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    So lately I've been coming across a theme on the internet with bloggers about the trend of witchcraft, the selling of witchy products and the seemingly endless lot of "witches" who are copying other witches to try and make a buck. This post by Nefaeria got me thinking, as did this one by Sage and Bone. It does seem that there is now a proliferation of "witches" (I use quotations because I am not entirely convinced they're all witches) who whip up some ointments, oils, herbal concoctions etc to make a quick buck and it is concerning because as Nefaeria mentions, a lot of these products contain entheogens of varying degrees. It is almost like some of them woke up and decided to whack out some flying ointments without a care as to what they were putting in. I'll admit I've been experimenting with ointments and whatnot but some plants like Datura scare the shit out of me yet these people blindly buy some from a random place and add it in. I for the life of me can't figure out why these people who have little or no experience with dangerous herbs would do this. I mean don't they get that they could be sued if some one gets poisoned? Or worse yet, dies? Is it an arrogance that the minute you decide you're a witch you feel like you can run around using dangerous plants? Is it thinking that witchcraft is a way to make a quick buck? Chuck up some pretty glitter wands and flog them? Do any of these people actually care about what they're selling or is all about the money? Do new witches suddenly think that because they're witches they can whore out the Craft and posture about, letting everyone know they're a witch and they sell witch stuff? I know there are genuine witches out there making a living and doing the best they can and I feel like they are the ones getting kicked in the pants by the wannabes who see it as a money machine and not something to be respected and revered. I know some of my fellow witches here sell on Etsy and your items are beautiful, personal and powerful. If a witch wants to go into business, why not do something like you guys do? Something that matters and has purpose. I'll be the first to admit that I had created a large website with the intention of selling wholesale mass produced witch stuff. But it felt dead and empty to me, the products were a means to an end and I found that I didn't enjoy it anymore. So I emptied my store and am now re-evaluating where I want to go with my business. To me, it feels as though these other "witches" doing this can't be true witches because they are selling what everyone else is selling in hopes of making money. I know for me, the path I want to take now is more personal, beautiful handcrafted items, things I grow and make myself. To me, my path is a beautiful and sacred thing, it is who I am and when I do eventually go back to selling it will be select items that I feel would enhance the path of other witches, some will be wholesale things (popular like cauldrons etc) but a bulk of it will be handcrafted by me or by others I know. I feel like there is a bastardisation of witchcraft in business and I would rather see people scale it back to making personal items that mean something as opposed to signing up to a wholesale site and listing 7000 products. It's too much and I think it cheapens the Craft at every turn. I just wish there could be a little more respect for the path we walk instead of seeing it as a money making opportunity. I really wish that these "witches" could see that they're hurting something larger than themselves, and most of all I wish they truly understood what it means to be a witch because I think they would think twice about what they do or say. Especially the ones who, like Sage and Bone mentions, change their spirituality like they change their underwear.
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    I started this as a way for me to think-out-loud. As many on here aren't into god-forms it probably wouldn't interest a lot of people as a thread, so am keeping it as a blog. I am still working out for myself (in a logical fashion for a totally illogical concept) the actual nature of gods, different realms/worlds, and my relation to them. I believe that god-forms have specific individualized beings/personalities as well as being a collective of focused energy of a specific attribute. Which technicaly makes them two things at once which is dualistic and illogical in our world. In trying to reconcile this dualism in my mind I posed the above to a piece of hawthron wood I've been working with. First off it told me to take a simpler example of how things work than gods, then apply that simpler understanding to gods. It said look at me, I'm a stick. Unrecognized and incorrectly invoked at the taking I remain just a stick. But you're talking to me - so who are you talking to? Um... the spirit of the hawthorn tree? Right. So whereas I am just a stick, with the spirit of the tree living within me I become more than just a stick. I become the embodiment of the nature of the hawthorn tree, not the tree/wood/stick itself. Hawthorn is a teacher and a gate - it is a hedgerow wood that is a mediator of the boundries and in working with the nature of the plant and how it grows you are working with the energy behind that nature - the energy that manifests as that specific nature in that specific species of tree. You are not working with "wood" you are working with the nature and spirit of the tree which manifested the wood. Same with gods. You are working with the energy/spirit that fuels the mythologies, not the actual literal mythologies themselves. So last night I was thinking about this some more, and I again had a chat with the hawthorn. If god-froms exist, what is their interest in me? What do they get out of it? Go back to the tree again. Start smaller. Start simpler. Understand that and you will be better able to understand god-forms and other realities. If you chop down a tree at ground level, the roots may send up shoots and grow again. If you cut some twigs and stick them in water, them may grow roots and grow again. So either one can produce a "new" tree. But ultimately a tree must have roots, leaves, and a trunk to grow. Take away any of the above and the tree will eventually die. Logical. How does that relate to gods and other worlds? The Tree? Tree? Oh - you mean THAT tree. Yes. The world tree. Ahhhh... so you mean that if I take the mythology of the world tree and all the realms upon it - 9, 7, or 3 depending on one's basic path, and apply the above to the worlds... they are all somehow feeding eachother? Like root feeds the tree and leaves do that clorophil thing, etc.? Yes. Its an intricate finely balanced relationship. But each part of the tree gains a necessary thing from the other parts. Something necessary for survival as the tree knows survival at this point in time. And all the worlds exist in relation to the world tree. Jeez that's complicated. Well you're the one who asked. Okay - well whose spirit are you? The tree you came from is still alive. So is that tree-spirit fragmented and a part of it lives in you now, or are you a tap-in to the "collective" nature of hawthorn? Or are you a "new" spirit? You're being dualistic again. This isn't Harry Potter and I'm not a horcrux. Just becuase the spirit of the tree is me, doesn't mean that it isn't the spirit of the tree, too. And it doesn't mean I'm fragmented. Good point. Sorry. All tree spirits are both individual and collective. Just like the gods, and just like you - you are an individual personality yet you retain the memory (collective) of your ancestors. They live becuase you live. I'm not getting that. I know. Just let it sink in. And go to sleep, will you? Right. Goodnight then. (Sticks piece of wood under pillow and turns off light.)
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    Magic - The Essence of the Forest All to often, it is thought that "magic" is something that a witch does to manifest one's desires. While that be be a 'small' part of what magic is, there is much more to it. Magic in an of itself is it's own essence. It is void of dualities such as positive and negative, black and white, etc. it is the raw supernatural essence that permeates, and emanates from all that is in existence. With this being the case, a "witch" does not have to always gather his or her tools of the trade and stand in a compass round, calling and directing energy to manifest the means of a specific goal. Instead, this raw magical essence can be found in the most natural of places-the forest. The forest is imbued with this magical essence, just waiting for those with the extraordinary, or what I would even call ordinary, communication skills to sense its message. Saturday morning was a beautiful morning. I decided I would go and explore an area of the forest in which was unfamiliar with and see what I could learn. As always when it is warm enough, I prefer earthing myself - the process of taking your shoes off and walking barefoot upon the raw earth, and connecting with the natural energies of the earth. In doing so, we become attuned to her electrical frequencies and with an open mind, begin to walk not only into the forest, but into a whole new realm - which I call the Greenwood. As I take my first step, the magical essence of the forest begins to open my senses to the spirit of the forest. I am quickly reminded that each step must be made consciously, with mindful awareness as to where I will place my foot before taking the next step. It becomes a form of meditation, a type of trance that opens me up to the lessons I am about to receive. Putting my foot in the wrong place could be painful. Each step is symbolic of the choices we make. I am quickly reminded that along our journey in life, the choices we make may at times hurt. This pain is not always a bad thing however, it often is a cue that we need to make changes before we make the next step. It could also mean that perhaps we need to tread a bit more gently. As I progress along the unfamiliar path set before me I notice that as I take each calculated step, I lose my balance at times, to which I must reposition myself to gain sturdy footing. Lesson number two ushers forth. The spirits of nature reveal that no matter what math you walk, there must be balance. For without balance comes the fall. Yet, when you lose balance in your life, you reposition your step (make better choices) that will place you back into balance. Balance is the key to any journey whether it be relationships, happiness, health, etc. one must have balance in order for them to function correctly. Roughly 3 miles into the trance like walk, I stumble across a hidden circle, full of green grass, yet completely encased by thorns and horse chestnut shells as if to ward off potential trespassers into this sacred space. It had a strong pull, so I entered this space of energy. I spent time walking the perimeter of the sacred circle. I found fresh deer scat as it was surely feeding upon the lush greenery within the borders of this circle. I thought of a stag, and I was reminded of the Spirit known to me as "He of the Forest Deep" - whom is often known as the "Horned god", "Pan", and even the "Green Man" to those who's witchcraft is steeped in gods and goddesses. But to those of us who walk a path of provenance witchcraft, this Spirit is known as "He of the Forest Deep". He is the anima-loci, the very Soul of the forest itself. The energy of this circle was great, so I decided to sit in the middle of the sacred space and meditate a while. I felt called to renew my covenant with the spirits of the land. With permission, I harvested a single thorn from which protected the boundary of the circle. I returned to the middle of the circle and pricked my finger, squeezing out three drops of blood onto the land as an token of my commitment to the covenant I have made with the anima-loci, genius-loci, spirits of the plants, familiars, and the natural path I have been called to walk. I then poured out some water from my bottle as a libation to those who have served me well. I left the circle feeling renewed and continued on my path. As I walked, I began to continuously see the sproutings of a single 'redbud' like plant - dark purple merlot color mix, heart shaped leaf in random - yet not so random- places along the way. I immediately felt the appreciation that the spirits of the forest had for the renewed covenant with them. The dark color reminded me of why "black" is such a prominent color in witchcraft. Black keeps hidden all that it contains, protecting the sacred within from being profaned. It is for this reason that the night is so powerful for those of us who walk this crooked yet natural path. A half mile or so into the continuation of my meditative walk into the Greenwood, I am lead to a tree that is tall, stands firm, yet has a clear hole straight through it. The spirit of this tree begins to speak. It tells me that "the key to accessing the Unseen World is through nature itself." For the tree's foundation was sprung forth from the depths of the dark earth (symbolic of the Unseen World), it's existence progressing harmoniously in nature, not rushing anything, but allowing nature to simply "be", it sprouted into this world, growing tall, wise, and old, all the while maintaining roots deep into the dark earth. It now exists in the Seen World (above-it's trunk and branches) and the Unseen World (below -roots) simultaneously. Without being rooted below, it would lack the nutrients and minerals it needs to live. Without reaching into the world above, it would lack the the sun, water, and air that it needs to live. the Tree tells me "To truly live, one must feed (gain knowledge) on that which is seen, and unseen" - the material realm, and non material realm. As I stare through this hole, it reminds me of the birth canal. I am given a vision of my own birth. While in the womb, I did nothing of my own accord to progress the stages of my birth. I was living in complete harmony with my environment. I was given all that I needed to ensure my existence. Somewhere along the way, we as humans decided that we can take the wheel, and push nature aside, severing this organic union of relationship. in doing so, we cause ourselves to live in desolate space, void of the spiritual nourishment we were once naturally provided. The spirit of the tree tells me that if humanity would return to this natural relationship between the material realm and the non material realm that our primal ancestors maintained - the very relationship we are all conceived with, we could once again thrive in organic knowledge in union with the Unseen World, void of the need of synthetic knowledge through technological advances, and societal programming. We can then return to "the knowing". It seems as though I was only standing there for minutes however I look at my watch, realizing that over an hour has passed in this communication process. I thank the tree for its lessons, leave and offering, and make my way to my return destination. On the way back, I am in awe at all that I have learned on this day. For the magic in the air was thick. I felt it with every inhale I made. I was rejuvenated, spirits lifted, much accomplished, all without tools, chants, herbs, incense, etc. For He of the Deep Forest provided all that and more, without me even asking!
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    I'm sure that while we all have the same common belief I believe that most of us work differently to others and it's the sharing of our own knowledge and practices that make us aware of the true forces around us, outside of our own little worlds. I would like to share what some might see as an unusual way of healing but it works for me and those that come for help. I still use my hands quite a bit (never actual touching) but I use hugs an awful lot. I don't know quite how it works but I never question it. It seems to have intensified since I've started working with ancestors, this I got from this amazing site. I always feel that I am guided in whether I should use hands or hugs and just recently I've worked with a young Lady who has breast cancer. I was guided to hug and the technique was to hold her, not very tight, and gain her complete trust. I asked her to realise that this was no ordinary hug and she should be very aware of the hug, not just put her arms around me. When she was ready I asked her to listen to her heartbeat and then her breathing. Over the next 5 minutes we syncronised our breathing so that eventually we were breathing in beautiful clean, positive, energy and blowing out all of the horrible, nasty, black, energy. Once our breathing was completely sycronised with all the right pauses in the right place something amazing happened. She appeared to disappear physically (not visually of course) and I could no longer feel her. I was enveloped in a golden light which was so peaceful. After 5 - 10 minutes I was awre that I could hear her breathing and she was back in my arms. Once I had "returned" I knew that the session had ended and very gently I let her go. She started crying which she said were tears of happiness and then she wanted to tell me of what she had just experienced. The most amazing thing was that she described to me exactly as I have descibed my own feelings/sensations that I have said on here. This was probably the most amazing experience for me and it is an experience that I want to build on. It's not all about cauldrons and dead animals, our own bodies are full of untapped energies that we haven't yet explored. As I said earlier, this may not be for everyone but it certainly works for me.
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    Hilariously, my Jupiter rite was in a lot of ways, a bust. I'm used to spirit communication, I've done goetic conjurations and though I'm a bit out of practice I feel like all my psychic centers are open and healthy...I guess I was expecting...More? I feel the Jupiter current in my sphere of influence, but It's incredibly subtle... So I preformed the Jupiter rite on the hour of Jupiter on the day of Jupiter (last Thursday). I began the ritual by creating the lamen of Sachiel (archangel of Jupiter). The very second I began drawing the out the lamen, I was bombarded with the impression that I wasn't ready. "Not ready as in I started to early/late?" I thought to myself "Not ready as in I'm not ready for this ritual?" "nonono it's all in my head, just my subconscious trying to get my conscious to chicken out, I've got this". And carry on I did...Until I came time to inscribe the name and sigil of the archangel in the middle of the seal. I thought to myself "That's odd, why would a lamen calling on an angel have four inverse pentagrams on it?". I realized I was messing up when I began writing the name upside down.."OMG! I'm drawing the seal upside down because I'm holding the book upside down!" Witchcraft 101: Come to the ritual PREPARED! All ducks in a row... My excitement and deep desire to do well got the best of me. I got the impression that the spirits were annoyed with me, I kept feeling like they were sighing, feet tapping, arms crossed. I got emotional and felt tears well up in my eyes (something that's never happened in ritual before) as I began making a new lamen. I then went about the ritual, consecrating the space, making the circle etc...All went well. Then I got to the point in the ritual where you meditate on the symbols of the planet and it's intelligence. I felt it necessary to apologize out loud and to make my specific requests. I never got a confirmation that I was heard or anything. The only message I was given was "You are ready for deep companionship, but you are not ready for love". Love is not the most powerful force in my life so I expected to hear something like that...But from Venus not Jupiter! Geez....I closed out the ritual and dismissed the spirits. After the ritual a line form a song I enjoy popped into my head: "well, didn't you know that I'm apart of you? didn't you know I need you to help me through? Please, don't turn your back on me." I interpreted that as Jupiter saying "Dumbass, all the blessings you want are sitting there waiting for you. get your shit together and then you can receive them". I also took it as them telling me not to be upset and to not turn away from them. Just, come back when I'm really ready to make it happen. Funny, it took calling upon the powers of Jupiter to realize that what I really need is the discipline and courage that only Mars can bring. What I've experienced since the rite: The night of and day after the rite I was very depressed and emotional. I just wanted a hug. Then I realized that at the end of the day all we truly have is ourselves. thus began an obsession with all things financial ( better checking account, building credit, better savings account, saving more etc), a desire to go to work every single day, I don't even want an off day. An over all obsession with organization. From papers and files to old check stubs and receipts, from medical expenses to making an eating out budget. Only tim will tell whats next. Jupiter down, Mars is next!
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    You can see every glass ceiling from here to eternity. You know what each layer represents, and what will happen when you start bumping up against each one. You know you will break through them. You sometimes struggle to be patient, to understand that the rewards on the other side of that ceiling not only have to be earned, but will only be fully appreciated when they're gleaned the hard way. No shortcuts. The entire journey is an exercise in much more than patience; it is almost like an exercise in spiritual temperance. Others on similar journeys will get frustrated when you fall behind, or forge ahead, of where they are on their own path- we are social creatures that cherish common ground, after all. Peering through all the layers of glass, you see who you will eventually become. The longer you stay engaged in this dance, the more you like that future-you. The strength you employ now will eventually bloom into a powerful sense of self-possession. The resilience that has gotten you this far will slowly transform into a harmony with yourself and the universe that is breathtaking in its completeness. You begin to understand- really understand- where you come from, who came before you, who you are now, and why you were meant to become the individual you will be after many tomorrows have passed. But for now, you keep plodding along the crooked path, sometimes forging ahead despite the obstacles, while other times stopping to rest and listen to the whispered secrets and wisdom. The eyes are always watching...from the puddles, from the trees, from the clouds. Watching to see how you will handle the gifts and the traumas and the quiet times. They judge and punish- or reward- at their own leisure, with recourse being as uncommon as it is unnecessary. Occasionally, some of the shadows slink onto the path with you, offering guidance that develops more and more meaning the farther along that you travel. Other times, you come across creatures who reject any affiliation with linear time, social decorum, and other laughably narrow-minded human constructs. You begin to realize that, in this realm of life and death and the Other, there is no end. And then you break through that glass ceiling that suddenly makes the endlessness not only 'okay', but downright comforting. Later, you See sad things happen to those you care about, and suddenly you are reminded of the price of knowledge. Yet, as much of a bitch it is to be a witch at times, you cannot fathom being anything (or anyone) else.
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    It seems that spring is finally here. Small green shoots are beginning, the sun is setting later and later, the sun is warm and the air is crisp, and I am so happy about it. While this winter was incredibly valuable for my mind and spirit, I am thrilled to be out of the cold darkness and into the fresh budding world. Today I was walking my dog down a quiet country road. The stream was roaring and spraying from the sudden onset of snowmelt. Birds were freaking the fuck out, singing their little hearts out. The earth was damp, showing small trenches where ice bullied and dug its way down. The dog and I came to a spot where we silently agreed to just stand, listen, and breath. It felt like the land was sighing. The spring has shown me a gift as well. The road I was on is not well tended, the gravel has been long compressed into the ground, and there are hundreds of potholes, some very big. When it rains, the water collects in these potholes to make a murky, shallow puddle. As the dog and I were walking back at our leisurely pace, I gazed down into one of these puddle and saw the reflection of the black crooked lines of the trees and the perfect outline of the hawk which soared above. I felt drawn and stared deeper...and I felt the world move away, and felt the eyes behind mine open wide as the shimmer of the unseen became more tangible. I have never been one for scrying, but perhaps I had the wrong medium. I could not stay long as the dog was ready for a nap, so we retired back to the house. I look forward to enjoying much more of the Light and Life, the dance and flow, and the cascading growth to come.
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    This time of year, which around here is the harshest, is the part when I feel closest to death. Not to my own personal death, nor to the dead ancestors, but to death. Not to the crazed struggle for life that is dying, nor to the shuffled coil, but to death. I feel close to the raw and stinky fact of death at this time of every year, and it's because of that dang nisky. It's one of those difficult topics that I never have been able to talk about successfully. Sometimes it seems too banal, because of course people drown in rivers. Sometimes my tongue roots itself in my mouth because a glimpse of that thing has made a genuine hard case, the kind of person who smuggles guns in their mattress, literally shit their pants. So I stick my nose back in my books, and I watch my children, and I keep my windows sealed. I try to think of other things, things I can do something about, and I often succeed. At other parts of the year I succeed. This part though, this is when I have seen the river hunt. The police always say the men are drunk. Mostly they find them out a bit, bobbing around. They must have been out drinking the night before and fallen into the cold river. But there was that one man they couldn't explain as well. Why did he walk down under the aqueduct? How did he wind up off the stones and into the mud? How did he sink into the mud up to his waist? Why didn't he answer his friends when they called out for him, or make any noise at all while the tide came back in? That one shook the department up a bit. They wanted to know if we had heard anything, seen anything, and what could I say? Officer, the river walks at night as a colossus and hunts men in reparation for the poison from the train yard. Okay little girl. I can barely tell you guys. The river hunts. It's hunting right now, and there's not one damn thing I can do. It's hella bigger than me, and it's pissed, and it ought to be pissed. It doesn't want apologies or praise. It doesn't want presents. It wants to take its due, and it does.
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    Sometimes it's better to be alone. Trust yourself and your instincts. It's ok to let your guard down...sometimes. Never underestimate the power of a shield. Keep going, even if it feels like torture. A dog really is man's best friend. When in doubt, go outside. Don't be afraid of change. Learn from the darkness, its lessons are valuable. Do not be afraid to see the planes within yourself. Neglect will make them terrifying, only observation and care will clear the dust.
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    La Madama is not an Orisha or Loa, but she is venerated by many practitioners within african diaspora faiths. She is the spirit of an old slave conjure woman. La Madama is the patron of playing card readers and bone readers, the latter a link to her past on the African continent. As a conjure woman, she carries the wisdom of all the old rootworkers from the past. She is the patron of root doctors, and as a spirit guide, she may be called upon by conjure doctors who seek information when faced with difficult clients or intractable jobs of spell-casting. The broom is one of her tools; she works with the broom to sweep out all crossed conditions, family issues, troubles, and confusion that clients may bring to the root doctor. Her assistance is sought by those performing rites of spiritual cleansing for clients, opening their roads, or bringing them total success in all they do. She is also petitioned to bless and settle down troublesome folks, bring money into the house, and help bills get paid on time. Old-fashioned "Aunt Jemima" pancake mix advertising art or "Mammy" style cookie jar figures are images often used to represent La Madama on the altar. Cuban-influenced card readers who work with La Madama may house her in an iron pot, after the manner used when working with orishas, and they will provide her with tools such as a knife to nail down enemies, a pack of playing cards to reveal the client's troubles, a broom for cleansing and to sweep away crossed conditions, some chalk to mark the magical work and lock it down, and a wooden cross to hold her power. The colors associated with La Madama are red or dark orange, white, and black, and these colours, as well as a broom, are also found on Aunt Jemima and Mammy figures. The offerings La Madama accepts are molasses, whiskey, brown sugar, cigarettes, a cool glass of water, and a vigil candle. (source:http://readersandrootworkers.org/wiki/La_Madama) I have worked with La Madama for a while. She is very helpful, but not always like you would expect. She gives you adivce sometimes with a smack upside the head, and swipe with her broom.
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    Photo attached of the new set of Runes I have made so far: EHWAZ (horse), GEBO (gift), ELHAZ (protection), SOWILO (rays of sun), PEORP (cup), LAGUZ (water/underworld) Hoped you liked the blogs on each one ... more coming soon!!
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    Once I found out the Viking might be leaving, I knew I would have to find someone new to carry the charm. Naturally, this stressed me out. However, it being solstice weekend, and with things going all too well on other fronts (such as my love life, which turned out to be a handful of mashed up dead leaves aka faerie gold 😕), I whispered my need to the spirit of the store and knew it would be taken care of. (The masks are great for things like this, ya know?) For the sake of privacy, we'll go with the names I created for the people helping me carry the energy of the ward = The Warrior, The Viking, BB Witch, and now The Guardian of Produce, who I'll call GP, for the sake of brevity. Oh snap. Not two hours later, one of my friends pulled me aside. "He said he put a love spell on me, that was the day I met Boyfriend! He just confessed he practices magick... I think GP is the one to carry Viking's charm! You should ask him..." Skip ahead. I made GP a new charm, from dragon's blood ink and charcoal. The first tip off was when he got really excited, wanting to know every way he could help. I told him who the other people were, and walked him around the store to know the locations of the charms for the ward. He said he would connect with the Viking and find out the deets on the center charm. That night, I was awoken twice to hear his true name in my head. The first thought in my brain? Oh what? It isn't a fluke? -- Previously to this, I had only energetically connected to the Warrior in a similar manner. The Warrior is the only one who doesn't want to be involved beyond lending his energy, and that's valid, so I never mentioned it to him. Over the course of conversation with GP last night, I realized why I never connected with Viking and BB Witch, and why their connections seem so "dead". It's because they not only lied about wanting to be involved, but they also don't believe in the ward, and are just playing around with things they don't understand. They were placeholders, until their charms could be passed on to people who weren't ready yet. My spirits confirmed that BB Witch is a liar, and GP's conversation with Viking came out, proving that the Viking simply does not care and just pays lip service (and is a bit afraid of me, which is sad). Nevertheless, even with their lack of connection, the ward has held. No one at the store has gotten the virus. For a shop right next to the airport, where everyone from the Lower 48 comes (they don't enforce quarantine here, and customers hardly wear masks), that's pretty amazing. As for what to do with BB Witch and the Viking's charms, GP suggested my friend(BB Bat) take BB Witch's. She knows about the ward and has started her Path recently. He's also in love with her which may or may not have influenced his suggestion, so I asked my ancestors and they said "she must be ready. It must happen soon." They also suggested someone else to carry the Viking's charm, but as for that one... I don't know. I ask him for protection when I have to check on the ward, through our shared psychic connection, but we hardly ever speak to one another. Yet he hears me, for on those days he always is around me, as though by his presence he is protecting me from unseen dangers (that's his mundane job, to top it off, lol). Where to go from here? Well, who can say? All I know is that this is the reason I was meant to stay at the store, and that since leaving my ex the unseen has come to my aid more times than I can count. And I have paid it back, by becoming the witch I was always supposed to be. Somewhere in the past, time loops. The me that came before, she did a ward like this one. But I don't think she had enough help. I think she died, trying to hold back the dark all alone.
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    The craft I adhere is of christian origin, takes a lot from jewish and gnosticism traditions. This doesn't mean that you can't take it and apply to your tradition. This bread is so good to offer a sacrifice to the spirit of the nature, the ancestors and the God(s) in one ritual. Ingredients: 1 cup of flour (you can mix white, whole and add to tase dark, rye or other flour) 1\3 cup of water a pinch of ritual salt (I use the same I keep on the altar for purifications) a pinch of yeast (active dry) Steps: Sprinkle yeast on top of the lukewarm water and stir to dissolve. Sift the flours together and add the salt. Make the sign of the cross into the flour (or make a well in the center of the flour) and add yeast mixture. Use hands to mix, rotating in a circular motion to pull flour gradually into the center. When the dough comes together, turn it on a floured plane and knead until smooth. (20 mins) Let it rest for 10 mins. Form the dough into a round loaf. Use a wooden skewer or other tool to poke holes in the dough or other symbols. Cover with a clean towel and allow to raise for 30 mins. Preheat the oven to 180 C (355 F) and bake. Baking time can differ: if you bake a loaf prepared with 6 cups of flour, it will bake for about a hour and 20 mins. for small loafs, you can bake it in a smaller oven or in a sauce pan. For small loafs pour some water at the bottom of the oven so the atmosphere is moist enough. Offering: I usually divide the loaf in four parts: The first is placed on a clean plate as offering to the God(s). I will leave it on the altar for a while then I burn it or bury it near a tall tree; The second is an offering to the spirits of the ancestors. I take a small piece from the quarter and offer it to the spirits: I preare a clean plate and a cup of wine/milk. I take a small piece of the bread and place on the other plate (1th one), invite the spirits to eat with them. then I eat the bread and the cup as in a ritual meal. (Manes, Lares et Poenates, benedicti, huius panis et vino/lacte libando estote fitote propitii mihi, domo atque familiae). The third one becomes an offering to the spirits of the nature and is left in a wood or the back garden. This will assure to befriend those spirits who live in the wilderness. The fourth one is again a ritual meal. in order to receive a special blessing to change something in our life. or to be given to friends who asked a special blessing as alternative to spell casting. If I don't need to to the four offerings in the same ritual. I just divide the bread differently. Let me know what you think of it and if you're going to use this ritual, your experience with it.
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    Gentian root is a great herbal remedy for migraines. I first discovered the benefits from Moxie. Moxie is a soda that includes gentian root. It's quite bitter, but since they have changed the recipe, it tastes more like a root beer with a slightly more bitter taste of licorice added in. I personally like it. Others liken it to tasting like cough syrup. Gentian root works rather quickly, where other medications do not. Take today, for example, I took Tylenol- my first go-to whenever I have a migraine. That did not help a bit, so we decided to get Moxie. One 12-ounce can of Moxie helped within 20 minutes of my migraine. Sure, I have a daith piercing, but on rare occasions I get a migraine that does not ease up with sleep or medication. Gentian root is pretty much a cure all herb. It protects and stimulates liver function, aids in regeneration of liver cells, and increases the flow of bile. Gentian is also known to stimulate the appetite (for those who do not eat much due to lack of appetite), improves digestion overall, and treat gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhea, heartburn, vomiting, and stomach ache. Gentian also helps to improve kidney health by detoxification assistance. The root has antiseptic properties, which aids in removing harmful microorganisms from the digestive tract and has even helped in ridding the body of parasitic worms that lurk about in the intestines. In Europe, gentian has been used to treat anemia because it stimulates the digestive system to more readily absorb nutrients we ingest through daily food and/or vitamins. Also, it is known to aid in sore throat relief and improve circulation. So, as you can see- Gentian is definitely a cure all root. It's great for a number of ailments and is trusted around the world for healing.
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    The past couple of weeks I have been meditating/going within (when the peace and quiet is available), more to relax and empty my mind (does not take long :P ), and I have found I have had some really restful sleeps and some uneventfull dreams. Last night, my meditation went a little step further, when I concentrated on my confidence, and I had such a wierd and unsettling dream afterwards. Not too sure if it is connected, but I will be doing more of this meditation, so it will be interesting to see what my dreams are like afterwards. :wacko:
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    After a day of pain and strong feelings from the river, I have washed and grounded myself. Now that I am calm and as neutral as I can be at the moment, I am feeling the season - the equinox is coming soon, and I can feel what I call the "balancing" happening. The term "balancing" always brought a sense of calm to me, as if balancing was a calming, neutralizing thing. It is not. Recent events have taught me just how abrupt and painful finding the balance can be - sometimes a pendulum must swing between two extremes before it finally, finally settles in the middle. The extremes of a scale can bring destruction, pain, death, intense change, and not everyone makes it out...and that is okay. It may not feel okay, but on a bigger scale, it *is* okay. The middle will change constantly, and constantly be found again. The middle will never stay put, and it is not meant to be more than a resting spot. The river is fighting a war with humanity. She is not the only army in this war - she is the only army I can feel right now. The spirits of the land operate by means above humanity, and humanity often forgets this. I don't know how many others feel the stinging of what is happening to the world right now, but I do.... we are part of nature, but so is bloodlust, and there are many spirits who are very pissed at us specifically right now. We, too, bow down to the forces above us, whether we want to or not....and a change more dark yet colorful than we could ever imagine is coming. The world is changing forever, and to those changes we will bow. Not everyone will make it out alive. I don't know what my role in all of this is, but I suppose time will tell. I can do the most good from a human perspective, I think - taking what I feel and see and using it as fuel to help my mundane actions, such as following my goals of conservation, voting properly, and always keeping the destruction at hand in the back of my head and keeping an eye on the destruction happening from humans. Talking to people about the importance of watching their damn step, reminding them in every way I can that they are part of the natural world, and preserving the world we have evolved to live in is crucial to self preservation. I don't know what else to do. More change is coming. It is not good for us. But, a balance will be found, one way or another, and once again I am in awe of the power of the world around me.
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    So far this year has been super eventful, both on the personal front but also in my craft. My last blog was about a surprising new direction I was put in as a result of a new experiment, and that is something that continues to unfold in between everything else. and then yesterday I was pointed toward something else that I had not given any thought to until now. I was walking in the hills with my SO and collecting small stones (both activities are common for me). The stones that were standing out to me yesterday were smallish, oval and round, clear to white and the sun could shine through them. Quartz, nothing special, aside from the size and shape which stood out against the rough and irregular majority of stones. I had a small handful of these stones and was trying to remember the name of certain rock type when I got a flash in my mind of me throwing them out over a board with a circle on it, the circle was divided up and had symbols in each space and around the border. That was it. I continued walking and collecting stones and thinking about that for a ways. Obviously it was some kind of divination but I didnt have the name for it until I was able to look it up at home. The internet is an amazing tool. I've never been good at or all that interested in divination. Recently I've finally gotten curious about tarot, since it doesnt seem so overwhelming to learn at this point now that I have a more solid foundation to work with, but I have never thought of starting with anything but tarot or pendulums due to my inexperience in this area. Now it seems that lithomancy is probably something I need to start thinking about and practicing. So here is this blog, its exciting to me that lately i feel more "guided" along, maybe thats not right though and I'm just getting better at listening to myself? I dont know, but its really cool and I feel a sense of momentum in general. As always, I am open to any advise/suggestions/experiences/questions on the topic. Its why I am here :smile:. I'll post in the comments with updates about this as I did with the last blog. I like to keep it together that way for my own reference. Thanks for reading
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    Bee bread, of bees' knees; The boule of sticky gold cooked So gently in the house of bees. Bake it, don't burn it, Sisters together turn it In the house that is oven, In the house that is alembic, Stir the gold and bake it dry. Dry the golden ball of bee bread, brother bees. The sun is shining, lift your head, Wash your eyes in blue, in tears, Fill your ears with sunshine's clamor, Clash your teeth on the beam's bright edge. Lay true gold on your tongue as in a pan, Fill your mouth with sunbutter, with skybread. Purse your gentle lips upon the ball of brightness. Cook it in the heat of your cheeks. Now sing, and every word will gild the world. In mountains honeycombed by rivers, In tunnels hilariously bricked, Songs whisper and laugh themselves to themselves. I keep a honeycombed cavern Wrapped in sticky, golden wheat Laid in a golden tub. I whisper in songs off my gilded tongue. Now bake the high, round hive of it. It is dry, and murmurs like drums, Murmuring my gold sun song in a voice of brick. Husband, bring that bright knife. Unbrick my song to tile the children's plate And tune their tummies to contentment's hum.
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    This evening has been riddled with a crazy ass thunderstorm, which hung right over my village which resides on a hill top. We catch some bad storms but this one was insane, thunder and lightning like crazy and rain pouring like a waterfall. I have felt energy from storms before, but not like this. These last few months have shown me that I have a growing affinity for earth-bound things, and apparently storms are no different. I had an excellent session with the storm, where I met what I can only describe as a "lady" in the storm, an entity not human but mostly feminine-feeling, who showed me "her" potential to inspire both incredible love and terrible fear - "she" gathers the current existing in the air during the storm and bolts it through the sky, jumping it through the material in the sky as "her" own highway of raw power. This electrical power "she" gathers and utilizes is the same power which keeps us living, breathing, moving... the tiny pulses of our own living energy, and so much more. I wonder, is this "lady" in every storm? Are there different entities for different storms? Or perhaps, was it the energy of the thunderstorm personifying itself? I do not know, but I will never forget feeling like a living, breathing sparkler, or seeing how quickly she could energize or end me. A few days ago, the breeze taught me a song to bring it to me, pulling it deep from my diaphragm and showing me with my own lips how to call it - I tried using the song after my initial session with the storm and she did not approve - "she" is not the wind, and will not be beckoned like the wind. I do not know what Path I am stepping in to, and I do not understand most of what I have seen, heard, smelled, and felt, but the power I have seen these last few months and particularly this evening, is humbling and fascinating. I am honored to have seen a tiny, tiny handful of the mysteries which exist on this crazy, beautiful, complex rock which spins like a dancer through the cosmos.
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    *disclaimer: None of this is bullshit, all of it is real* So I began preparations for my ritual around 2:30 AM. The hour of mars began around 3:50-4:00 am. I decided to do it in my place of work (a very old independent theater) after hours. I started by revising a list of things I plan on accomplishing, basically a to do list for the next 5 months. I added lots of things to the list and even made a column for things of a spiritual nature. The mars current was definitely with me because I became very aggressive, not only with making the list, but with my goals. Some of the goals are doable but the amount of time I'm giving myself to accomplish them is very daring. I was also compelled to begin every sentence with "I will". After working on the list for 30 min, I went about setting up the ritual space. As I was arranging all the ritual tools, I realized I forgot my incense and incense holder. Sigh...I decided it would be ok, at least I had my candle. I then went to look for my lighter and surprise! It wasn't there. I KNEW I packed it but it magically disappeared. I then became incredibly frustrated and started yelling "really?!" all over the theater. I went and looked in every single place a fire source would be on the main floor and upstairs. All th while the spirits that frequent the theater were in full effect. Not even trying to hide. We're talking full on white specters. I was too pissed to care. I then thought to myself "maybe this is what mars in trying to teach me. I need to become a more aggressive person and I have to get angry about the state of things. If I want to make things happen I have to get mad!" I then cut through an alley to get to one of the basements in the theater. As I opened the back door I was immediately greeted with a freshly spray painted message. When I say freshly painted, I mean I could still smell the paint and the cans were on the ground. The message read: 'Glory. You are who you are...Never change'. Wow. I love it when spirits speak through omens. It makes me feel a little less alone, like my steps are guided by things that want to see me do well. *warm fuzzies* So I have this thing that I do when I'm trying to find something. I tap into the aura and subtle energies surrounding my hands and close my eyes. I then "see" what it is I'm looking for and try to imagine what the vibration of said item would feel like. Then, with my eyes closed I scan the energies in the room and let my hands lead me to the vibration that most closely matches what I'm looking for. I can usually determine which direction I need to walk in by slight pulls and tingles in my finger tips. I did this in the basement to look for a lighter of some sort. I went in the direction my hands pulled me and began digging through nut, bolts and other random tools. I couldn't find it. Where the hell was it? As soon as I was about to give up, I discovered a big black thing. Out of curiosity I picked it up...."REALLY MARS?! A FUCKING BLOW TORCH?! LMAO!" I said out loud. I then told mars that as entertaining as it would be for him, I really didn't want to be responsible for burning down my place of work. I put it back; started over and found a bright red book of matches with a stylized picture of a flaming hot grill on the front, in a dusty cup of pens, in a cobweb filled corner. As I walked back to the main stage, where my rite was taking place, I picked up on a theme. Preparedness in every way, is the key to success in all things. Thanks mars. The ritual. After all the drama, I began making my lamen. I was overcome with laughter when I discovered how complicated the sigil in the middle was. I set everything up, said everything I needed to say, cast the circle (Barsa did you catch that we're supposed to cast the circle around the entire operation, not just ourselves, but table-of-art and all? I just realized that last night) I pulled out my list and asked Sammael to give me the strength, fortitude, courage and discipline to see every single goal through to completion. I asked if he would please give me a sign that he heard me and that he'll answer my prayers. The flame on the candle jumped and made a loud popping noise. I took it as a yes. I then contemplated the symbols of mars. I decided to go into a light trance and vibrate both symbols in my third eye. I received a brief vision of sammael. He came to me with golden curly hair, glowing eyes like white hot fire. His skin color wasn't clear, I just saw streaks of purple and blue energy outlining his sharp features. His robe was long, flowing and was kind of like a toga. Like, over one shoulder, arms exposed. the color was the same as his eyes. and the same purple and blue energy was outlining the fabric. He held a large sword. He was flying towards me at an angle as if falling on top of me in ambush, sword drawn. I began feeling thick intense vibrations. There was a dull energetic current rising from the base of my spine to the base of my brain... The messages I received: "Remember that there is power in stillness" and "No matter what it is, carry on". After that I was given the idea to imagine both symbols in the air above me drawn in fire. I did that and felt a light brush of energy fall onto me. I took that as an anointing of sorts. I felt like the sensitive little sibling that drives you crazy but that you can't help but love and spoil. I thanked Sammael and dismissed him. As soon as the ritual ended I realized I was hot and drenched in sweat. I didn't notice anything while in ritual. I stole a cookie, shut the building down and went home.
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    On a college campus. It will be called Breakfast & Alcohol. Instead of small, medium, and large, all the sizes will be quiz, midterm, and final. At the end of the year, every student will get one free shot for every new A on their transcript. All we will serve is breakfast and alcohol. I will be a millionaire.
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    Fasted for the rest of the day after the failed attempt to do the Mars ritual yesterday morning. I was never able to successfully fast for an entire day before... low self control, you see. But Mars will fix that, for sure. And it did. I woke up this morning at 4am to redo the ritual, after some intense dreams that I knew I would have forgotten if I hadn't woken up. I had prepared the supplies before going to sleep, so nothing would be forgotten. The words said, the actions done, the contemplation complete. I felt like rusty water was washed over me, and it felt like a thumb being pressed between my eyebrows. I had some communication with the Intelligence that I had spoken to before. I asked for courage for whatever I might have to face with the oncoming Rite, but I feel like that's up to me. After the ritual I didn't notice much of a difference. I felt pretty much the same. The only real difference was, when I woke up again after that, I sat in my bed and thought about spiritual protection. I thought a lot about spiritual protection. More intensely than just a witch bottle or brick dust or even shielding. I thought about protection against physical dangers through spiritual means. I recalled a conversation I had with my friend yesterday, and how her house got raided by cops in riot gear and guns, and how they threw her to the ground and searched her and then locked her in the bathroom with one of them while they went through her house looking for meth that was never there. She asked for a warrant and they wouldn't give it to her. They wouldn't even talk to her, just throw her around. She told me how she could hear them playing her harp, heard them make up funny songs about raiding her house, and then finally heard them smash her harp. She told me how they stole her shit and roommates underwear and photos. And then, finally, she told me as they were leaving they finally showed her the warrant that was outdated. Several years outdated. She was left with a destroyed house. All the windows and doors were smashed for their pure enjoyment, and there was nothing she could do about it. She said she couldn't even sue them. As I lay thinking about this, I felt anger welling up inside me. Nothing you could do... they had guns... any retaliation and they would have just shot you, saying you attacked them. You could literally be killed in your own home just for trying to stop someone from destroying it, legally. Legally killed. I was getting so pissed. I need to get stronger, magically. I need to make my spirits stronger. If that happened to me... and I was stronger, they may have been able to leave the house with it destroyed, but they also might have been followed home by a shadow. Each one. And they and their families would have to deal with their mistakes. And that did it. I will be stronger for my own protection, and for the protection of those I care about. And for my things. You don't fuck with a witch's things. Come in and smash my altar? You better believe even your great grandchildren will be feeling the sting. thank-u-Mars.
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    Last night was the first balmy evening of the season, and I was able to sit outside without needing to wear a light jacket. The first activity I chose to engage in was an impromptu deep meditation session. After a while, I drifted back to this reality and allowed my eyes to focus on the world around me. A seagull practically grazed the roof of my house, turned sharply to the east, and flew straight towards the moon, growing smaller and smaller until its drab body was indistinguishable from the lunar surface. A bald eagle soared in from the south, then hitched a spiraling ride on a thermal rising from my property. Turning my gaze up even higher, I saw a curious cloud formation. Fresh from meditation, I was of the mindset that everything I had seen in the preceding moments may or may not have been physically "real", per se. In the past, I have not photographed curious things that visually present themselves to me: not because I'm afraid photographs would prove or disprove their "realness", but rather because these things happen when I don't have a camera or cell phone on me to capture the moment. As I sat entranced by the clouds, I suddenly recalled that my cell phone was in my back pocket due to the informal and spontaneous nature of the meditation. I hesitated for a moment, then whipped the phone out and snapped the picture. As suddenly as the thought had come to take the photo, so too came the compulsion to toss my phone onto the lawn, out of my reach. I settled back and watched the cloud formation, noting the baseball diamond configuration. The blob of cloud between what would be first and second base suddenly tightened into a perfectly-defined face. It was of an older man with a high forehead, bushy beard, and enormous grin. I sent a silent, casual greeting and received a perfunctory acknowledgement. Within a few seconds, the face's features faded back into a dispersed blob. Had I witnessed that two years ago, I would have immediately feared that my sanity was questionable. One year ago, I would have been insecure about my perception, but tried to remain open to the experience nonetheless. Today, such experiences have become a bit of an expected occurrence, and fill me curiosity and satisfaction rather than trepidation. Best of all? I know this is just the beginning of my Path. And I love it all: the good, the bad, the scary, and the comforting.
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    As I write this I am sitting on a mattress in my empty living room with a glass bottle of wine. The house is almost entirely packed for our move across country, and by "entirely packed" I mean the 7 boxes of stuff we're actually taking are scattered all over the place. As for the furniture and household items: most of it is all sold. I'm not really sure what we were thinking, getting rid of everything so quickly. Now we're to spend 2 weeks without so much as a refridgerator or a couch. For some reason I'm pleased about it though, and the entire process seems really symbolic to me. We moved to Tasmania on a whim with only a suitcase each and a few hundred dollars. Together we spent months in an empty house, slowly building up a comfortable home around us. Now after 2 years we will spend our last few weeks living in the exact same manner as we began. With next to nothing. It's very cleansing but I'm sure other people would perceive this as borderline insanity, haha. Not only will I be leaving a lot of my material items but I'll be leaving a lot of negative energy behind as well. (best cleanse the house before I go so the new tenants aren't bombarded, woops!) Moving to Tasmania and living such a solitary life for the past two years has been one of the most beneficial experiences of my life. I needed this time to be by myself and understand my own mind and heal from the trauma that 2010 - 2012 brought with it. I'll be honest though, in saying that I'm a bit scared about rejoining society after spending so much time in my own company. Last year I left the house about 40 times? Not including spending time in my yard, of course. This year I have been a little better but I'm still quite sensitive and wary when I'm in public. All in all this marks the beginning of an entirely new phase in my life, one that I've been yearning for a little while now. I'm writing this blog post as something that I can look back on in a few months and see how different things are by then. Hopefully they're shining a little brighter than they are right now :smile: My fantasy for the future is living somewhere in or around a rainforest, having friends close by and maybe even getting a job? That would be fun! Hopefully I can manage a large vegetable garden and a bunch of chicken and goat friends to keep me company. Oh, oh and maybe I could finish an entire year of university without dropping out? I think these are pretty achievable goals, really. P.S I'm also hoping to leave a negative entity behind as well, although I need to do some more research over the next week or so because whatever it is...it's not coming to the mainland with me! I've had enough broken windows and mirrors and slamming doors, thank you very much.
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    In consideration of everything I want to accomplish this year, I decided to create a servitor based on Iron John. He is a wild man of the woods with gold and arms at his disposal. I made the physical representation out of clay, in the shape of the head of a bearded man which contains the appropriate herbs, items, and a very large quartz crystal point. I used my own method to bring it to life. I had decided to sell my portable sawmill last year, but the timing didn't feel right, so I waited until after the holidays. This became my new servitor's first task; to quickly find a buyer that would meet my price without haggling. I gave it the command and then posted the ad on craigslist. In about ten minutes, the calls and texts started coming in, and ten minutes after that, I had spoken to the gentleman who would buy the sawmill. Last saturday he picked it up, leaving me with a pocket full of cash, and the promise of a complimentary night for me and a guest at his bed and breakfast. I rewarded the servitor with beer, fruit, and honey. Years of experimentation have taught me a few guidelines for creating these beings and using them successfully. 1. It's nature has to resonate with you. It is, in a sense, a reflection of aspects of yourself, and it's important to be concious of that in order to prevent it from taking on any detrimental qualities. This is also why I often choose heroic archetypes to base them on. 2. Trust your instincts during it's creation, and while a servitor can be created without a physical form, I find it's best to create something with your hands as well as your mind. 3. Each one is unique, and cannot be recreated, and each has a lifespan. 4. One task at a time. 5. Always command, never ask. As it's creator, you are it's god. It would not exist without you. 6. Reward it for its efforts, as a semi-sentient being, it's existence would become unbearable and it would wither and die without getting something for its labor. 7. The more you use it, the more powerful it becomes, but in reality, this is your own power.
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    I have been battling the issue of feeling useless if a spell does not work. For the past couple months I've focused very intently on increasing my results and the power of my familiar. And things were going pretty strong, until a shift happened. I had sent my familiar on a task to return some lost property, and my big ego told me that this should be a simple task. We had done more impossible things in the past... why not? Days passed and the property had not returned. A feeling of weakness and uselessness keeps creeping into my mind. What is a witch that can't do a simple spell? I fight projecting this onto my familiar, seeing it as his failure as much as mine. I fight being angry with him, because even though it is my issue, I want to blame someone else. Really, this happens. Every witch goes through a dry spell (no pun intended). Sometimes, or more often than not, a spell won't happen until you forget about it (such as what the chaotes say), or at least until it isn't the main thought in your mind... Or really it could be you just need a break. It happens. Could be cosmic, could be mental. So a note to all who go through this also... don't beat yourself up. It happens.
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    It's my observation that everyone has their own unique rhythm with the moon. The logic has extended to assessing my best and worst trips. Whether business or leisure, solo or with others, a pattern started to emerge. I'm not a fan of mass-applied correspondence lists, and created this list based on my own rhythms. I hope it inspires others to evaluate their own lunar rhythm and try out planning events around the moon calendar. 1st quarter: Low-stress, laid-back, flexible itinerary travel is ideal during this time. My best vacation photography and social interactions happen now. 2nd quarter: Best for physically demanding trips. I learned the hard way that I won't do overnight hiking trips in any other quarter. 3rd quarter: I get the most from a detailed itinerary now. Trips that require long or hard transit to the destination, followed by several days of fun and relaxation, are best now. 4th quarter: Quiet retreats and solo travel are just delicious at this time. On a side note, I've noticed that I'm in the league of travelers who enjoy travelling when Mercury is retrograde. It's promoted as "common knowledge" that transportation during Mercury retrograde could, at best, go unplanned- and at worst, could be dangerous. If you're the personality type who relishes making unexpected memories and the potentially fun challenges inherent to abrupt changes in plans, please don't let the Mercury retrograde scare talk dissuade you from exploring our world. But, just to be safe, always be smart and have a Plan B in place anyway, whether Mercury is retrograde or not. ;)
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    Inside. The star slides between our rock and the celestial fish. Pisces pulls everything into one's murkiest depths. Floating atop the waves is not an option; reflection is a requirement. Methodical, cerebral self-assessment gives way to an indescribable language of intuitive perception. Revelations are demurely shown while time ceases to 'tick' by, and rather trickles, gushes, flows onwards. Secrets- once silenced and drowned- whisper reminders of weathered storms, hidden scars, and the masks that are worn even when one is alone and regarding the mirror's image. The clash between sincere desire and actual reality can swirl into a powerful maelstrom that incites change, or it can whip up a tempest that indiscriminately destroys strengths and weaknesses alike. Outside. The northern lands do not slumber deeply in winter. Its sleep under the ice is light, its dreams illuminated by the dance of the aurora. Equinox approaches. The sun creeps ever higher in the sky, its daytime visits lasting longer for every day that passes. The warmth of the light lures the songbirds from their tree-holes and burrows, sending them on flits through the frozen forest. The tall ones are naked of green. Something deep within them stirs, prompting them to drink from the earth. The chill of the air fades enough to harbor the occasional whiff of awakening soil. There are hinted promises of technicolor wildflowers and wiggly earthworms and bombastic aspen leaves. Skies, once gray and flat, dresses now in azures more brilliantly hued than the day before. In-between. Ceasefire! Death and Life embrace. All is everything and nothing. There is no fulcrum here, only harmony and blurred lines and accepted fates. The surface is always there, always needed to support and suppress, yet is always forgotten- a barrier between what has been and what will be, a canvas for the here and now. Its above holds court with the sweeping chaos of Life, whereas its below hosts the Universe's rudiments that sought solace within the Cthonic grottos.
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    Preface: by 'Traveling', I mean it in the mundane sense of departing from home to a far-off destination. :) For the last three years, I notice bird feathers whenever I travel long distances. Their appearance follow a pattern: - The cycle always has three sightings, with the first feather sighted on the day of my departure, and the last one seen during the last 48 hours of my trip - The feathers are always white or very light-colored - They are in an unusual or very obvious location Harboring a lifetime of unbridled enthusiasm for traveling, in my excitement for the upcoming journey I always forget about the 'traveling feathers'...until I see the first one. The first feather is almost always in the airport itself: one time it was a large seagull feather in pristine condition that had blown through the terminal door and landed right next to my foot as I waited to check in for my flight. One time it was a plume under the only available waiting seat at my aircraft's boarding gate. The only instance when the first one sighted didn't fall precisely into the pattern was as I was leaving a friend's house enroute to the airport (the friend was a professional pilot). On my recent trip, however, a new phenomenon caught my attention. In a bathroom stall at the airport terminal, there werec two feathers at eye-level, stuck via static-cling to the wall of the stall. There was one light feather and one dark feather, positioned a few inches from each other. My instant perception was "Looks like someone's goose-down jacket was leaking." It took a few moments before my brain suggested that they could be new incarnation of the traveling feathers saga. Refusing to commit to any conclusions, I made a mental note and moved on. Two flights and one train ride later, I finally arrived at my destination. Exhausted from over 36 hours without sleep, I did a double-take when I saw two feathers- one dark, one light, only a few centimeters from each other- perfectly in line with my path from the vehicle to the house's entryway. My internal pattern recognition system gave a pronounced 'blip' that time, and at this point filed the observance into the "Shouldn't Be Ignored" category. A few days later, less than 48 hours before I was set to begin the long journey home, I came across the third and final set of feathers. These were larger specimens, considerably more banged-up than any other travelling feathers I've seen, their shafts still delicately connected at the base. They have since become separated, but here they are: The other members here who I've spoken to about this immediately noted a strong theme of duality. Although I haven't had the time, energy, or environment to seriously dwell on that interpretation, I do agree that the concept of duality is unmistakable. What confuses me is if, how, and why duality would (or did) pertain to my travels. Was it an indicator that this trip was my first real "test" in my ability to remain true to my Path while maintaining discretion- and was the final pair of feathers confirmation of the feeling I already had of successfully completing the test? Was it a visual manifestation of the new, distinct boundaries I've intsalled with longtime loved ones: a wonky admixture of separating-yet-blending my core "witchy" self with my "mundane" social persona? Or was it as simple as the Universe assessing my interactions with a parent-type friend on the trip, offering a little validation as I finally learned the value of picking my battles, being unapologetic and unashamed about who I am, and being more generous with empathy towards authority figures? So many possible interpretations, yet so little time. A witch's introspection is never complete.
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    On a lighter note, here's a thought I can blame on Gene Wolfe. You see, I was re-reading his New Sun stuff, and of course I realized that there was an obscure term I hadn't nailed down with a strong visual, so I wound up doing yet more research in antique fabrics in the middle of the night, again. I mean, as one does. I want a taffeta chiton. Scroop is an onomatopoeic term for varieties of taffeta, based on the sound it emits when worn. Okay, first, this should be how far more fabrics are judged. Second, now I remember that taffeta sounds like snakes sneaking across sand, or lizards scuttling on pebbles. Third, I've also been doing midnight research in the dance of the bacchantes. So, now I need a purple silk taffeta chiton that I can kirtle aboon my knee while I hop around like a crazed skink to the strains of "The Crystal Ship." As one does.
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    Today I have pondered the way people percieve me and I feel bc I am a very cheerful witch some find that offputting but I'm not a dark and brooding witch and never will be. Don't understand why some people are so put off by someone you tries to look at the positive side of life. Almost like kindness is a bad thing. I will never change the way I am bc it is truely me. I know that some people might feel I have no experience in the Craft bc I don't devulge everything that I do in my Craft. I believe in a certain amount of secrecy not that anything I do is bad or wrong more that it is very personal to me. I am always learning but by no means a novice. I think that different methodes and beliefs sometimes get taken as doing thing wrong. Everyone has different styles and beliefs and that to me is what makes the Craft interesting. I have seen arguements that clearly could be avoided if people understand and accept that everyones styles are different. In closing I just want to say that as a community acceptance of diversity is what will make this commnity stronger. Just food for thought. :vhappywitch: HW
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    This is my first entry in my new blog. I recently have been looking inside myself and really looking at my feelings and how it pertains to me as a person and a Witch. Many dark memories from my past I seem to dwell on,which is the thing that holds me back in many facets of my life. We learn valuable lessons from our pain and suffering but after these lessons are learned we need to know when to let the bad thought and memories to disolve away and not dwell. If we don't we create a negative energy around ourselves that festers like a disease which breaks us down physicaly and mentaly and emotionaly . That is when our power as a witch becomes weak and the negativity spreads to other people usually the ones we most care about. When we learn to set the bad memories free we can see then the true beauty of life around us as we realize this we start to grow as a person and a witch we can reclaim our power. Happiness and fullness can then enter our lives and we create a positive energy around us which will glow like the light of a bright star. AS this happens people around us feel peace and attract to us and our positive energy can heal ouselves and others. This is my personal realization! I'm in the process of excepting who I am and learn to embrace it no matter what others might say or think. To become a witch and a person with self love and self pride. To all that read this know that even if life seems too hard and dark we all have an inner beauty and positive light. We can feel and live this if we are willing to throw away our negative baggage and find the peace and light in all of us. You are all special in your own way let your true self shine! :sunny: HW
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    This year was hectic. The dark part of last year was full of danger, sadness, fear, and pain.The light part of the year has been full of change, from both forces beyond my control and from within myself, and anxiety. I have learned a lot this year about myself, and the value of what I have has shone brightly. I have seen some of the places in which I need to grow, and although the light months were stressful, they were rewarding and incredibly fruitful in the way of self-improvement, growth opportunities, and abundance. The equinox is a time of balance, and for that I am grateful. I am taking today to reflect upon the value these light months have had for me, and the many gifts the universe has given to me. I am most grateful for the new perspective I have gained - I know why I am where I am, I know I am where I need to be, I know what I need to do. After spending over a year of my life feeling lost and often times hopeless, it is refreshing to feel the firm ground of my decisions under my feet once again. For the first time in a long time, I am truly looking forward to the dark months. I feel a calmness coming, one I look forward to greatly. Dark months have always been quite trying for me, as I suffer seasonal depression, but I think I will be able to be stronger through them this year. I am looking forward to the lessons the dark has for me, and the stillness I sense in the nearing future. I am also looking forward to the thinning Veil, and being able to celebrate with my past loved ones more vibrantly. This equinox, I celebrate this perfect balance of worlds - light and dark, life and death, sun and moon, growth and stillness - and look to the darkness with new eyes. These Dark months will be different! I can use my "toolbox" of life in a new, strong way, and I have many loved ones protecting me on both sides of the Veil. Tonight, I will go out into the slightly bitter, truly autumn night with my thoughts humble and thankful, my spirits uplifted and at peace, and gifts for the loved ones and guardians who have helped me through this groundbreaking year. Have a wonderful equinox! :cheers:
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    [This visit occurred in April, and marked my first graveyard experience since embracing my Path.] I've never felt pulled to a location before via digital information. The quest was simple: satisfy the inexplicable urge to collect some graveyard dirt while both the sun and moon were in Taurus. I had found an old cemetery during previous research that was a powerful admixture of Russian Orthodox and Alaskan Native influences: my prior experiences with such places- prior to embracing the Path- were intoxicating. As I searched in vain to recall the exact location of that nearby graveyard, I stumbled upon scant hints of another cemetery a few more miles down the road. The people buried there were all workers of a now-defunct salmon cannery that operated a stone's throw from the cemetery; the dates of the deaths ranged from the late 1800's to the last resident's burial on Samhaim in 1982 (one week after I was born). A gallon of gas would purchase me the trip to what was, in essence, a mystery of death and history. Springtime in my corner of Alaska is ludicrously glorious. Flat, gray winter skies give way to cotton-ball clouds and moss-covered stones. I embraced a bit of tongue-in-cheek melodrama on the drive out, blasting Rachmaninoff's 'Isle of the Dead (Opus 29)' on the vehicle's speakers as I took the winding two-lane road to my destination. Access to the site was paved in gravel. It slipped from a smattering of spruce into maritime bogland, offering brief glimpses of the river that provided the mainstay industry that is responsible for the livelihood and eventual deaths of the very men whose graves I was traveling to visit. The picket fences surrounding a few of the graves were a sharp contrast against the trees admist they were nestled. I swerved into the makeshift parking spot, killed the engine, and gathered my "witchy tactical bag" that contained a newly-ordained special spoon and fresh latch-top jar. As I trekked the few yards from my vehicle to the cemetery, I was struck by the utter calm and silence. The lack of birdsongs was conspicuous, as well as the sound from what should have been resounding surf from the ocean crashing in the beach just a stone-throw away. Having left all expectations at home, I let go of all control and dug deep to the level of simply "being". That's when I felt her- and a female it most certainly was. Curious, observant, charming, protective. I felt an air of judgement, then immediate acceptance. Not used to such a sudden response from a spirit, I took my time on the remnant of a trail leading to the graves, which threaded its way through a small patch of treeless grasses into a cluster of evergreens. As I paused at each wooden grave marker, I was surprised that I was able to connect- albeit faintly- with the spirits of the deceased. It became a bit of a game with myself, a challenge to see if I could get a feel for their personality and heritage before reading their respective marker. My enjoyment of the experience abruptly turned sour as I approached the last marker. Confused, I instantly stopped and knelt down, closing my eyes and willing the veil to thin even more for me. My eyes fluttered open and were drawn to the ground in front and to the side of where I was standing. There was a sadness, resignation, and also a bit of anger emanating from the soil. "There are far more spirits here than there are marked graves, because there are many more buried here!" my intuition screamed. I attempted to gingerly pick my way through the area, but was hit with a resounding "Leave us be" communication. Quickly doubling back to the marked graves, I observed appropriate protocol as I gathered some dirt. As I commenced the leisurely stroll back to my vehicle on a different trail, I noticed an awkwardly-fallen tree at the exact perimeter of the cemetery. Curious, I traipsed over to inspect it. Perched on the trunk was the largest artist's conk (Ganoderma applanatum) I had ever seen. After snapping a few photos, I turned heel to continue my walk when something- not sure what- told me to take the conk. Perplexed and worried that the fungus was entirely too large to be removed from the tree without tools, I grasped it and gave a good tug. It came right off! On the drive back home, I had the feeling that some spirits of the deceased had somehow attached themselves to me (or the graveyard dirt or the conk). Nonetheless, they began to detach individually as I drove on. By the time I was 4 or 5 miles from the cemetery, I felt that they had all departed. Upon returning home, I set about researching my experience. It should be important to note that on intentional, first-time witchy expeditions such as this, I try to avoid researching too thoroughly, for fear of influencing or pigeon-holing my perspective during the experience. Prior to the trip, I was unaware that various cultures and belief systems have long established certain female spirits and deities as being the protector of graveyards (Kali in Hinduism, Maman Brigitte in Vodou, etc.). Perhaps it was one of those whom I felt evaluated by upon entering the area. On a sad note, my feeling that there were many more people interred than indicated was absolutely spot-on. The marked graves were for American and European employees, but quite a few migrant Asian workers at the cannery also died. Why they weren't given a proper burial is a question my research has yet to answer. Even more troubling is how the entire cemetery is abused during an annual fishing event. The nearby river is opened to a horrifically-managed, resident-only subsistence fishery for two weeks every year, and folks from all over the state flock to the area to fill their freezers with salmon for the winter. Unfortunately, my state has a lot of transients who have little regard for respecting nature or landmarks. As a result, the graveyard's idyllic location and overgrowth of trees attracts drunkards and other destructive types who use the graves as a toilet. Every year when the fishery closes and the vultures go back from whence they came, the state has to remove mounds of toilet paper and beer cans scattered throughout the cemetery. Overall, the experience was a memorable one. As a child who was terrified of anything even hinting at Death, it was quite lovely (if not healing) to have such a fruitful visit.
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    As some of you might know from this thread: http://www.traditionalwitch.net/forums/topic/9148-witching-on-the-run/page__p__123140__hl__witching__fromsearch__1#entry123140 I am working in a very limited environment and have to get creative in my practice. One of the things that delighted me about where I now live is the discovery of a hidden creek literally just about 20 yards away. But a chain linked fence has separated us all this time. Like most houses in this overly manicured suburban neighborhood, there is a fence "protecting" the inhabitants from this creek. The creek is surrounded by trees so most people don't even notice that there is a creek there. Well, for the last few months I have been itching really bad to get down to that creek. I fantasized that I could make some secret nature altars down there and even do some plein air workings. But the only way to get it is to jump the fence, which presents two obstacles. One, it's very very steep on the other side of the fence. Two, I'd need to have the house to myself and hopefully no neighbors peering over wondering why this wacko lady was climbing a fence. I finally got the opportunity a couple days ago. I even had a specific working in mind and brought a few small "things" with me. I did look like a doofus crossing that fence. I had to get a cinder block for a step up because its pretty high and then the chain links dug into my thighs and butt and well that hurt. Thank goodness a helpful tree trunk was available to steady me. When I finally crossed over, I was amazed at the energy I felt--at the contrast, mostly, between the sterile suburban life on one side and the sheer WILDNESS on the other. I immediately just froze in my tracks. This was not what I expected. I had some polyanna notion of that space feeling so welcoming since I had been drawn to it but guess what? It wasn't welcoming at ALL. The vibe wasn't so much a Get Out Now vibe as a sense that I was walking into someone's house thinking it was my house. And I was. The place is absolutely full of animal life. I got the sense that this creek is a huge refuge for what wildlife is left here and it just felt like an oasis of wildness. Raccoons, opposums, maybe even foxes ( I saw some large dog like droppings in a place that no dog could have gotten to) hole up there...I have seen ducks and their babies there before too. No doubt there's snakes. Anyhow, I just immediately felt like a trespasser even though that was not my intention. I did not go any further, just sort of stood on the other side of the fence feeling things out. I politely introduced myself to the various spirits of the place and left some offerings. Looked like an even bigger buffoon trying to get back over, hid my cinder block, and am waiting till the right time to try another visit. Anyhow, I just felt like writing about it and it's not really a thread posting kind of topic. It seemed like an important lesson--that the world(s) on the other side of the fence can be vastly different despite a few inches of space separating you. And then of course there's the metaphoric and figurative correlations... In other news, I also finally got a chance to visit my local new age/occult shop (yes they are the same thing here) and I was disappointed to find that the witch section was titled Wicca and there was only total and complete crap available. BOO.
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    Erzulie Freda is the loa that I work with most of all. Of course before doing any ritual work with any Loa you must first ask Papa Legba to open the gates and give him an offering in order to make contact with the other Loa. She is traditionally seen as a pale skinned Loa, sometimes referred to as mulatto or even white skinned. Erzulie Freda is the Loa of love, finery, beauty, jewelry, dancing, luxuries, and flowers. It is said that she has 3 husbands. All of them Loas in their own rights. Damballah, Agwe, and Ogoun. Her colors are pink, blue, white, and gold. When petitioneing her the best sacrifices include jewlery, perfumes, sweets and liquores. She is a very jealous Loa, but a very powerful sorceress. She wants all the attention paid to her, especially if she is riding a servitor. IT is seen that when a servitor is being rode the horse will be very attentive to the men, and rude to the females. Her horses have to be clean, dressed immaculately, and scented sweetly for her to appear and ride them. Erzulie Freda is both femininity and compassion embodied, as well as jealous and spoiled. She can be seen as lazy, but when properly petitioned and given attention to results are quick from Erzulie Freda. When the slaves had to hide their worship of the Loa behind the appearance of catholic saints Erzulie Freda took on the mantle of Mater Dolorosa. questions? Comments?
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    I have traveled back to the place where I was born and raised to celebrate Easter with my family. It will sadly be an abbreviated trip due to my work shedule and having to work Sunday evening from 4pm to 12am. But nonetheless I am back in the house that my mother grew up in, and I lived in from 12 years old to 24. Before that we lived in the house next door. Since my grandmother died in 1994 my family moved back into the house. Renovations were done, and like most old houses with renovations happening old ghosts woke back up. They haven't been quite since. If they ever were quite. I remember spending the night many times with my Mamaw only to have unexplained things happen or see unexplainable things. The road the house sets on was once owned by an ancestor. There isn't much of this part of the mountain that old' Wickcliffe Nash didn't own. The original Nash house still stands at the end of the road, and has recently (from 2008-now) been under major reconstruction, and has made its way onto the national historic landmark list. Here is a short 10 minute video about the house and reconstruction of you want to watch it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMRxlly9HDk Now the house I am in for the next two nights has seen its fair share of turmoil, happiness, life and death. All very strong events that can cut the veil and leave a psychic scar. I grew up hearing Haint tales about this old house. Mysterious footsteps, lights, voices as well as physical apparitions and physical touches. I have had many experiences with spirits in this house. The most recent was probably a year ago when I came do a visit, and awoke to hae a white mist hovering over me. When I saw it a female face and hand appeared from the mist. The hand reached out to touch me and then vanished. I've heard some old folk say this land should have stayed te apple orchard that it was until the late 1930s when my grandparents built the first cabin here. Perhaps this spot of land is a natural vortex for spirits moving from one side to the next? Or perhaps there is just an energy that brings the spirits here for a while, and then they move on. Even as I type this entry I hear footsteps above where noone is, and tapping on the walls. Whatever the cause for the sprits in this house, and no matter how scared or sad they made me in the past I have to thank them for giving me a crash course in spirit work, protections, and communications.
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    Bought a Kantele at half prize from an auction. Should arrive this week if I'm lucky. Then need to do the runework on it and learn to actually play. Piece of cake :happydance:
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    Digging this supermoon thing, just spent an hour watching the moon sitting at a rock next to a lake smoking a cigar and decided that the mood needed some wind so I sang a spell to raise winds. Not even half a minute later the wind started to blow and it was perfect. A powerful moment. Plus I had a staring contest with either a very big runaway white shepherd or a wolf. I think I'll get a Kantele cause singing spells seems to work better than speaking them. Well at least in finnish spell poems case...And Väinämöinen did SING Joukahainen into the swamp. Oh yeah, I finished the mala I was making yesterday
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    Thought I'd try this blogging thing all the cool kids are doing these days B). My big toes getting better after I sprained it a while ago in Tang lang practice. Also been copying down the best parts of my old grimoire into my new one and made a Vampire killer whip after playing too much Castlevania .
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    Looking into areas that I had previously left on the "perhaps later" list. Either because I was afraid or I wasn't ready for it. Likely both. But instead of quickly dismissing some topics or possibilities, I'd might as well face my fear, right? This was originally going to be a post in the thread "The Shadow and the LHP," but it felt too *something* to post as a part of the conversation, so I dragged it over here. The question for me about the Shadow is, which parts of me are "me" and which are the culturally trained aspects? Not to get "victim-y" but I can remember the exact moment when I realized that my personality wasn't "socially acceptable." I grew up in the country with no real neighbors, and I guess I was a little wild. Chatty, imaginative. And loud. (practice for my "teacher" voice). And one day I saw some schoolmates somewhere where hanging out with adults was intolerable, and I went to play with them. I asked if I could join them and they refused me, turned their backs and ignored me. I was utterly devastated, started asking why they wouldn't want me around. I started to second-guess everything I did - modifying my behavior to suit those around me as much as I knew how. Only that didn't work well, and I became a consummate loner. Only now, I wonder if this "other" facade that I've developed over time hasn't become the "real" me (shy, inhibited). I've been encouraged to become more outgoing, to be less "antisocial" as my dad would say. And I try, but the same issues I had as a grade-school kid are still around. I'm still socially awkward, shy. And if I try to be more outgoing, I end up acting like herky-jerky Frankenstein monster. I've accepted that I'm just an introvert. Or worse, just plain shy. Social-phobic. I've heard some silly adage "inside every shy violet there's a snapdragon waiting to burst out." Is the shadow the violet, or the snapdragon? Or both? Complex as this whole process is. This is surface, and I realize this. And it might not matter in the long run, as both are "me" to some extent, and the final objective isn't to beat one unto submission and let the other wander freely. I wonder if the part that rubs salt in the wounds isn't the Shadow as well. The part that plays back scenes from my interactions (with pithy commentary and analysis like a post-game show) for days afterward. Of the part that says "Fuck em all, I'm tired of bowing and scraping." Or are they all just layers, and I'll find that when I get through them all there's nothing at the center but a me-shaped mold of petrified soul. Because I often find that what I do is mimicry of someone else - someone whose behaviors succeed in garnering acceptance. And if I was to strip all these layers of mimicry away, would there be anything of me left? Or did I die that day when some classmates turned me away? Even now, I'm wondering if I shouldn't just delete this whole thing, because I don't want people to think I'm whining. Because the "me" that you see is carefully crafted (no pun intended). Which leads to the observation "Damn, this woman has a control problem." It the Control Freak "me," or is it the Shadow, or both? Round and round.... developing some severe spiritual vertigo.
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    Greetings All, Just lately, mainly due to the rather warm Autumn weather we are experiencing in South Australia at the moment, I have been able to ride my bike to work and go hiking on weekends. Whilst I am doing this, I am trying to fill my senses with the elements around me. AIR ~ Breathing the natural Air, smelling the scents of the flowers, bushes and trees around me (also trying to name as many as I can), watching the birds fly and feed, and Autumn leaves float through the air.... WATER ~ Natural Water running in Creeks, through rocks, and over waterfalls. It's even nice to sit and watch my fish swimming in their aquarium!! EARTH ~ Hiking in bushland gets me closer to the earth, rocks, and all that is earthbound!! FIRE ~ The blazing Sun streaming through the trees, warming us as we hike or ride!! The Universe is treating us very kindly lately ~ We are much appreciative of this Enjoying life at the moment!
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    I recently got into genealogy which totally changed my perspective on ancestors. I used to think generically in terms of Scottish people, more specifically Highlanders but this family tree has blown all that out of the water. My grandfather began it, but he died three years ago and no-one else in the family had looked at it in 20 years. Turns out that although my grandad really did an amazing job considering it was pre-internet, he left loads out...like most of the women. I guess he was a man of his time and lineage to him meant just the menfolk. Still, it gave me a skeleton to work from so I got to work! Between 1841 and 1911 the census is my best friend, because I get an update on the lives I'm looking into. I found...sex outside marriage,infant deaths, illegitimate babies (oh! the shame!), two sets of twins so far!!!!, some servants!!! (didn't see THAT coming), a mother and son who worked as a coalminer (very rare) and a pit pony driver..that sent me into a total loop...just amazing stuff. The result is - I'm feel and AM connected to my ancestors. No fecking rituals, no nonsense, just a bucket load of credits and hours spent trawling records in the "wee small 'oors" :) I knew that my paternal family had moved around alot, but nothing like to the extent that they did - Google maps, how I love you!!!!! xxxx Best of all I have a tangible sense of 'heritage' and I'm damned proud of it. I have the back story to all those people who contributed to me being here, now - gratitude? it ooozes out of me. The spiritualist great-grannies (one was a certified, committed loonie, she's my favourite dead relative right now, closely followed by the female coalminer - AWESOME! How difficult must her life have been?) By the time I'm finished, I'll have a calendar of significant dates to work with, names to call on for help, graves visit for dirt :D and a much deeper understanding of who I am. I never thought something so mundane could turn out to be so magical. It's been brilliant, just thought I'd share.
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    Two cats reside with me and my husband. And I'm beginning to think we have visitors, as well. I know that animals are better a detecting fairies, brownies, etc. And my two cats are peering very intensely at a certain spot in my closet. I got down on the floor next to Tigger, my fiery ginger tabby, and followed his line of vision to one of my skirts. Tigs would get up on his hind legs and bat at the hem, chatter a little. Then sit back down and S T A R E for a while, or look around quickly, like he was following something. I (of course) couldn't see anything. I even tried talking to whatever was there, offering words of welcome, allayment of fears, whatever. Gandhi, my blond tabby (like a bleached out shaggy-haired beach bum version of Tigger) was also s t a r i n g at the same spot. For nearly 15 minutes. Which, for Tigger, is nearly an eternity. So now I wonder if I have some visitors. And how do I find out? I have long wondered about inviting fairies into my house, but I've also heard they are troublesome. OK, enough distraction from work. Back to the thesis. And the cats have now dispersed back to their respective nap stations.
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