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    none. my family arnt religious in the slightest. Im not christened nor is my brother.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    Hi all

    Ive been snooping around for a couple of days reading your posts etc and have now decided that I would like to join.

    Im a 37 year old single mum living in England. I have always been interested in the occult ever since I can remember and as a child was full of wonderment and even then I lived a magical lifestyle. I came across witchcraft about 8 years ago via wicca which i dropped almost immediatley. I was a member of another forum, predomiatley wicca and even though very nice people im sure their outlook on life was always at odds with mine. I felt uncomfortable and even found myself cringing at certain times, and when not cringing I was being told off ;) It was all a little to regimented and sickly sweet for me. I trailed off and looked at other forums but still felt that alot of people were following one docturine or another. None of it felt right to me as ive always been a bit of a non conformist and try as I may i cannot seem to do as im told;).

    So ive done my own research so to speak and taken bits and bobs and pretty much done my own thing. This suits me as even though im a loner i never feel alone if that makes any sense. I have always felt adept and comfortable with my own spellwork, made mistakes, some comical, some not so but learnt every step of the way. Ive even taken time out away from my path when depression has hit hard but always find myself safetly plonked back here.

    Ok well thats me for the min. Looking forward to meeting you all.

    D x
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    the ture nitty gritty bare bones of witchcraft

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  1. Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday !!! :>))

  2. ~ rooty tooty toot ~ Wishing you a Most Happy Birthday !!! :D xoxo Gypsy

  3. Thanyou Darling. I will be back soon, just taking some time out to reflect, and get my shit together.


  4. 1/22/2012

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! Celebrate yourself in style and grace, not to mention your very wicked humor, which I miss very much.



  5. Yea.. I make that mistake allll the time lol

  6. You ran from chat? lol

  7. Hi, I look forward to chatting with you sometime too. Thanks.

  8. Thanks for the add ;) look forward to chatting with you .

  9. Some people are such cunts.

    1. winter night

      winter night

      you having a bad day dawn? lol :)

    2. Dawn


      Nah just reflecting lol!

    3. CelticGypsy


      lol, I hope your reflecting this annoyance BACK to the people deserved.



  10. I am so trying not to destroy someone right now, breathe and control , breathe and control .....

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Oakbuchanan


      Mine too! hehe ;) you love it CG!

    3. CelticGypsy


      Don't make me thump you with my three prong cane Mr.Oakbuchanan! lolol you mischief maker.



      The Old Lady

    4. Oakbuchanan


      Hit me with your rythm stick, hit me slowly, hit me quick! Hit me, hit me, hiitt...Meee!

  11. I have worked with blood and various other body/animal parts for years. I also feel that menstral blood is very powerful and symbolic but i never thought of storing it on that way Michele so cheers for that ! :)
  12. I need a decent horror book...any suggestions?
  13. My brother has just told me that he doesnt think i should talk to any more clients today because i am being a bitch !!! Charming !

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    2. CelticGypsy


      LOL !



    3. Jevne


      Bitch is such a relative term, Dawn.

    4. Dawn


      relative to me or relative as in i am to him? ;)

  14. I have always had my hair long apart from one time when i was 12 and my mum decided to have it cut so short that all the kids at school took the chronic piss :( I havent had my hair cut for a year (since it was last trimmed I mean) even through the ends really do need trimming. At the moment my hair is to the top of my bum, natural colour, red and in really good condition. I feel almost naked with short hair and my hair is a really big part of me. I cant ever see my going short again. As far as magickal purposes go then as my hair is such an important part of me i would say that instictivly i know it would cause me a problem even if it was just at an unsubconscience level.
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