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  1. fyi garlic when crushed up is more potent then penicillian and tetracycline. and it will also get rid of yeast infections down there if taken orally. i would much rather my woman swallow some garlic then put in down by her cotchie.
  2. Storm

    one day off!!

    woo hoo!!! i get one day off then i get to work 3 more 12 hour shifts! oh the joy!! if it wasn't for bills, and finding a house, i would be working in the closest auto parts store. chin up! it's not all bad, lil Ralphs B-day is comming up, we are having a Party on Sat. i can't wait. my little boy is gona be 1!!!
  3. hang in there, sometimes you need to be blunt about things, but be blunt in a nice way for starters
  4. sometimes people are ignorant. i feel ya
  5. Storm

    now we start my world!!

    muah hahahahahahahahahahahah
  6. Storm

    My Husband

    woo hoo!!! alrighty then!!! it's good to have him on with us!!!
  7. so you can poop in peace? or do you need doors for your bathroom so you can get new ink? lol
  8. more to come, i still have to take pics of the rest on my left arm, gota get my right arm, and my chest. oooooooooo the suspense!
  9. alright finally got a few pics of some of my ink this was done when i was 15, it was my first tattoo.
  10. they are running together so soon it'll be one biiiiiiiiiiig one lol
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