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  1. I've done this. I also have tattoos, some of which I regret for various reasons, but I guess they "had to be there" due to circumstances at the time. Please be careful with what you tattoo on your body... as for locations on the body, well, there are lots of reasons, I suppose. Intuition, appearance, symbolism. The parts of the body have metaphysical meanings "in your hands" "cross your heart" "best foot forward" "in your gut" etc. Acupuncture or acupressure points. Planetary or zodiacal correspondences. Left/right side of body. When I have done this, it's been either because the body part was readily accessible/easy to draw on though, to be honest, and not for much other reason.
  2. We have to wait until at least the end of the year, if not next year, for season 2. Lord Light of the Sun that shines on our planet, I'm not sure if I can survive the agony of waiting, but I think I will be intact and well and I'll be able to withstand the pain of waiting for this show to come back 😭
  3. I just realized I stopped watching it because I was done with the season. I try to block seasons out of my mind when I'm done, because I don't like the cliffhanger feeling. I googled it, and apparently Netflix didn't renew for a season 2 at this point, so, it may be just the 6 episodes. Too bad... I really liked the Italian language and the aesthetic. There have been a LOT of Witch-related shows out there lately. Some are better than others. Luna Nera, worth the time.
  4. I have seen some of it. I thought it was really good, especially the production. Maybe I'll start it up again soon.
  5. That looks really good... I will keep it in mind to try!!! I love "wet cakes" with syrup. I have noticed that Turkish pastry uses a lot of honey syrup...yum. As for the magic spell, well, I have learnt my lesson about seeking for a man to love me madly....it's all fun and games until they actually "go mad" 🤐 Well, I don't think only writing his name in a cake would cause something too extreme, hee hee.
  6. thank goodness! ❤️ Let us know how you are healing...
  7. I made my runes from simple rocks and a permanent marker. I don't have a deep knowledge of them yet, but I feel as though I have a more organic connection with them than any cards I've used, because I made them myself. I also like that they are related to one of my ancestral traditions (Germanic), so I feel as though working with them can help me to connect more with my ancestral line on that side.
  8. I can't believe that I just learned about Befana last night, and even after doing a search on here, there was only one mention, and no elaboration! So, apparently, there is a Italian tradition similar to Santa Klaus, but she delivers on Epiphany Eve. The Magi came to see if she could help search for Baby Jesus, but she declined for too much housework, then regretted it and set off herself. She did not find him, so still goes out every year giving to children either nice gifts or bad ones, depending on the child. In Italy there are still festivals to this day that gather dozens of thousands of people! 47% of Italian households hang stockings for Befana! (https://www.officeholidays.com/holidays/italy/la-befana) Wikipedia has some good information, and she is all over the internet besides... these poems I lifted from that page: The English translation is: Another version is given in a poem by Giovanni Pascoli:[13] The English translation is:
  9. Oh dear. A doctor must be an option. Like Onyx says, eye damage is not a joke, and if you posted that six hours ago, you're probably in excruciating pain by now. When I accidentally smacked my eye with a stick a while back, omg, it was horrible. If for some extreme reason you really can't see a doctor, well, I remember when I hurt my eye, they gave me special antibiotic goop that was basically the same thing as bacitracin/antibacterial petroleum gel. If I were in the middle of nowhere and a doctor was straight up not available, I'd apply sterile applications of that to my eye after a clean salt rinse/no-preservative artificial tear rinse, and make my way to a clinic ASAP. Please be OK!
  10. Oh Onyx, I'm sorry! What app or website are you using? Astro.com is considered the industry standard for web-based (and the charts are much easier to read than a lot of other sites), and they have an option for unknown birth time. Or, if you're comfortable sharing your birthday, I can cast a basic one with one of my programs for you. Either way, please don't feel it's not for you! Astrology is for everyone who desires to learn it!
  11. Usually if birth time is unknown, a "day chart" (around 12 noon, or when the sun is at midheaven) is done, because 1. if the time is wrong, you're only 12 hours off or less, whereas if you make it 12 midnight, you could be a whole day off and 2. the sun at midheaven is the best "all-around" representation of the energy of the whole day, because the sun is at culmination... sort of like how the full moon is a fair representative of the entirety of the moon cycle.
  12. spectropoetics, I can't believe I didn't see your response until now. You have also provided great advice 🙂 It takes years of study, I have found, before being really able to see the bigger picture to any real clarity, so having a foundation in relevant astronomy and the tradition can really be helpful. One thing that I learned from my School that has helped me a lot is this: the planets are actions (verbs), the signs are adjectives or adverbs, and the houses are areas of life. So, Sun in Virgo in 4th could be: Intelligently (Virgo) Leads (Sun) their Family (4th) This is a reflection of how astrology originates from astronomy, because the planets are actual bodies doing things in the manner that the sign "colors" them, and the houses are the parts of our "clock. I'm also going to thank you because, due to my life lately being a bit difficult, I totally lost track of the Moon phase, and then checked it while looking at your post, and it's the dark moon... going to spend the next couple of hours doing my best to meditate on what I want to create in the next month. Oy! Thanks for keeping me in line...
  13. So, I've recently come to the observation that Thoth is a tricky beaky bastard, and I'm not afraid to say it!!! It thoroughly advised me, in my own readings AND across the board by the study group I was in that to rekindle my relationship with my ex-husband after 3 years was the Best Idea Ever, and good graces, I am a bit shocked that I made it out again alive this time. In general, I've been finding that I've been getting mixed and inappropriate reads from Tarot, various decks too... I think it may be possible that I've sort of become dependent on consulting cards, subconsciously looking for certain answers, or what...My Elder friend who reads Tarot (but not Thoth) confirmed that the Gods can and will absolutely trick a witch so that we learn a lesson, and Thoth is, of course, Mercury, and a known Trickster. I even cast off the deck into the bushes, that that Elder gave me in a desperate instance with Said Husband of Yore, and then couldn't find it afterward, I think because I was so pissed that it led me down the road I was asking about, even though certainly it knew what was going to happen. So, Hard lessons. I'm being forced to cultivate a much healthier respect for the Tarot lately, in multiple senses... awe, boundaries, skepticism, and awareness of that the consciousness behind the deck makes a huge difference. In the case of Thoth, the consciousness being a Deity, realizing that the lessons involved are from a God and can and may humble me. Anyway, Thoth has Thoroughly Flummoxed me. I have all of my study books out still, actually, so the deck as a concept IS calling to me, but, man oh man... it's no joke. I feel as though I really want to investigate some less "God Smack You On the Head like You're Dead"/"Trick You Cos That's My Job Fool", and more compassionate, motherly decks because now I am seeing why Thoth scares the shit out of so many Witches. LOL. I don't trust it right now, TBH... not for consulting readings, anyway... I think I'm going to keep it as a back burner study course rather than consulting it for answers for a while. I was warned about Thoth as a God being difficult, and now I see why. I was suggested the Deviant Moon in New Orleans, but didn't get it... I went for another Thoth instead, like a crazy person. The twisted path is long and winding, indeed.
  14. I also will never use a Ouija, ever. I heard a story from a very close childhood friend, when we were children, about something that happened to someone she knew who used one, and I remember the vision to this day. No fucking way. I saw them on sale in the corner Liquidation Store today and cringed.
  15. One year I dressed up as a "Beaten Belle" (a la Beauty and the Beast). Halloween is a gory holiday, and people apply bruises, blood, guts, warts, etc as part of costuming, but my intention was more political: to show the (oft) hidden dark side of that fairy tale, while also practicing self-empowerment as a masochist (something I have spent a lot of work on healing, and to continually positive results, and I actually attribute a lot of that healing to my being "out" with that issue). I've had other "politicalized" costumes besides. But they were all completely unique and custom or at least modified, not mass-produced. I think the "Salem 1692" costume is really tacky. It's mass-produced, first of all. No heart or soul in it at all. That's fine if it's something silly like a cat or whatever, but mass-producing political statements (and this one actually undermines our political issues, because witches aren't even persecuted in Salem anymore, but ARE in other places) just always chafes my mind in a way that isn't pleasant. It's low-grade. I wouldn't respect a witch or a non-witch who I saw wearing that. I'd feel embarrassed for both, for totally different reasons. It's a real "head-desker" if you know what I mean.
  16. I just want to say Thank You for doing so much cleanup work. Wow. I do think it is something to be proud of. Most people have no idea what that takes, the sacrifice. It is an honorable act. The Birds are certainly thanking you and bringing you gifts.
  17. I feel as though it totally depends on the context. There is definitely the factor of that inane yapping drains my energy. I've been so triggered by even very close people to me yapping endlessly in the past that I've been unable to control myself and been either mean to them, or have turned it back around on myself. Not good. Over the years I have structured my life to go to great lengths to avoid it. I've attempted vows of silence many times, but have never been able to do it yet. I don't live alone, so, it's pretty much impossible, and I have come to turn my perspective to value the small talk with my family for as long as I have it. They aren't yappers, though. I actually am the one who tries to "draw out" their conversation. I think it comes down to the CONTENT of the conversation and the level of awareness and heart-connection involved. I have been doing some shadow work that is about to go very deep, and I have come to realize that part of why I hate when "yappers" yap because I feel so blocked and suppressed that I don't feel as though I can let my own voice operate. I have had to put such intense limitations on my expression because of my circumstances; I have a partile (same degree, extremely tight) natal Mercury-Saturn square, Scorpio Saturn in my 4th representing powerful and traumatic limitations placed by family, and Retrograde Leo Mercury in 1st representing my own self-expression being stalled. Deep down, I see that I have actually been jealous, as in threatened, by people who are "yappers" because they are free to speak, whereas I am not. I am not saying that this has anything to do with your experience; it is mine, though. How I would love it if I lived in an environment where I could very literally say anything I wanted. That is a huge part aspect of my dream. Maybe we just have not found the physical scenes where we can exchange verbal energy and have it build us and the people we are speaking with/hearing from, as opposed to being drained by it. Though, and I write this as an edit, I just had a really great video conversation with someone who I just met online and found myself really enjoying what probably would have been seen by some others as "yapping" but for me it felt like finally being heard and feeling free to talk. Anyone who has been following my writing on here knows that I can really "yap" in writing form too LOL I think that what it comes down to is boundaries, and appropriate connections. I think that it is important for people to realize that to just bombard someone with talking when they are not ready to hear it can be very traumatizing. Context, timing, consent, content... all important. And we have to be responsible for our own boundaries too. There are some people out there that will go on and on and on...where you can't even get a word in edgewise... I hate that. I do my best to be patient but I'm not someone's free "listening ball" either!!! So, it's my responsibility to firmly say something, or make an action, that ceases the assault on my personal energy. If I have to be rude, or leave the scene, that is fine with me. I hope you can find and keep your solace space Georgina! ❤️
  18. I just made a bone broth this last week with curry goat bones, beef ribs, and chicken bones, I think.. boiled some kale in it this AM and have some left over for later. THAT was a great combo... 🤤 I read recently that it's recommended to boil for 24 hours to get all of the nutrients. I don't know if that's true; it probably depends on the size of the bones. But it did make me realize that a slow boil is probably better than a quickie. Speaking of nothing going to waste, check this out: https://english.tau.ac.il/news/prehistoric_soup
  19. You can't go wrong with a whole bird, baked, picking "clean," and then boiling the bones for broth, which produces a shockingly notable amount of mincemeat. You then separate every morsel of edible. I got 2lb of mincemeat out of a relatively small turkey recently. You have to be very careful with the final separations because some bird bones are very tiny, the side of a pencil head. Using tactile sense and going slowly is key. The remainder meat is perfect for "chicken salad" which is made from the other ingredients you use (mayo, tomato etc). The mileage out of one bird is incredible, incomparable. And, so nutritious. We survived as a species because of our ability to extract nutrition from bone. That it is not a foundational method used everywhere is a travesty. BTW do not give dogs cooked bones, as they can splinter and cause internal harm; raw only for the pets, and larger ones only. I like taking fresh herbs, oil, and salt, and using it to "dress" the bird, then bake. Simple as anything, and you can't screw it up as long as you get the cooktime right.
  20. How odd! Well, if I were in your position then I'd try to develop a relationship somehow. Either way I am glad it seems to not be malevolent as you originally thought it could be!
  21. Interesting turn of events. I don't have experience with Brownies (besides the baked good, and having been a Brownie Girl Scout!), but, my intuition is telling me to suggest to you making it its own fairy house next to/inside of a particularly nice tree or hedge outside, on the property (well hidden so that future tenants would not find and eliminate it unknowingly). That way it would have its own place, and the conflict of interest would be solved. You could leave a trail of honey cakes or cookies or even fruit, or whatever you feel is right, from your door to its house, with the nicest cake and some milk inside the little house, telling it what you are doing and why, as a gift, and then leave the property for a bit (during twilight, ideally) to allow it to make its move by choice. Tell it that if it gets lonely, you can visit sometimes and bring sweets, but please to ask permission or be invited before entering the Human's dwelling again. It is worth a try 🙂
  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ssWn4TeRHU I just discovered Draconia today. A perfect fit for before we pass through the Dragon. Sorry, for some reason the embed isn't working.
  23. I think that you have narrated it very nicely! I think about the heat, its physical being and the chemical operations happening to transform the food into whatever it is. There are also chemical reactions in cold brews also, which I like making, extracting herbs in vinegar or oil for example, to reveal the medicinal properties and make them useful and palatable.
  24. But, it is not necessary, if that ritual has to be left behind. If I have to leave land where my departed animal friends are buried and left, then so be it. It is not the thing, but the inspiration or the feeling, and the knowing. I feel there has to be a certain amount of detachment involved! The shells, they are inherently empty.
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