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    researching nature and studying my craft. Crafting, reading, walking.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    I came from an Episcopalian background. My mother encouraged us to find our own way and was never dogmatic about religion. She and my grandmother gave us freedom to choose our own paths.
    They were leaning on the more occult side, and that is where my interest went
    from an early age.
    And so my quest has continued. I found Wicca and left it when I discovered it had more rules than a southern Baptist Church. I have been interested in following a traditional path for quite some time, but wound up choosing the wrong people as partners and was better off on a solitary path, both personal and in my quest for inner fulfillment. Now I have a partner who cares about me and my path and I am free to do as I feel. She is supportive of me. So, here I am.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    I am learning and constantly researching traditional and natural forms of healing with herbs and any manner I can. Making my life simpler is tantamount for me to have peace and give it to my loved ones and those in need.
    I am learning how to defend myself form malicious interlopers in my life.
    I am learning that I am stronger than I ever thought I was.
    I am learning that I can heal
    I am learning that I can cast spells better than I thought I could.
    I am learning that I can be a nosy person.
    I am learning my personal boundaries as well as others.
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    I am looking for more research, community and friends of a like mind.

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  1. The man is human filth. No question about that. Not to be forgiven until he suffers the same fate himself. May his dreams haunt him forever.
  2. That country does not have the same regulations or standards. I have never had a fur, and never wanted one. Then again.I try not to buy anything with the "made in China" stamp. It's usually cheap and breaks easily.
  3. Another precog here. How do we develop that?
  4. Safe trip Sandy! My you and your household arrive intact!
  5. Too FUNNY! Maybe they should have given something to the Dads for a change.
  6. After finally changing paths, I found quickly that I had to fight dark with darker. I have not made it a secret about one person who is very strong and VERY dark. And I have found a way to control her, so I am using it. And while most bunnies would severely disapprove, I had to learn this lesson the hard way. Strange that the rest of my family approaches me from the lighter side. But I would do anything for them, as they do for me. I embraced my darker side and sued it as I needed it. So, My coin is pretty equal now, with the exception of the physical challenges.
  7. Wicked was interesting. Looking at things from the perspective of the Wicked Witch of the West. I think I will read it again. Thanks, everyone, for those titles. I will look them up.
  8. Well, basically, Yea. Don't be mistaken, I have known a few Christians that were Non-evangelistic and basically followed a kind and loving path. Those are the ones I admired. But, basically, I have problems with the ones who did and do the kinds of things mentioned in these links.
  9. That was VERY interesting! Thanks AngelWolf! No, I have never heard of it until now!
  10. I use mirrors for protection all over the house, Even in my room. I cannot see myself in any of them, as they are placed to reflect light as well, so they are above my bed vision. I had one in the front door window, but since I bound that trouble maker, she won't come in the house. It was meant to make her see her nasty face before she came in. She hated it and always commented about it. She didn't like the one over my mothers' chair with the protection stones and the pentacle either.
  11. wolfjan1

    Shaken and stirred

    My need to withdraw IS all about me. My need to take a long look at my own behavior, responses and why I can get so easily hurt it about putting up my shields and looking about to see how I need to communicate better and stay out of other people's business when I am not invited in. While other's post their feelings and thoughts, and it IS all about THEM, I am singled out as overstepping my boundaries, when that was not my intention at all. Be certain that I shall not do it again. I experimented with changing things about and limiting contact with those that I may not know. So, I am properly chastised and put in my place here. That is where I will remain. I will continue to send compassion and share what I have learned, and research what I need to know. Excuse me while I tak the lesson to heart and rebuild my shields.
  12. wolfjan1

    Shaken and stirred

    Also telling is that no one has said anything about the change in Avatar or signature. Pretty damned interesting. Oh, well, I have disappeared without anybody noticing or caring before.
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