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Setting a default Font colour etc for your posts

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Some of you may remember that on the old forum there was a way that each member could set a default font colour for posts that they made in the forum rather than changing the colour every time you posted.


The new software lacked this ability, however, Moderators and I have been testing a modification that does allow this which looks to work well, you set it once and forget it, no need to alter colour on every post unless you specifically want to change a part of your post.


To set your font for posts click on the down arrow beside your username and choose My Settings. Once your control panel opens click on the Forums tab, then click iFont on the left hand menu and set your font options there. If you ever want to reset to the forum default colours etc simply choose normal or default in the options .. simples :)


All we ask is that you don't set your font size too large or choose a colour that is hard to read, otherwise Moderators may have to ask you to limit the size of your font.


The attached screen capture shows it in more detail


The settings are available to Members and Seekers should they wish to use them.




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