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  1. That sucks. It's such a good source for finding out info
  2. I've discovered In Reykjavik The Soreceres Cottage and the Icelandic Sorcery and Witchcraft museum in Hólmavík Iceland.
  3. So in April I will be in Reykjavik, London, Prague, and Berlin. I was wondering if anyone knew of any great little or big witchy type shops to visit. I am already planning on Treadwells in London but are there other shops. Certain museums or sites that someone "should" visit.
  4. I really enjoyed it. I love how campy it was. And I love how it blended the 70s exploitation film genre and time period with the current time period.
  5. Reviving this thread to add a couple of singers: Katy Perry Rihanna I also feel like Taykor Swift dabbles Then of course: Dr John
  6. You shouldn't be embarrassed for having the books. No one should be embarrassed of any of their books. I just don't find value in the CS tradition. I can not speak to the Dragon book of Essex as I stopped reading Chumbley and other CS author's years ago. I have worked with the Azoetia, Qutub, and another one ( I don't remember its name now). And there is interesting information there, but I have just found it to be regurgitated information amongst other "traditional witchcraft" authors. And nothing against any of the authors or thier practice, but its more of a personal annoyance than anything. These claims of supposed "ancient traiditional" methods are nothing but neo-witchcraft attempts at pasturbation of what they want witchcraft to have been, but also want to make it a super wordy and pretentious elitism in the world of witchcraft. What I am saying, (and not trying to be personally offensive to people who follow or practice CS, or other traditions within the neo-traditional witchcraft boom that is current going on), is that these forms of modern witchcraft only have validity to the practitioner if that is what the practitioner seeks. One form of practice is no more valid or "less-embarrassing" than another. Yes, most everyone on this site gets eye-rollingly irritated with the "fluffy-bunny" "white lighter" New-ager type of witches, but I can say I have known a few of those types who could work magic 100 times more effectively than most of the "traditional" witches I have met and know. so yes-let's agree to disagree, I suppose; though that statement in and of itself is rather irritatingly dismissive. As what the person saying it really means is "I'm right, but I just don't feel like discussing this topic with you anymore since you clearly won't "get-it" " And I am also very contrary currently, and I am not trying to piss a lot of people off. So I will stop now. Because, honestly, Anara you have always posted interesting and informative posts and I wish to continue reading them and having a dialogue with you.
  7. I'm not saying you won't get results from the books. I'm sure you would get results from those books. Just like you could most likely get results from any of the other books discussed in this thread. It doesn't make any or all of the books any less or more embarrassing.
  8. I've gotten to tHe point that I find my purchases from Xoanan, three hands press, etc to be embarrassing. All of them are just someone else's idea of what witchcraft is. It's all just personal gnosis and personal ritual. Instead of putting forth works that imply they have a "traditional" way of practice they need to admit they have just created a new neo-witchcraft and stop pretending they are offering anything old. It's all rather embarrassing.
  9. I'm going to see it tomorrow. I'm excited. I love the retro technicolor exploitation appearance and acting.
  10. There's a new film coming out called The Love Witch. It looks like a retro 70s film. http://thelovewitch.oscilloscope.net
  11. Been listening to Haim's debut album. I didn't care for them initially, but I am really digging it now. It's very 80's inspired.
  12. No Money - Galantis (I adore the seafox, what they call the cat faces, faces in this video)
  13. Don't worry about it Nikki. I think I will wait until the colder months to start delving into all of this. Thanks everyone. Please keep chatting about it all.
  14. So I have been a practitioner of witchcraft for a ton of years, but I have always ignored astrology. It was just never part of the art that i felt i needed in my craft. And I still don't feel it is a super important part of the craft, but that it can have its benefits. I have only just scratched the surface of what my Sun Sign means, and a few others through out the years. And I know about things like mercury retrograde, and a little about mars retrograde. so where should I begin? what are the best books, websites, teachers, etc?
  15. found it! http://www.traditionalwitch.net/forums/topic/7476-crooked-man-rhyme/
  16. I think we discussed this very same nursery here on site a few years ago. I will see if i can find the thread.
  17. Welcome back Zen! I always enjoyed your posts, as well as those, of Blacksmith's.
  18. It is dried mugwort and dried Damiana. It's a half ounce of dried herb to a pint of alcohol (roughly). I don't actually measure out weight of my herb.
  19. I definitely will. It has a few more weeks to sit before I strain it. But I have made the damiana tincture in the past, and it worked really well for me in slipping into a hypnotic state, and having a lot of dreams. It was also a good aphrodisiac. But I would drink about 2-3oz of the tincture. But that recipe was also cut with water, and sweetened with homemade blackberry syrup. This time its just the old fashioned tincture. An ounce of mugwort, an once of damiana, and then a 1/2 ounce of each in their respective jars, and soaking in honey bourbon.
  20. I just canned 3 tinctures. Mugwort, Damiana, and a mugwort Damiana blend.
  21. Phallomancy is a real thing, ya'll! You don't read your own, but other people's phallus(es?) what is the plural of phallus?
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