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    When my darling Mother-in-Law prior to her passing spent time in the hospital for conjestive heart issues, when she was moved out of ICU to a regular room, I was there. In and out of respect for her belief system I said this as she was reclined and all she could see out of her hospital room was the brightest blue sky... I leaned over to her and said : " Look how close to heaven You are Mom. "... she replied with no hesitation... " I know, and I'm TRYING to get there ! " 17 days later, she was. xo, Gypsy
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    Another thing I've found handy with St. Expedite that I did intuitively, didn't read it anywhere, is save the flower petals from the flowers I give to him (I use red carnations) and dry them and add them to an incense to use the next time I call him. Reminds him of his previous payment for working with me.
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    Please excuse my ignorance but with the utmost respect why are you writing about God & Angels & why do you use them? Surely this is a Christian belief and nothing to do with Traditional Witchcraft? I'm very new here & please don't take offence by what I've said.
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    I understand what you mean. The river I live beside was once named Abundance, in a language no longer spoken. Now it's full of angry ghosts and creosote.
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    I think the last bit of your post tells a bit more of where it takes me, my sense of pain is not for the land it is for people. We are only doing what is in our nature to do and now we are overpopulated and invasive. I think the effects of the anthropocene are part of the natural course of life on this planet, it is my views and it may not necessarily be a popular one, that it is completely natural for the upright ape to do what it does including splitting atoms and stripping mountains. In no way does that mean I condone or support fracking and other envirovore activities, I'd much rather see more effective renewable ways of energy to flourish. The truth is that right now there aren't many viable options; the good news is that there will be soon...but being envirovore is what makes our species prolific...when we're done with this planet we will probably do it to another one unless we find a different course of behavior. I think the worst thing I can do is take it personally when I feel empathetic pains for human activity, it doesn't do anyone any good.
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    I've always felt that the most dangerous witches are those who can be whatever kind of witch they need to be for a given situation: not "any kind of witch" as in competent in countless Traditions, but rather holding the ability to instantly access and wield the full intensity of Light, Dark, or the In-Between for whatever it is that they need to accomplish. I also believe that it takes the occasional immersion in each of those aspects for a witch to stay truly sharp and on point. When I delve into the Darkness (either voluntarily or Led), I embrace it as a boot camp of sorts: yeah, it's going to have moments of pure suckiness, but damn if my muscles aren't bigger when I get out. Going all fluffy White and shit allows me to reconnect with the beauty of human life and Nature- the Lessons learned during these times is what gives me motivation to be as competent as I can be with what I do behind closed doors, alone on the beach, and deep in the woods. :)
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    Yeah! Get it girl! Take Mars seriously, don't do what I did! It isn't as easy as I had thought!
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    I think getting ready for planting will greatly help my depression, actually. Being around growth and soil really alleviates my crappy mood. I can't wait for summer, so getting things ready is the first breath of summer air for me. Also, having a day above 32 damn degrees helps a lot! Perhaps donate some of the plants? Don't put them all in the ground, nurture them until you can and give them to a nursery or a friend? Or....take some of them with you? I can't wait to feel the sun on my back and smell the fresh overturned dirt again. Can't come soon enough!
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    Oh i relate! I've developed a love/hate relationship with winter. Its not the funnest time of year, but i usually get a lot out of it. For me the stillness of winter has become a time to sink into, not to avoid or keep it seperate. Its not going anywhere so I try not to resist the kinds of things I become more aware of, the things that ache and the things I overlooked through the busier part of the year. Every year I sort of go inward and reflect on the year and things I have learned and been through, there is usually something there to release, something to accept, something to start. Or some kind of love or reality check I need to pour into myself in order to heal, every year is a little different obviously. Recentering, Its time to make whole, a chance to rest and germinate for spring :). But taking care of yourself is important too, it gets really easy to get stuck in a muddy rut. I agree that the fire dancing would be an awesome way to help deal with it, plus its just cool. I know a lot of poi people, and play around with practice poi, but im not good enough to spin with fire without becoming the fire haha. Outdoor activity is also super helpful, its my favorite way to get happy when I've been grey for too long, a hike in some snowy hills or a walk by the river or a hotspring. Plus, doing that helps me learn about the landscape at different times of the year and keeps me aware of the life that is indeed still there just waiting for warmer weather like me, I used to just feel as though everything was just done and barren, buts its not quite the case. I really relate to feeling stagnant this time of year. Bringing some light in is also a good idea. I've lived in some places that didnt get enough indoor light to keep a houseplant alive, let alone keep my mind motivated. Now that i've moved I have collected so many plants the indoor light isnt enough anymore so Im planning on getting a couple sun lamps for them and for me. I think that could help too if one of your goals is making your home lighter to be in, I know it has helped me. Hell, I even buy flowers for myself to brighten the place up when I've been feeling stuck and it makes a bigger difference than i thought it would. Another thing I do is drink teas or infusions of herbs that remind me of warmth and sun and energy. Sometimes that just means drinking teas from things I picked in the summer, or maybe drinking things because of how I felt when I collected them. Dandilion root with some kind of flower (chamomile or jasmine or roses or whatever) works pretty well, and I like rose hips for this because while its not really a summer thing, the flavor is like hibiscus and is pretty energizing. Dandilion root is also supposed to be detoxifying. I just like the earthy taste. I dont really have ideas besides the ones mentioned already, but I wanted to let you know I relate and what works for me. Something about winter triggers a white knuckle approach to my own emotions and experiences which is hard when what I need is to let go a bit, to loosen my grip. It's in part due to restlessness, and in part because of the being put face to face with the things I avoided dealing with in stillness of winter when it is so much harder to distract yourself haha. It still has some sticky dark patches, but I dont stay stuck for as long anymore. I hope something i said is helpful, or at least you know you arent alone in your winter!
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    I have to agree with Michelle in that I do not know what kind of path you follow or how that path interprets anything. With that said Hooded also has a clear meaning to me in that the hood was hiding the identity as well as being camouflaged in a way itself (the cloak) I would be wary of something trying to communicate with me while also spending so much effort to veil its identity. If like you say it is indeed something from the other side trying to communicate. Or also an idea is maybe someone from this side of the veil is trying to get in your head and have a peek. Might explain the need to hide? I dunno why someone would necessarily be doing that but who knows? I'm just throwing out ideas to think about. Sometimes it just takes people throwing out suggestions to get your own inspiration to spark.
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    My symbols.. gosh that will take some mulling, not real sure myself, suppose I have them but never thought about them consciously.? Thanks for answering even if just a comment. :)
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    PT IS painful but well worth working through it! Calendula salve will help your incisions heal. Once they're healed (and not before), switch to Arnica Cream/ointment a couple times a day ... especially before PT ... to help with inflammation.
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    I work with him as St. Expedite. When I give offerings to Baron Samedi its in the form of Baron Samedi. A man with a painted skull on his face, black top hat, cigar, etc.
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    I agree aloe. Even if he is essentially a Tulpa or an actual person that died in 303 AD makes no difference to me. He works most every single time I need him.
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    The "facts" about St. Expedite have always been shaky. Honestly I couldn't care less, what matters to me is that he comes when I call him and does his work so amazingly well. He's amazing!
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    I am going to be making a few. (you might get a surprise with your book).
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    Oh I know about being concerned about the Elders in one's family, Teacup ! Here's what I did for my Mother, I took a jar and filled it with herbs that I found useful in healing, and herbs that I knew were allies to my conviction. I also added a few drops of special oil, that I made. I took a string of old tiny xmas lights, and buried that in the cache of herbs, covered the top of the jar with a piece of fabric and ribbon, the chord of the lights hung from the back of the jar, yet secured to the jar by the ribbon. Plugging the lights in, to illuminate the jar, also warmed the herbs, and gave off a pleasant aroma and released the nature of the healing. Just a thought, it made a nice homemade gift for my Mother, which she liked, untill her mind left her, and she couldn't figure out what it was anymore. I hope further news of your Mum, is better ! Regards, Gypsy
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    Can you say Twilight Zone ? LOL ! xo Gypsy
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    CG, LOLOLOLOLOL, call me next time BEFORE you decide to bite a strange plant!
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    Good GAWD Dear ! Glad you are on the mend, and re-grouping as best you can. I tried to stay out of trouble while you were gone. I did a dumb though there was this little plant growing in my flower bed, looked like stray catnip to me, so I took a bite. Little bastard bit me back, and my lips swelled up and I had blisters on them. Don't know what the hell it was, but it definately doesn't want a relationship with me. LOL ! You should of heard me on the phone : Phone Rings : Pfhello ? I was Pffn and Fffn' about with those huge lips. Trouble found me, I swear, I wasn't looking for it.............. it found me ! Good to see you back ! Missed you terribly. xo Gypsy
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    Thanks for being open and honest. It's good to know I'm not alone. I've figured out that I have a gift that I hadn't discovered at the time, because I had been afraid of it.
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    I hear you. Sometimes I go through the same thing. I read posts here and some of the witches have amazing gifts and I do envy them, it's not unusual. I cast spells and they don't happen and I think that perhaps this is not the path for me, I allow the doubts and the insecurity and the cynicism. But then I think about not being a Witch and I don't like it.
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    As a witch, I feel you are always learning, always seeking and yes, have doubts and start questioning, perhaps too deeply. Quite often it is comments by others that can cause you to question and that is because they don't have the same understanding and belief that we, as witch's, do. Rely on yourself and your own abilities because we all have something to offer, whether we see it as a small thing or something greater. Believe in yourself.
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    What wonderful, wise peers we have here! We've all had self doubts - at least I'm sure that I certainly have them all the time. For me, there's a bit of fear about finally having something proven against all doubt. There's no going back then. You're being honest to yourself, Abhainn, rather than pretending it's all easy and certain. Surely that's one of the greatest characteristics of a witch to start with. I'd rather spend time with a witch with a few honest insecurities than with someone who claims to know it all. I suspect you'll discover a path or a personal strength at some point and without realizing it, you'll suddenly know who and what you are.
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    <br>This is great! I'll have to remember that idea, to live in a song. I'm incredibly music-driven, and this reminds me that I'd like to add song to my craft. <br>I guess yesterday I was in a rut...trying to intellectualize everything rather than going with my gut, the way I came to the path in the first place. It's well worth running through the process just to prove to oneself that it's still the path that you belong on.<br>Thanks for the comment, and inspiration, and help. :)<br> Dear Abhainn, You have received wonderful advice from people who know what they are talking about. I would simply say; do what makes you happy, what makes you connect to the nature around you, what makes you feel like yourself. You obviously do not feel like Christianity made you happy; you have found a path where no-one will tell you what rules to follow, whom to worship and how to do it, and this freedom is a chance to be yourself. Celtic Gypsy told me about the gift one gives oneself, namely to be yourself, and this is invaluable. If you feel yourself whilst on this path, then you are not playing, you a r e o n t h e p a t h already, moving forwards! Kind regards, Heks
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    One of my favourite ways to describe the Craft is in practicing Enchantment. But if you go back to the etymology of that word, you will uncover the real beauty. The word means essentially "to live inside a song". It leads me to think about what makes my soul sing, how i can resonate in a harmonious, melodic way with the world around me, how in a coven i might try make melody with others...in the words of Kate Bush "two strings speaking in sympathy". The Craft is so much more than the attainment of fantastical gifts. But one can often lead to another. One of my good friends refers to herself as an "Enchantress" rather than a witch and i love it! My advise is, find what activity makes your soul sing and follow where that melody leads you and you will find your vocation in the Craft. There is nothing wrong with "playing". It is one of the healthiest and mist constructive ways to learn.
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    Try looking at it this way. What is the worst thing that could happen if you were "playing witch"? You might feel depressed and cheesy right? You might mope for a while, but would your questions ever go away?Your questions are there for a reason. Now ask yourself, "What happens if its all real?" That's really the question here. I went through this and I realised that I wasn't afraid of "playing at being a witch", I was afraid of KNOWING it was real instead of just thinking it all was. I was afraid of opening Pandora's Box because I knew that it would never close, that I could never UNSEE, that my safetly blanket of being normal would never be there again. I am past that point now, and once you start to truely believe in the impossible then shit starts to get interesting. Its not all about the spells and the rituals. Its about energy. Its about life and death and other worlds and what we don't know. Its about knowing that we don't know everything and opening our eyes to the other inhabitants of this multiverse. Dont get discouraged, if you truely want answers, then your are not playing witch. "Playing witch" is to do it for the status and for what others think, "being" a witch is to find your own personal truth, opening your eyes to use everything at your disposal to do it.
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    First off, totally didn't know Seekers could do blog posts. Sweet! There's your problem, right there. Or at least one of them. Most things can be explained away using awesome powers of logic. There is something else Michele has talked about quite often and that's suspending logic. Easier said then done but something that is needed. More importantly just because you can explain it doesn't mean it isn't real in whatever way. If I were to pray to God for relief in my headache and then a friend leans over and gives me an Advil does that mean it wasn't divine intervention? That's up for the individual's interpretation, of course, but food for thought.
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    When I read your post it was as if though you were writing about me! I am known as a over achiever, a hard ass and most times a bitch but not because i am truly mean but I am one of those you get what you give me kind of girls! I don't consider myself dark however I do acknowledge my dark side and at times fear it...not because i think i will hurt someone but because of the doors it opens. In my situation I am also always open to the dark spirits which is sometimes very scary, i am working on controlling this but for now I remain me but always anxious!!
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    "I am driven, motivated, ambitious, strong and extremly outspoken, A true type A personality. I am a fighter, someone who can jump hurdles and manage an extremly hectic schedule and lifestyle. Those are not the qualties of someone who is loving and kind to all things at all times..." There are many loving and kind individules who have strong personalities, are ambitious, and can manage all sorts of stress and hecticness with ease, which I, personally, would take as good traits. There's nothing wrong with being aggressive, it's being aggressive in the wrong situation that can be a problem. Punching someone with whom you are in an altercation is one thing, it's punching some old lady who you don't even know who happens to walk by you when you're pissed about something else that is a problem. I don't take the first paragraph as being "dark" nor would I place the responsibility of darkness on my shadow. There are some paths who view the shadow as the "dangerous base self" that must be controlled, but that to me is rather more of a psychological/human/mundane look at it (but i'm not that up on psychology, lol). I see the shadow as the true self that exists across the veil - why does that self have to be "bad"? M
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    Well if he loves you and shows proof of this why would you want to nudge anything along? What are you trying to help? I wouldn't say it was wrong but I can't say I'm seeing a need for it if everything is fine as it is?
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