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    Occult, Musician, Magic, Astronomy
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    From a studious perspective, very.
    From a personal, practical standpoint, not so much. I am very pressed for privacy, space, and time to be able to carry out rituals or spellwork. I am working on correcting those things but it will take time.

    I am now quite comfortable with what I know and understand of the path, it's history, and it's context. For instance, I realized I don't care for ceremonial or "high" magic because of the Judeo-Christian component prevalent in it. I feel a more pantheistic, natural approach to the world. Not necessarily animistic, though.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    1) Presbyterian, up to 8th grade. Got out as soon as I could.

    2) I took a look at Wicca before I understood the difference, and was confused. The many books I had amassed when I was 13 - 15 made no mention of the "Goddess" or the rede, and suddenly all the newer books I was reading did.
    Once I sorted out that Wicca was a Goddess based religion (that espoused dogma while simultaneously denying it), that utilized only certain aspects of witchcraft and unfairly misappropriated other concepts, I dropped it like a hot cauldron.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    Slightly, yes. (See first question)
    I am still studying. However, it's a little unnerving to open a door that once opened cannot be closed.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    Traditional Witchcraft - to me - refers to the magical Craft as practiced by people such as, but not limited to, the Cunning Folk throughout the ages (sans the Judeo-Christian aspect) - the healers, and wise women/men who (usually)quietly earned the respect - or ire - of their community.
    Folk magic might be another word for or aspect of it. To me, it's using force of will, positive thinking, visualization, and hereto not yet scientifically understood forces of nature to guide one's life and influence circumstances that are more desirable than those merely left to chance.

    They do not engage in the modern religion started of Wicca started by Gerald Gardner, where much of it's rituals were taken from or inspired by Ceremonial Magic and Aleister Crowley.

    It is, or can be, a spiritual path, though I fall short of calling it a religion. There is a connection to, and reverence for, nature. It is a means of connecting to the greater, underlying engine of the universe for self empowerment and harmony.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    On and off, since I was 13 - currently, over 35 years. (eek I'm getting old)
  • What brought you to our site?
    Just searching on the net, I think.
    I saw a blurb describing the difference between wicca and trad craft, and it totally clicked with me.
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    Knowledge and wisdom, the benefit of those who know, and the chance to share ideas and thoughts.

    I also want to better understand the differences between traditional witchcraft and wicca, since the majority of "witch" sites on the 'net are wicca based. I want to find out more about hedgewitchery, wortcunning, cunningcraft, pellars, and of course, traditional witchcraft.

    I also look forward, as my own knowledge grows, to helping teach others, or at least guide them to find their own answers. There is so much confusion out there, and I hope I can help clear the air where possible with what little I know. I hope never to be presumptuous, though.
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
    A few.

    www.traditionalwitchcraft.net (now defunct)
    awitchalone (http://sacredways.proboards52.com/index.cgi)

    I rarely post on any of these, as this site is by far my favorite.
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    Currently, divination -namely, runes and tarot.
    Also learning astrology.

    Soon to work more on protective magic and bringing some prosperity in, hopefully.
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    Generally, spell casting, advanced stuff.
  • Additional Information.
    If anyone's curious, my name is pronounced, "Grim-ditch".. it is a surname in my lineage, just not my legal (paternal) one.

    I've been a musician for over 30 years. I started playing piano when I was 11. I basically taught myself, and play by ear. I started on guitar when I was 15, which I consider to be my primary instrument. I also play bass, mandolin, and drums. (Drums are so much fun!)
    I've written several completely tunes, and have hundreds more of bits and riffs and hooks written. When I get to finish my den downstairs (still under construction), I'll have not only a place to practice craft but also a recording studio of sorts.

    I also like Astronomy, and own two telescopes. I've seen some pretty cool stuff!

    I'm also into a specialized field of magic (performing magic) called Bizarre magic - this is closeup magic similar to David Blaine's early work, only with a more occult twist. I believe that Shamans of the past might have utilized some degree of trickery occasionally to enhance the perception of their power and induce more confidence in their abilities, so in reality, what seems contradictory at first glance actually goes hand in hand throughout history.

    I'm also sometimes into ghost hunting. Sometimes. There's a lot of real knuckleheads out there though, and they tend to turn me off from it.

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