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  1. I now have a black kitten. His name is Binx :) I got him for free from a coworker who charged everyone else $50. I also got a free carrier and a free scratching post from the coworker, lol.
  2. I have Gordon Winterfield's book, Demons of Magick, but haven't yet used the rituals. I also have some Gallery of Magick books and have gotten pretty good results calling up angels & demons at once. It's an interesting journey. If you like, PM me and I'll give you the link to a forum where it's all demon talk all the time.
  3. Once I found out the Viking might be leaving, I knew I would have to find someone new to carry the charm. Naturally, this stressed me out. However, it being solstice weekend, and with things going all too well on other fronts (such as my love life, which turned out to be a handful of mashed up dead leaves aka faerie gold 😕), I whispered my need to the spirit of the store and knew it would be taken care of. (The masks are great for things like this, ya know?) For the sake of privacy, we'll go with the names I created for the people helping me carry the energy of the ward = The Warrior, The Viking, BB Witch, and now The Guardian of Produce, who I'll call GP, for the sake of brevity. Oh snap. Not two hours later, one of my friends pulled me aside. "He said he put a love spell on me, that was the day I met Boyfriend! He just confessed he practices magick... I think GP is the one to carry Viking's charm! You should ask him..." Skip ahead. I made GP a new charm, from dragon's blood ink and charcoal. The first tip off was when he got really excited, wanting to know every way he could help. I told him who the other people were, and walked him around the store to know the locations of the charms for the ward. He said he would connect with the Viking and find out the deets on the center charm. That night, I was awoken twice to hear his true name in my head. The first thought in my brain? Oh what? It isn't a fluke? -- Previously to this, I had only energetically connected to the Warrior in a similar manner. The Warrior is the only one who doesn't want to be involved beyond lending his energy, and that's valid, so I never mentioned it to him. Over the course of conversation with GP last night, I realized why I never connected with Viking and BB Witch, and why their connections seem so "dead". It's because they not only lied about wanting to be involved, but they also don't believe in the ward, and are just playing around with things they don't understand. They were placeholders, until their charms could be passed on to people who weren't ready yet. My spirits confirmed that BB Witch is a liar, and GP's conversation with Viking came out, proving that the Viking simply does not care and just pays lip service (and is a bit afraid of me, which is sad). Nevertheless, even with their lack of connection, the ward has held. No one at the store has gotten the virus. For a shop right next to the airport, where everyone from the Lower 48 comes (they don't enforce quarantine here, and customers hardly wear masks), that's pretty amazing. As for what to do with BB Witch and the Viking's charms, GP suggested my friend(BB Bat) take BB Witch's. She knows about the ward and has started her Path recently. He's also in love with her which may or may not have influenced his suggestion, so I asked my ancestors and they said "she must be ready. It must happen soon." They also suggested someone else to carry the Viking's charm, but as for that one... I don't know. I ask him for protection when I have to check on the ward, through our shared psychic connection, but we hardly ever speak to one another. Yet he hears me, for on those days he always is around me, as though by his presence he is protecting me from unseen dangers (that's his mundane job, to top it off, lol). Where to go from here? Well, who can say? All I know is that this is the reason I was meant to stay at the store, and that since leaving my ex the unseen has come to my aid more times than I can count. And I have paid it back, by becoming the witch I was always supposed to be. Somewhere in the past, time loops. The me that came before, she did a ward like this one. But I don't think she had enough help. I think she died, trying to hold back the dark all alone.
  4. Not quite a wish, but I have a thing for someone at work. I went into the cooler and said, "I want a sign he is still into me." The very instant I came out of the cooler, he came through the door of my department seemingly on his way to the trash chute with trash from all of the offices down the hall. Mind you, that is *not* his job. Another instance is just yesterday, I was wondering if he was still into me again, since he hasn't been at work in awhile. Lo and behold, my next customer had the same profession that he does. So... perhaps "coincidence"... but I doubt it.
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    I've never done an official dna test, I already know what I am. I am 99% sure I got most of the micro-ethnic Trans-Carpathian genes, maybe a bit of the Swedish, English and Irish. I look very, very Slavic according to strangers, lol. Magically speaking, when I was into that dirty word, Wxxa, I got most results working with Eastern European and Northern European deities. As for famous witches of Eastern-Europe, sometimes folklore witches are all you're going to get. Sorry! Edited to add: I don't have a particular ancestral based practice on specific dna. I'm American and I mostly draw from English witchcraft (those ancestors were from the Marches) and animism really. Also I'm lazy. ,
  6. I told my husband he "wasn't worth" casting a spell on. That took the wind out of his sails and also insulted him greatly. Although I don't recommend it (unless you want to start a fight), it is very satisfying in the moment.
  7. You can make some nice ones if you're good at sewing. I used to have a polar fleece one but my dog peed on it. It was super warm and easy to embellish.
  8. My SO is an agnostic with Christian leanings, and I am an animist with polytheist leanings. We do not share any beliefs whatsoever. I don't want to get into it on here, but I'm envious of everyone whose partner accepts their beliefs.
  9. I wanted to update my post. My friends know and my husband knows, but now I have to even hide it from my husband. He found some book I was trying to get rid of and freaked out, claiming I was being "brainwashed by some book telling me what to do"(hmm, didn't think I owned any bibles). So now I have to hide my practice from him too--and tbh it's very hard. But that's a rant for another time. So yes -- secrecy is still very important to me. I do not enjoy people trying to convert me, constantly asking me to hex their enemies, wanting me to do work for them for free (that's another thread), conflating me with a dippy Wiccan or pagan they know, judging my personal choices or telling me I'm Evil and that if I choose witchcraft over a relationship with them I'm selfish and "deserve what's coming to me". End rant! I don't want to come out of the broom closet. I did that when I was a pagan (to my family & friends) and all it does is have all the xtians constantly praying for your soul.
  10. I have a couple New Age friends & acquaintances. I have a fairly high tolerance for the ones I've known longest, even when I have to hear about the Almighty Karma (and not said in a joking manner either) or about all the higher vibrations coming from all the crystals. The watered down concept of "karma" is pretty culturally accepted in US society, so the saying "karma will get you" is something I hear pretty often when people are upset. I don't really have a hard time being friends with them unless they: proselytize constantly, telling me I need the power of the Light in my life; that they're terrified of spirits, especially the ones they sense in & around my house; that they're white witches not black witches--and then turn around and beg me to curse their enemies. I could go on, but you get the gist. I have a few friends who are pagan or Wiccan, but I find that I am only able to have very shallow, surface-level relationships with the more dire New Agers. But, I'd rather deal with New Age people any day than extreme evangelicals or muslims.
  11. the original first version is cheaper if you buy it from Amazon U.K. in my experience. I like both editions.
  12. For jewelry, I only wear a hag stone and I have rings that don't come off easily, so I never take them off. I prefer to work outside, but generally never in the nude (let's just say mosquitos and leave it at that!).
  13. Great topic. I've used my Marseille to chat with my ancestors a few times, but should probably do it more. The last time I went to New England, I took them with me to the cemetery to have a chat with my paternal grandparents about taking their grave dirt. I also brought the pendulum, but it wasn't very helpful. (I also don't suggest it if the guardian is unhappy with the idea--and trust me, you *will* know, but that's a different topic entirely) I was able to communicate with them very clearly with the Marseille. They also responded in my head. To be fair, I never knew them in life (they died before I was born), but it was nice to be able to say hello, and how I wished we'd gotten a chance to meet in life.
  14. My friends and family all know, other than that I don't announce it to the world.
  15. I have some Enchanted World books that I got at a thrift store when I was a kid. I have "Fairies", "Ghosts", and "Giants". I love the artwork in the books, and the tale of the Bonny Swans in Ghosts. I've also read the Camelot book.
  16. I read playing cards, lenormand and tarot. I do ask my ancestors and familiar spirit for help when I read. Sometimes I also work with divinatory spirits specifically. I definitely consider what I'm doing to be fortunetelling, not an insight into the psyche -- but that may be fact that I don't read with the RWS. I just read the cards. I don't believe in coincidence.
  17. I remember telling my mom when I was 10 or 11 that I "just knew" when some things would come to pass. She told me that the gift (of "knowing") always goes to the eldest daughter in our family. But I didn't always know I'd grow up and be a witch. My family was (is) very religious, and gave up everything of the old country (superstitions, etc) when they converted to their new religion. I always would tell myself that I wasn't alone, and that their religion wasn't the only religion or way of doing things. When I was a teenager I would write on my bible's fly leaf everything I wanted to happen... and then it would happen in exactly the way I'd written it out. I also did a version of this at university where I would mumble to myself at night which boy would talk to me the next day... the compliment he would give me... etc. It always worked ;) I was a strange child... I talked to spirits and also saw and felt them. I remember looking at myself in the mirror the night before I turned thirteen and listing all the ghosts I had seen and telling myself that in the morning if I woke up and everything was gone, I would still be the same person. You can't imagine how relieved inwS when I woke up the next morning and I still had what I considered "my power(s)". That's all I want to share for now.
  18. I really like this. Especially the first and last stanzas.
  19. I'm Polish, Slavic, Swedish and straight up New England Puritan/English. Of course, there could be more, but I've never gotten DNA testing done. The one I'm most drawn to is New England/English folk magic, and not just because it's "trendy". It fits somehow. I'm drawn to the folklore and fairy tales of the Slavs otoh, though I've never felt drawn to their magical practices.
  20. Rose McGowan (probably already mentioned)
  21. I used to work with a Slavic goddess in my pagan days. If you are interested in working with deities, they will offer patronage from what I understand. Some traditional witches work with deities, but from what I understand that is rare. I hope you find what you're looking for.
  22. Currently reading Dark Sister by Graham Joyce. I'm a big fan of his books. This one is very witchy and I absolutely recommend it if you like your witch fiction to be dark instead of light. It's about a stay at home mom who finds a herbal "diary" hidden in the old fireplace of her house. I'm about halfway through and have to say I like the main character of this book way more than I did the witch character in Phillips Gregory's book (Wise Woman). As for craft books, I bought The Devil's Plantation recently, and a new copy of The Witching Way of Hollow Hill by Robin Artisson.
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    Aefre, wish I had checked back earlier -- I live in Interior Alaska.
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