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    Digging this supermoon thing, just spent an hour watching the moon sitting at a rock next to a lake smoking a cigar and decided that the mood needed some wind so I sang a spell to raise winds. Not even half a minute later the wind started to blow and it was perfect. A powerful moment. Plus I had a staring contest with either a very big runaway white shepherd or a wolf. I think I'll get a Kantele cause singing spells seems to work better than speaking them. Well at least in finnish spell poems case...And Väinämöinen did SING Joukahainen into the swamp. Oh yeah, I finished the mala I was making yesterday
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    Thought I'd try this blogging thing all the cool kids are doing these days B). My big toes getting better after I sprained it a while ago in Tang lang practice. Also been copying down the best parts of my old grimoire into my new one and made a Vampire killer whip after playing too much Castlevania .
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