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    history, archeology
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    From reading that others are with varying dept into it
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    The long road, don't know where is the end game
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    Those that are not part of Gerald Gardner's Wicca. Those whose witchcraft that have been around a lot longer.
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    mostly studying the people in history
  • What brought you to our site?
    I been here on and off as a viewer. Also know a couple of members of this place
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    Learn more about the history of Witchcraft and perhaps contribute the same
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  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?

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  1. I like the show and like I do with other shows, I don't expect them to be perfect. Had a couple of beers while watching. Found a couple ladies now that I like watching on the show, the one who plays the Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau and the one that lives in the woods/swamp, don't know the character's name (she was in the alligator scene and now has the boy Frankenstein at her place) .
  2. That is what I started doing recently Whiterose... but started in my own front and backyard, taking pictures of the plants and weeds with flowers posting them on my facebook page and I learned what most of them are from my friends on facebook (some of them are friends from here). Then check with Google with some of them. For example the common white flower clovers I get in the yard, I find they are called trifolium repens and that the plant is used medicinally From Wikipedia: Culinary uses Besides making an excellent forage crop for livestock, clovers are a valuable survival food: they are high in proteins, widespread, and abundant. The fresh plants have been used for centuries as additives to salads and other meals consisting of leafy vegetables. They are not easy for humans to digest raw, however, but this is easily fixed by boiling the harvested plants for 5–10 minutes. Dried flowerheads and seedpods can also be ground up into a nutritious flour and mixed with other foods, or can be steeped into a tisane. White clover flour is sometimes sprinkled onto cooked foods such as boiled rice. When used in soups, the leaves are often harvested before the plant produces flowers. The roots are also edible, although they are most often cooked firsthand. Traditional medicine White clover has been used as minor folk medicine by the Cherokee, Iroquois, Mohegan, and other Native American tribes for centuries. The Cherokee, for instance, used an infusion of the plant to treat fevers as well as Bright's disease. The Delaware and Algonkian natives used the same infusion, but as a treatment for coughing and the common cold. Then through Mountain Witch's book learning more about the baneful herbs. .
  3. Was checking the British Newspaper Archive for any new material that might of been added since the last time I checked. Found a small article that mentioned Monica English's first husband in which letters of administration was granted to his wife. Gloucestershire Echo - Wednesday 12 June 1946 Mr. J. S. DAVIS Mr. John Summersell Davis, of Sligo House, Pittville, Cheltenham, who died on November 6th last, aged 34 years, intestate, left £1,754, with net personality £1,249. Letters of administration have been granted to his widow, Mrs. Monica M. Davis, of Charlton House, Hartlebury, Worcs. So now we have another location of where Monica English lived. Wonder why she lived at the Charlton House in Hartlebury, Worcestershire in 1946? She still had the property at Cheltenham until it being sold of in 1948. So got to do more checking around. .
  4. I agree Whiterose with the some people being born with the power and the comment you made. I feel that there are those that don't know that they causes things to happen. In my case, I eventually became aware of the extent of my abilities late in life after leaving a long long trail of results that made many people afraid of me or keep there distant over the years. And only after become aware of myself that I realized I caused pain and disruption for others over the years.
  5. I agree with that Jevne, there are some nights where I don't feel up to doing the hexing or spelling. Another weird thing with my hands, is that when I feel very down or stressed out and depressed, I can just put my hands in front of my face, palms facing my face fingers straight and spreaded a little And then stare at the palms of my hands and within a minute all that depressed feeling, anxiety, or unhappiness will drain out of me and I feel happy and it stays that way. I don't do that offen for the fear of "wearing out the magic". .
  6. I think my energy comes from within (unless I unknowingly pull it from somewhere). Usually I would be walking around in the dark living room with only the lights in the fireplace. Talking to myself and perhaps finishing off a can of beer and when talking to myself I am working up my emotions and then I will feel my hands, not throbing but a strong steady buzzing energy feeling and then I'm ready to send off spells. The buzzing feelings in my hands then ceases when I finish with the sending of spells. other times I use emotions such as anger to accidently cause some effects. But lately I have some success in doing a controlled "done on purpose" anger and hexing. .
  7. I thought I already had you on my friends list, but aparently I made that up lol! So I hope you don't mind, I've added you now :)

  8. Happy Winter Solstice and Yule ! Perfect timing ! Today i went to the post office to check my PO Box and there was a large brown envelope. Got my very first issue of The Cauldron magazine from Mike Howard. So tonight I will be drinking wine coolers, beers, and enjoy the magazine in the late hours of the Winter Solstice - Yule .
  9. Happy Halloween! The beers on me! ;)

  10. Went to Michaels this morning to check for more Halloween stuff and find it mostly cleaned out and they already went full blast on Xmas stuff. Target already went full blast on Xmas too. All before Halloween !

    1. The Exile

      The Exile

      Sorry - meant to say Home Depot rather than Target

    2. RavenFlyer


      I won't to Walmart to get a few wooden plant stakes and they ha already cleaned out their garden dept and turned it into Xmas land. I had to go to lowes to find them.

    3. Whiterose


      Gets earlier and earlier every year. Soon back to school will transition in to xmas.

  11. The man self labeled "The starving man" is going to make Roast Beef, Mash Potatoes, with Gravy and string beans for dinner tonight !!

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    2. Aloe
    3. CelticGypsy
    4. The Exile

      The Exile

      Thanks everyone - the Real food came out perfect and delicious. My father had almost three plates of it. But tomorrow I resume the starving man title and will be knocking on your doors again :-)

  12. The Exile

    Hard Year

    Sorry about all the problems falling onto the family. Not much you can do about it but just be strong for yourself and the rest of the family.
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