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  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    Traditional witchcraft to me means the old ways. Its not wicca or necessarily casting circles but living your magic everyday as you go thru out your day. It is using your everyday existence to make special things happen.
  1. Yea. What took me so long was the fear of the pain. lol I can take a punch but needle pricks hurt like hell 2 me. lol Tell ur mom I said go for it. The triquetra (sp) hurt the most cause she hit bone a couple places. I'm already planning what my next ones will be. lol The triquetra (sp) I got with my roommates cause me & the couple have got into a polyamorous relationship & the woman was having some problems with a girl who is supposedly a wiccan but she's really a nutcase. my girl wanted something for protection & something for all 3 of us so she picked the triquetra cause thats a symbol she knows & I placed a protection spell in it. She feels protected & the tat says we're all together too. We're planning a handfasting now. Aiming for Valentines day. lol Sapphire
  2. Love the Dark Angel. Wow! The red roses & thorns sound cool. I'm thinking of a black rose surrounded with fire for my next 1. lol Sapphire
  3. At 41 years of age I got my first 2 Tattoos & a belly piercing. lol I did them all in 1 day, yesterday. lol I put up pics of the Tats in my family pic album here, sorry not showing my belly. lol Sapphiremoon
  4. Hey! I actually DO some of those things. I'm a redneck pagan. YEE HAW! Lol Sapphire
  5. "Utterly Wicked" is truely utterly wicked, it past thru the bit of fire in our house the other day & only the bottom end got scorched. Sapphire
  6. For me it would be a no too. Even tho my Ancestors came from Ireland & Germany I never got that strong connection of feeling being a Witch I must connect with those places. But being part American indian I have felt that connection & looked into that. I just feel mostly connected to Earth because (I believe) its ancientness. Sapphire
  7. After my camping trip I can more easily answer this. As an American Witch it is def. A land connection for me as I see & feel the agelessness of the land. I am also part native american & knowing they lived off the land, I see this as a strong pull for me as well. Also going back to Ancestors I don't know & the old ways of medicine & living this brings me to the wise women of old. I couldn't pinpoint an era per se as I just connect more to the Ancient power I feel from the Earth & around me in the Air. I just feel I am a Witch, it is inside me, who I am. Sapphire
  8. I got: You Scored as Healer You are a Healer Empath. You take in the energy of others and transmute it. You trigger transformation in others and free trapped energy. You are capable of great healing abilities. You walk between the worlds and bring waves of healing energy with your presence. Healer100% Fallen Angel95% Shaman95% Traveler95% Universal85% Judge85% Precog85% Artist75% Sapphire
  9. SapphireMoon


    Thanks to this very special community & a very sweet person, I have started finding direction in my mundane life. I even decided tonight to bring forth & old dream. I'm going to check into nursing. I always liked helping others & especially the elderly & talking with someone tonight I have started bringing my mundane dreams to life. I'm going to be checking on funding to go to school to become a nurse. I've heard that at 40 you get a second wind & I feel like this is mine. I'm coming back to joining the real world. I can finally say that I am among the living again & am not a zombie anymore. :carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot:
  10. Its well worthit to go thru the process cause not only do others get to know you but you get to know them & along the way you might learn something about yourself. Sapphire
  11. Thanks very interesting reading. more for me to look into since I'm part german. Sapphire
  12. I have this one & for me its alittle bland. Doesnt really talk about psychic defense but more everyday stuff. I'll pull it out & post some of what he talks on. Sapphire
  13. Looks interesting have to add it to my wish list. Thanks. SapphireMoon
  14. Just got the chance tonight to really start reading it. Its so good I almost couldnt put it down to get online. lol For me thats saying something. lol Somethings she writes just make you go " DUH!! Thats so simple why didnt I think of it that way. lol Guess I didnt cause I was reading to much wiccan based & new age stuff. lol SapphireMoon
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