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    antiques, art, painting, writing, photograpjhy, music, movies, tarot
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    new age, theosophy, freemasonry, but keep an open mind and heart to all schools of thought and do not affiliate to any groups but do my own thing alone.
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    harnessing our own inner powers to transorm our lives and others
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    40 years
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    to have company on similar wavelength
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    answers to questions about witchcraft, and to discuss it with others who understand. i am a creative person generally, and am good at answering other people on forum's as i am a counsellor on a bereavement forum.
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    inner strength and inner power, mental discipline.
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    trying to work alone

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  1. yes phantasmagoria, i felt i was making a spirit friend also, and fancyshadowcat's suggestions are also good, and normally i would use parts of already dead creatures i come across, for my classical witchcraft spells and workings, or even to sell on ebay for witchcraft purposes, but not this time, because i feel it was me who comforted the wee creature thru his final door to his next dimension, and i want his spirit friendship to bless me, and i feel he will make sure anyone who tries to harm me will be stung, without me needing to use his body for a hex myself, as i really don't feel right about comforting him while dying, and then mutilating his wee body parts xxxxxx having said this, i still have not buried him as yet, even tho i was planning to bury him with a wee crystal chip, wearing my face long witches hooded cloak xxxx so i might well simply preserve his body witches specimin jar with an airtight cork top, and keep him in my in with collection of other creatures and their parts, in case the day comes when i need to bring him out and ask him to remember how i helped him, and to please hurt someone who has just hurt me in future ??????? but then again, is not his spirit already able to know this, and know that i need help, and remember me for helping him, without me needing to do this ???????
  2. now i will tell you a nice little true story that might uplift you 🙂 yesterday i was up at my elderly relatives, and i was sitting on his landing on my chair, beside his cabinet, having a ciggy, and i noticed a dying wasp on top of his cabinet. i felt a tenderness for the tiny creatire, and got a rose from the garden, and picked the wasp up very gently, and placed him in the centre of the rose flower xxxxxxx he started to move a little, and i used the tip of my finger to very gently stroke his back and his head, and avoided touching his wings. every now and then he fluttered his wings like mad, trying to fly, but had not the strength. and i knew he was dying. so i got a bit of white sugar, and put some in the rose flower.for him. i know that littdle wasp knew i was trying to help him, as i had him on the palm of my hand at one point, and he did not sting me, even tho he kept trying to sting his own self to die quicker, but was not strong enough to reach far enough. so now i have the little dead wasp on my table at home, and i am going to bury his little body in one of my plant pots on my patio, and have faith that his little spirit will protect me from other wasps stinging me, because i helped him xxxxxxx
  3. any comments will be very much appreciated x
  4. hi guys, i'm not sure why i did this, as yet, but it will come to me:) i just purchased a small lot of about 11 silver, brass, roman bronze from the year100 to 200 AD, and a couple of old gemstone, phallic charms, that were on sale on line as a job lot. right now i am keeping them all in a very old silver largeish trinket box, but apart from fertility rituals, i am not exactly sure how i am going to use them. any suggestions anyone ? some are plain phallic, while some have predator animals sitting on the phallus, and the roman bronze ones have a loop to be worn as a pendant or amulet. the only use i have for them right now is to place one at one time on my altar on the night of the time of the sleeping moon or moon of death, when the female energy is at her lowest ebb, as hopefully a source of strength for the female (in this case myself) who is in tune with the moon phases and i usually feel weary and fatigued on those nights. my thinking is that i am making an offering of the strength of the male energies to the female sleeping moon x is this out of order or not ? or does it make sense? and does anyone have any other ways i could use them, barring wearing them as jewellery ? at 60 years of age i am still dedicated to my beloved late husband, who was my earth angel and soul mate in this lifetime, so i am not at all interested in another man / woman relationship in the least x the only other use i can think of for them, as i want to use them as part of ritual, and spell work, is to use one or more of the phallic charms, for a spell or ritual to gain control over some of my male pals, who do odd jobs for me around the house? the intnetion being they will take my word and advice moreso, and not be so headstrong with me. in this way i might gain more male energies and traits in myself too, to achieve this ? maybe i could also use one of the charms in a ritual to stop men i don't like or don't even know, usully younger men, coming onto me out socially, looking for a relationship ????? or even just a female of any age to spend the night with ? it might help me to have quick answers back to cut them right down to size :)
  5. thanks so much for taking the time to look up my antiques business page onyx, but did you reaalise that all you saw is actuallyinside my home, as i work and sell from home, so all you saw is actually things i live with and use every day of my life :) :) xxxxxxxx
  6. onyx i don't have a photo just of ebenezer alone, otherwise i would post it for you, but if you search "dr elizabeth murray scotland antiques and fine arts" it will take you straight to my page witdh hundreds of pics of my whole home interior, which is pretty amazing in itself. when my page opens, ignore all the text and just click on "photos" down the left hand column. this will open up every photo i have of the interior of my house, and you will see a lot of things you will adore, as i have created a real old cross between hogwarts castle from harry potter, and the olde curiosity shoppe from dickens :) i'd valuye your commentds on it in fact x
  7. about the character of rats and how they are viewed, yes some people see them as vermin and associate with disease, and some people asscoiate them with intelligence and agility. for myself i assciate them as the "underdogs" of the animal world, shunned by most people, given a hard time, and so needing a lot of compassion and new understanding x in this way i don't feel the fae would be insulted, if you were handing the rat;s body over to them to guard it and give it a happier ending :) as i said originally, i only keep the tails of rats and mice, or the claws of birds that my cat catches and brings to me as a gift, simply for practical reasons because i have no way to keep the whole animal apart from in the freezer which doesn't appeal to me. so the only alternative would be to bury the whole animal, which is why i would bury a crystal or gemstone with it as an offering to the animal in return for the animal blessing me x so for now i keep just the tails and the claws dried, in my old wooden box, and trust the spirits to guide me how and when to use them in the future x one of you mentioned making pendants from the birds beaks i have, and i wonder that i i could actually even make an amulet, in the form of a pendant possibly, for protection, with a few of the tails and claws also ? i don't get bad vibes from keeping just the tails and claws, because after all, my cat harry, who is also my familiar and soul mate, brought them in and laid them by my chair as an offering to me and a gift to me x so i just take the part i want to keep, and he eats the rest, if it is a mouse or bird, but he won;t eat rats obviously x so i usually put the rest of the rats body in the river opposite my house, and wish him well on his journey x after all, most of the rats harry catches are not "dirty" rats that we find in drains under buildings, but actually wild water rats that he catches along the river bank opposite, where they live x so it seems appropriate to cast them into the river to continue their journey x i also have a lot of taxidermy animals in my home from aboutd 100 years old, that i purchased from antiques dealers. i have a real grizzly bear rug, complete with head and wide open jaws with original teeth, and a beautiful wolf rug, also with head and bared teeth, also some smaller animals, my fave of which is a large black raven, which has been perched on a very realistic looking human skull x i call him ebenezer, an he is on the top of the tall book case where he keeps his beady eye on me at my desk. i feel i have given my discarded antique animals a good home to end up in, and i stroke them often, talk to them softly, and i don;t feel any bad vibes, as i am tuned into their spirits and they protect me and my home, just as i am protecting ther bodies x also my cat harry loves to cuddle up to the bear rug head to sleep x i;ve actually had the huge grizzly bear on my bed one night, and fell asleep snuggled up to his huge head, and i felt the bond between me and the bear x a male friend who claims to be "psychic" came here to visit at christmas, and he told me he felt the spirit of a small animal lying on his lap, but the animal was contented and happy to be here. neither of us could think what animal it could be, then as he was leaving, he spotted my small taxidermy polecat on a small table in a corner, and said, "that;s the wee animal that was on my lap ! and i can tell you he is happy here !" my polecat is designed climbing a branch, with faux ivy trailing up the branch and around his feet x apart from my living cat harry, my animals are all around me in my home, and i feel a sense of peace with them and protection from them. they were costly for me to buy, but i would never sell them, as this would give me bad vibes. they will remain with me hopefully until it is my time, and then be left to another true witch to treasure them the same way i have x
  8. thanks "onyx" i guess i was thinking of somehow connecting with the spirit of the animals for them to protect me when i thought of burying some of the body parts with a crystal as an offering to the animal, but having thought about it now, if i was going to do a burial for a blessing or to bond with the animal, then i would bury the whole animal not just the tail or claw ?????? thanks "khundekling", what a great idea to make protection amulets or pendants witdh the claws and beak :) will defo do this :) i could even then sell them on ebay, as magical items are popular there :) thanks again "onyx", yes i have read that burning a cats whisker and making a wish into the smoke, really works well :) but at the same time i like keeping them too, so i might simply keep the whiskers and dried mousies tails for now until instinct or spirit leads me to know how i should use them when the right time comes :) you are right, butterflies represent metamorphosis, and moths are linked with the moon :) why didn't i think of that before ??????? we have a special supermoon coming up this month, so i will use the moth for this night :) thanks to both of you for your inspiration xxxxxxxxx having mentioned ebay, i was bidding on 3 very old and very small silver phallic charms that a man (the seller) found with his metal detector recently down south england, and i really wanted them for my old magical box, knowing they were probably buried by another witch. i went up to $101 for them, but they went for far more than this :( almost $140 if i recall. i guess i could also list my cats whiskers and maybe some of the other animal parts he caught on ebay too, but i would not fully trust anyone i didn;t know to use things so intimate to my cat harry the right way :)
  9. hi guys, i am fairly new to this site. i joined a few years ago, but then my late husband died, so i was not very active. however, i am a witch, aged 57,working alone with my old ginger cat "harry" in an urban area of scotland. i don't follow any special rules or rituals, nro have any fixed beliefs but keep an open mind and an open heart to all schools of thought, just do my own thing as instinct leads me, and knew i had power and charms others did not even when i was a very young child growing up :) well anyway, the last few years i have a very old antique wooden box, and i have been adding to it, things i could use in the future, without meaning to sound too gruesome, i have collected in the box, dead but perfect condition butterflies and moths, about 30 of my cat's whiskers that he shed naturally, and the tails of mousies and rats that he catches and brings in for me (he eats the rest of them ). i have a few birds claws too that harry caught and brought in, and also a birds beak. does anyone have any idea how i could use these items for my witches work please ? the only thing i had thought myself was of doing a burial with one at a time, as part of a spell, burying each with a crystal. but i feel certain they have more importance than this if i only knew. thanks guys x
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