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    I'm still trying to find my way but I feel drawn to traditional witchcraft. Currently I'm learning about kitchen/hearth witchery and at the same time I'm also learning to cook. I love my family and my home (and I'm more or less a homebody) so this path just feels right. I would love to learn more about it!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday to you. Enjoy your day!



  2. SO meaning significant other, like husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend. I'm lucky as my husband's aunt is also a witch so his family doesnt have a prblm with any of that. My family too is VERY accepting as well! My mother buys me all kinds of stuff, pents and statues etc etc. My brother (who's older) kinda makes fun but I was also told by his wife and MIL (mother in law) that he brags that his sister is a Witch... That's pretty cool I think. Leesa
  3. I am just curious to know how many of you share your beliefs with your SO. I dont mean share info and such, I mean do they also follow the same path or something like it? My husband doesnt. He's not anything really. He's interested in Paganism and Witchcraft and we've both talked it over and decided to raise our son and any other children we have in that manner too. His aunt is a Witch (although he didnt know that until I told him lol) so he's somewhat familiar. Plus I have been "teaching" him what I know. Leesa
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