesn't at all or thinks I am bonkers. Yeah they can be a bit love and light, but its easiier to just not share parts of what I do than hide altogether. Its different of course for everyone, thats just my tolerance level.
  6. Pass my love and admiration onto the artist. A splendid deck. Bill, usually second hand decks haven't actually been used. There are many folks who buy decks just to collect and resell. I never really used my Collective deck more than once or twice. And most any deck can be cleansed with some incense smoke and or a night under the moon.
  7. Oh I shouldn't have spoken too soon, this may be the deck for me: http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/world-spirit/ So of course, I impulsively bought it and am selling my other deck that I described above. haha.
  8. I have had major difficulty finding a deck that suits me. I want a deck that is not only images of white people. That is my first requirement. Secondly, and less importantly, I would like a deck that has air associated with wands and fire with swords. That is hard to find in any instance, and the few decks like that that aren't overpriced have hideous artwork. Which leads me to my third requirement, good art. So far the closest I have gotten is the Collective Tarot. Its actually produced here in my area. Its a deck that has a lot of diversity with people from all walks of life, which is certainly refreshing. And rather than use the cups, wands, swords, pentacles set up, it has keys, feathers, bones, and bottles http://thecollective...t.blogspot.com/ . I don't love the art, but I don't hate it either, so its overall a win. Its a little too indy for me, I would like to see something that is a tad more mainstream, but has fair representation of humanity instead of being so white washed. Unfortunately, it seems like it is sold out. Oh well. I would love to see more decks that embrace diversity like this.
  9. As a fellow artist, I adore seeing her paint like that with all her pets around. My kitty is often looking up at me or sitting my chair while I paint. And of course cat hair is a texture in anything I do ;)
  10. On the other hand my covenmate is loving the hedge one and didn't care for the forest one as much. I'd just read the ones that call to you.
  11. I think wicca was based heavily on WG! I just find it slow going, but I like it, for it inspiration not its history, he just didn't know the history that much. The series on traditional witchcraft by Mesuline Draco is on kindle, its the first decently priced non religious trad craft book series I've seen, I like the forests one right now, its talking about all the tree lore specifically which interests me. I didn't like the hedge one as much, just because the chapter set up based on months is so overdone, in my opinion. My coven bought all the books and are trading them around, my covenmate like the urban one, but I've not read it yet. You can read previews on kindle and google books to get a fairly good idea if you'd want the book. I'd consider them basic to intermediate, but commendable because of price and availabilty. This one doesn't waste time with the same tired history of the craft type stuff, and jumps right into lore instead.
  12. You can read a few chapters of each on googlebooks before buying.
  13. Bill, I think the mark on the back of the Canvas says Made in Sweden, I can't make out the brand run across the top of the mark, but on the bottom I can make out MADE . SWEDE so I am pretty sure.
  14. [/size][/font]Page on Monica English Wonderful work Bill. I find these histories you put together ver fascinating
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