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    This is only my first post aside from the intro; but I wanted to add my two cents. From my experience, at least within the realm of spirit work, fresh living blood is best. One, it serves as a sacrifice via the minor pain gone through extracting it. Two, it serves as an offering as its the giving of your own blood and life. And three, it creates a link with said spirit since it is your own blood, and still living due to it being fresh. Though offering such a thing to any 'ol spirit isn't the best of ideas, due to its ability to create such a strong link and bond. But with one whom you have developed a relationship with, or are trying to, it's a very worthwhile and powerful process. I use a stainless steel scalpel, usually on the fleshy part on the palm just under the thumb; but not too deep since there are several ligaments and nerves there in that area.
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    What's with the vomit? Perhaps I'm misreading here (and please correct me if I am) but I'm sick to death of people, especially men who know nothing about it at all, who perpetuate the idea that menstrual blood is disgusting enough to make someone hurl. Blood, especially menstrual blood, can be a powerful tool for a witch. Women have had to fight enough over the centuries for what we've got now (which still isn't on par with the male of our species)... and it's insulting for anyone to insinuate that our natural body processes are vomit-worthy. This thread was titled appropriately enough to warn any person who can read that the topic was about blood, so get over it - and if you can't handle a discussion, at least be graceful enough to simply leave the thread and not come back to it, instead of leaving vomiting smilies behind. That totally pisses me off.
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