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    Hello, I wanted to post a link to a facebook group called Shadowlands I admin with some friends. It isn’t exactly trad craft, but I thought it might be of interest to some people here. If you do decide you would like to join, please answer the admission questions, or drop me a message (Belladonna Miles on fb) to let me know who you are. I tend to automatically delete requests I suspect might be bots or scammers, it happens a lot. Here is the welcome statement for the group, to give you some idea what it’s all about, and whether it is something you might be interested in. Welcome to Shadowlands, a place existing beyond the reach of the light. I am here searching for something, though I couldn't tell you what exactly that is. I thought perhaps others might like to join me, and we could learn from each other. Earnest and bold seekers of the occult are welcome, as are the adept. Just know I seek to break the binds of dogma and indoctrination. I would topple the high-towers and strike their occupants from the parapets. If this is not your path you are always free to go your own way. If we are able to get enough interested parties with compatible ideas and chemistry, we would eventually like to engage in some group activities and experimentation, providing everyone involved is on board with that. It is by no means a requirement for membership, and it will probably be awhile before we get to that anyway. Mind you, I feel like time is ticking. The following is an advert for the group written by my dear friend you might know by the name of Ouroboros. Dear fellow occultists, witches and practitioners of the craft, it seems humanity is at a crossroads. The current chaos is both as symptom of our disease and a potential catalyst for change. This is the tipping point. Will we dig our heels in and attempt to continue with the strongholds that are currently in place? Will mankind wallow in ignorance and continue to aide and abet the oppressors? Or, is it possible to use this fire to burn away our bonds and topple towers? If you are interested in discussion and the pursuit of knowledge in this vein, please join us. We do not pretend to have all the answers, but we hope that maybe together we might find them. To be clear, so that no one gets the wrong idea; This is not a meme group. We unequivocally support BLM and all movements that that work toward human rights. We believe science is real. If your politics do not agree with these sentiments, this is not the place for you. https://www.facebook.com/groups/889510984858973/about
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    Each of my tattoos has been planned, except one, with what the subject and color mean to me. I didn't consciously decide to have the right be day oriented and the left be night oriented. The rose on my thigh was a dare. A nurse I was working with dared me to get a tattoo on my thigh, and then show it to him. I was 36, so I figured it was my midlife crisis.
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    That is a lovely way to remember your special friend.
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    I've had a pentacle tattooed over my heart for many years. It was expanded later, to include a special cat who died too soon. It's a gray and white long hair tuxedo girl, coming down a branch. She has white wings and blue eyes. She wears the pentacle on a chain. The moon peeks over her left shoulder, from behind the clouds. The tattoo starts midway down my left breast and extends over my left shoulder.
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    Nice. I only mention this because you mentioned it could be used as a floor powder: I also like to use lavender oil in mixed with warm water and take a cleaning cloth and wipe down the doors. I use lavender for healing. Occasionally I’ll use peppermint for protection. It makes you home smell good too. I usually put something like eucalyptus, lemongrass, or tree oil in the window seals while the windows are open. It keeps away unwanted bugs. Another thing I like to do is to get a pan of warm water and fill it with lemon and orange peels, cinnamon sticks, vanilla, and rosemary. You let it come to a light boil and it a nice scent to the house. After it’s boiling if you don’t want to stay at the stove and watch it, you can set the bowl by your window and let the air do the work in distributing the smell. It’s very calming and relaxing.
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    Spiritual cleansing bath Can also be used as floor powder, sprinkle over floor and sweep up out front door. 1 cup baking soda 1 cup Epsom salt ½ cup borax ½ cup kosher or sea salt ½ cup Himalayan pink salt (or if you can’t get it, another ½ cup of kosher or sea salt) ½ cup Hyssop herb 9 drops lavender essential oil (or ½ cup lavender herb) 9 drops lemon essential oil (if you have it or can get it) Place all in a jar and shake to mix. Use about 1 cup of the mixture per bath. -For renewing protections and recharging power, bathe on or as near as possible the full moon. Up to 2 days before or 2 days after is optimal. Burn two white candles, one on either side of the tub. As you bathe, feel yourself being completely cleansed, renewed and refreshed. Be sure to wash your head and hair as well. Say a mantra or 'prayer' to empower your working and state your intentions. Write your own, use psalms for cleansing, or a petition to a deity or spirit you work with.
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    Don't be afraid to price your art properly! I seriously cannot stress that enough. You should, need, and you definitely are allowed to get a real, proper payment for your work, and making art is work just the same as anything else. I say this because I work at a local Artist's Association, and the pricing issue is constantly brought up - as is the fact that artists just don't tend to get paid. "You'll get visibility!" people say all the time, refusing to pay. "People will see your work and more people will buy it!" Yeah, sure; if just one person actually pays for it, that would be nice. I recently bought this piece of art from a local artist (Rosa Kansala), after her first art exhibition. I paid 350 euros, and it most certainly wasn't too much! Not witchy/occult/horror/gothic themed, obviously, and the picture isn't too great, but I put it in just because of the never-ending pricing issue. If there are any associations for artists where you live, I recommend looking them up. They might offer options for places to sell your works at. Our local association runs an art lending/sales store, with a web-store included, and offers payment plans for customers, so that practically anyone can purchase art without it hurting their wallet too much. That really helps with the pricing.
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    I'm interested as well.
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    I’m interested, I just sent in my application.
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    Part of me wonders if I would still be on this path if I hadn't been raised Catholic. The Catholic church uses a lot of ritual, and as a young child, I was fascinated by the ritual. I always wanted to be able to see the priest. I might have been more likely to stay with a mainstream path without that. Or it might have just taken longer.
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    Very interesting thoughts. It really illustrates just how much the world has changed in such a relatively short period of time. These days, seekers will obviously find it easier to research and find information that influences their path, whether or not it is quality information that they find is different matter. Here I will be dating myself, but when I was very young and just starting out on my path there was no widespread easily available access to information online. Most households wouldn't even have had access to a computer. There were no smart phones or highspeed internet connections to look something up on a whim. If I wanted to do research I had to do it the old fashioned way, through the bookstore or library. How many books related to witchcraft or anything close to it do you think were stocked in a little town like the one I was raised in? And yet, from a very early age I unquestionably felt a distinct pull in the direction that led me here. There are sign posts along the road of life for those who are inclined to notice them. There always have been. Those who are meant to find the way will do so without the internet, without books, and I would even go so far as to say without other (currently living) people to influence them. Do all these things make it a hell of a lot easier? Yes, of course. Am I saying you can learn everything you need to know about witchcraft without any of those things? No not really, I am saying you can find the path without it and from there you will with purpose and conviction seek out that which you need. Not all teachers or guides are manifest in what we tend to think of as the physical realm. At the same time, in my opinion those who are not at all predisposed to notice the 'wayposts' and respond to them will not, even if those signs were bright flashing neon monstrosities. Now I know I am beginning to touch on some potentially controversial ideas. What isn't controversial these days anyway, might as well just dive in. Even still, I feel the need to add pre-emptive disclaimers to most of my online interactions lately since being offended is trending. When you say 'hereditary witch' with the attached context I assume you mean a witch born into a family tradition, but hereditary by definition implies genetic. One does not need to be raised by one's blood relatives to inherit certain traits from them. Let me attempt to be clear, before anyone decides they want to jump on me about some suggestion that they think I made, I am not making any blanket statements or claims about nature vs nurture, or red vs gold threads OK? Continuing, most likely I myself was influenced early on by fantasy books, shows and movies, but even before the advent of such things as that I am sure budding witches were led onward by an inherent love of the natural world and a desire to learn all they possibly could about it. Even without access to books and written language there are ways to learn. Trial and error, cautious experimentation driven by curiosity, and a deep unspeakable knowing coming from the ability to really listen to ones inner voice as well as the voices all around us. It's in the plants and trees and living things, it's in the earth and coming from those who walked before us. Not every otherwise entirely uneducated village witch, learned in they way of local plants and spirits was raised in a family tradition, that is certain. In conclusion, yes I absolutely and emphatically believe I would have been a witch without the internet or widespread publications. Solanaceae
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    By my actions...I'm a witch and have been for a long time. I'm just not accustomed to referring to myself as one. Granted, I really don't talk to anyone about my practices. This forum is my only online interaction on this topic. I hope this answer helps.
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    ??? lol Enjoy fighting with your straw man version of my person. Again, I won't indulge anyone's projections. Thank you Tana but that's OK, I'll do without. I'm not sure who Onyx is lashing out against but it seems to have very little to do with me and I don't wish to entangle myself with it further.
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    Not at all. No need to be preemptively rude when you're unsure you've understood correctly. As I've tried to explain, what I'm calling authority can come from many sources, and I've cited three that came to mind: initiation into a specific tradition (which, in itself, is already distinct from being taught by a coven); a special relationship to the spirit world (that can be forged in a number of ways, within a group or not); sacrifice (which ultimately means prioritizing your craft - that can simply be time and dedication, sometimes it is more literal). This is just what came to my mind in that moment. What I'm saying plainly now is that I like conversing, not indulging others' projections. I can see a case for this argument, and I respect it. But isn't witchcraft being secret (or hidden I suppose, as the secrecy of magical processes themselves seems to be universal) a fairly recent, highly localized state of affairs (namely: that of the Modern West)? That seems to have all but destroyed the apprenticeship model of training, which turned reading into our primary way of learning. Which isn't necessarily all bad. Here's something I wouldn't apply in my everyday life, but that I believe on a macro level: there's power and efficacy in hiding in plain sight. If the concern with how available information is is the endangerment of the craft, I think it's as protected behind a wall of secrecy as it is behind a stream of "content". But since I believe the craft protects itself, I see no problem with either situation.
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    Hmmm I see what you mean, but I feel like all magical systems have built-in safeguards. A complete beginner could theoretically go through the motions of an advanced ritual in any number of magical traditions after a quick internet search but I don't see how they could be doing much more than that. The pattern they would half-assedly try to copy might simply be unrecognizable, so the system could just not respond, lock them out, or perhaps punish them if it can be bothered. I believe there's an intangible component to any ritual, something I might term authority, that in some traditions you gain through initiation or a special relationship with the spirit world or sacrifice etc, but that is always earned. Same thing for practices that might appear much more pared down and which are as widely appropriated as, say, smudging: I don't believe a bundle of sage would work with you just because you're mimicking something you've read/seen. Who even are you? So yeah, I think that distinction between reading and learning is fundamental. I'm often guilty of taking one for the other, I think it's commonplace hubris (but hubris nonetheless). Learning is something profound and slow that can be aided by cultivating the right conditions. Ultimately, though, it's a process one has no direct control over, imo. Like digestion or decomposition. To learn something, for me, is to incorporate it in a very literal sense, and so the body has to get involved beyond just moving your eyes across a page; even if it is just sitting with it for as long as necessary (there's a reason behind all those stock phrases). That's why I just don't believe it's possible to cut corners in magic, no matter how widely you read.
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    I don't think it has, I think it has just brought Witchcraft out into the sunlight and made it more accessable to everyone. It is up to the practictoner to learn it, fine tune it, and make it theirs.
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    I have been reading much about Zoroastrian magic and how it's suppose to be done. I was wondering if anyone has ever used Zoroastrian magic and if so what were your impressions of it?
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    I feel the exact same way and also play the same game. Nice to know I’m not the only one who thinks of plants this way and interacts with them as such.
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    Grow them, kill them, weep for them. Grow them again. Eat them, drink them, smoke them, wear them. Tincture them and distill their oils. Capture their Alchemal essence in a spagaric preparation. Grind their body, blood and bones to make your incense. Carve them to make the tools of your craft. Plant them to guard you home and boundaries. Visit them and leave offerings of yourself to help connect with their spirits. Sleep with them, meditate with them, lay with them and put down your roots.
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