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Warn Status Bar in Profile

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Warn Status


members may notice a 'Warn Status' bar in their profile. This isn't new and it shouldn't be anything to worry about. This is part of the 'warning system' employed by the forum software (our previous software used something simillar called an 'Infraction System').


Up until now on the new software it's been hidden, however, I think it best that it's visible. Members will only see their own 'Warn Status' not anyone elses!


So, what the hell is it?

It's a system which Moderators can use to issue a warning for various things. Generally, a Moderator will PM a member if they have done something rather than use the warning system. However, if a member were to ignore a PM or repeatedly do something then a Moderator would use the warning system to record it and allow other moderating staff to see it.


The warning level graph starts at 0% - meaning no warnings issued, I think every member has 0% at the moment. One warning would raise it to 10% (though it coul;d be more if something was thought serious). If you have a warning you can click on the 'Warning' label above the graph and it will show which Moderator issued it and why. You will generally get a PM when one is issued also.


The system allows Moderators to keep track of things on the forum and discuss repeated warnings and what should be done.


Generally if a warning is heeded the Moderators will decide to reduce (remove) the warning.


I'd suspect the system will remain unused, in the main, since members here are generally extremely good at self censorship and are mature enough to know where and what to post and what is generally acceptable. However, it's useful to have it active in a large community with a lot of members to keep track of. It also provides transparency between any member warned and Moderating staff.


If a member ever gets a warning and they want to query it, they should take it up with the Moderating Staff or myself via PM, not in the forum, Chat or Shoutbox.


As I said, I don't think it's anything to worry about, but I thought you would all wonder what the hell is this when it appeared, or when you noticed it.


If anyone has any queries on this please PM me and I'll do my best to explain it better.

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