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PapaGheny I am finding a great deal of helpful info and ideas in your posts. I hope your weather reading and predicting endevor goes well. Sounds like you are on the right track to me. 


I feel we are of similar opinion about reading and predicting the weather. 

I don't believe our universe or our world is in chaos, I believe it's all ordered and mostly if not always, works in cycles. I also believe that things are in a constant movement of change, even if that change at times is so slow we are not able to comprehend it.  Other times the change is coming much quicker and we really sit up and take notice. The slow/fast change cycles I believe are ordered as well and come in the proper time. I do not believe our current upheaval with climate change is completely unpredictable or unreadable. I believe all things have a force or cause behind the effect. So even when looking at something that seems chaotic to me I know that there is order behind it, even if I am unable at the time to see that order or read it. 

 In cases like that I turn to spirit help. Somethings just need to be seen from another plane other than strictly this physical one to be able to get the right viewpoint to make sense of the pattern or the way the energy is moving and ordered. 


Our current weather upheaval I feel is of course difficult to read because it is a time of rapid change, things are unsettled, the natural world is doing it's best to adjust amidst the changes, so understandable some of the reliable old ways of observing nature to predict the weather is going to be unreliable at times or outright useless at this time. Once this time of change has passed and things have a chance to settle the signs will be reliable again(though the signs may be different at that point) but when this time will come I do not know, could be a very, very long time from now. 

 Also of course how we interpret the sign, what we've grown to expect from the sign(its meaning) at times just can't fit in with the current weather patterns. A wooly bear maybe be saying it's going to be a hard winter but then we have a winter that has periods of very harsh temperatures but is mixed with unseasonably warm temps and less snowfall that expected. Well the wooly bear was right about part of it, the winter was at times very harsh but people may say it was completely wrong because there was so many days of warmer temps. I think it's a bit unfair to the wooly bear.  Plus who is to say that the wool bear didn't carry the sign of such a mixed winter? Maybe we just don't know how to read that sign yet but now we can learn. 


Also as  you said PapaGheny it may be more vital now to gather many individual signs and lay them out to read as we would perhaps a layout of Tarot cards. What signs are there and how they combine with all the other signs may be key to gaining a more accurate and deeper reading of the weather in these times.


There is always order, a pattern or trackable movement of energy behind all physical manifestations. Therefore I do not believe there are things that are just absolutely unpredictable or unreadable.  It definitely takes skill and practise to read it though. So it may not be easy but I feel it is definitely possible to still understand and predict the weather in this current time. I think it helps to keep in mind that the weather(at least here in my area) changes very quickly so the predictions mostly would also be more short term than long term at times and that predicting how a season will go might look different now. Here for example I remember winters that were pretty steady all the way through, now it's like it's this whole cycle within itself with drastic swings, ups, downs, and unseasonable periods all within it's length of season. So I would look to be reading what that season's cycle will be like rather than if it will be a "hard winter" or an "easy winter".  Just my two cents. This is how I see it and is just my own opinion.  B)
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Its early days, but its going well I think. Thank you for asking NatureMama.


I think your right it sounds like we do see pretty near eye to eye on this. Though I think you've said a lot of it more elegantly than I'd like to have managed.


When you talked about our expectations of the signs and used the example of the wooly bear, a few bits really stud out to me. First and most blatant, but I think still should be voiced is the relevance to the predictor. One thing I've noticed is that when we say wooly bear are wrong, its more likely saying it to be a hard winter all through. Around here at least they have also seemed to predicted more hard winters than not of late. But, as you said we've seen processions of one extreme to the other in these winter. With that in mind I think it likely the wool bear and possibly others we look at to communicate signs may be telling us of there own interest. If like you said the wooly bear predicts a hard winter and we see extreme cold and unseasonable warmth it isn't wrong, but only telling us of what is important to it. If that observation holds then the next bit would be to find just who's interested in telling us about the rest of the story. Other plants or animals perhaps to tell us of the reoccurring warmth giving them safety or the rate of fluctuation or mean of the winter.


Another thought comes to me from there and some of your phrasing throughout. This is that it is easy to say a sign is wrong when we know it is a sign, but things go different than expected. However, as I learned it the world doesn't care to lie. I personally feel the responsibility of an accurate reading is on us. When it doesn't go the way we think it should've its not the fault of the goose, it's breast bone, or even misplaced trust in our ancestors. We're the ones trying to understand what they are telling us and blaming them can only work against us and hold us back.


As we are on the topic of misreading or the changing meaning of signs here's one that I'm seeing quite a bit in my reading of local folklore. When all the food from the supper table was finished the same Great Grandmother I mentioned above would say “It'll be a clear day tomorrow.” Now as a quip this has always meant no leftovers to be stored and incorporated in the next days meals. Though she often said it as a quip, she also taught her daughter a deeper meaning. I won't go to far into it here as it wasn't weather related as such, but it had to do with guiding the next days behaviors. I suppose you could say it somewhat related to a combination of the more modern sayings “you are what you eat” and “tomorrow is a new day”.

As I first found this in writings about local folklore, the folklorists would relate it to the weather. Of course my trust in my ancestors made me say right off, they got it wrong. As it continued to pop up I briefly began to think maybe Grandma got it wrong, despite her being there and the folklorists not. Sometime later I settled on the thought that both my Great Grandmother and the local folk that said this in regard to the weather came from the same culture. However, they brought the sign with them to become part of and influince new cultures. This sign and others then change their meaning to the significance seen in the new cultures they where forging. I again think this is a case of the world doing as it will the reading being up to us. Even if that reading has to change with place and time. These folk had been taught by their ancestors that this sign was significant, but it was up to them to apply that significance to their own life.

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  • 3 weeks later...

    Well, I realized I left this though hanging. Where I was going with asking about the weather where Citoyenne is gos to something we see here. Some folk say whatever the season was like in a place called Frostburg(a ways off near Punxy mentioned above) that would be about what our next year would look like. Its not true, but it was. Throughout the 70's and a good bit of the decade before we matched up near enough to one year late to Frostburg's seasonal outcomes. The trend seemed to end when things evened out with the consistent heatwaves and heavy winters of the 80's. Then it failed to fall back in step after.

Hearing the description of Citoyenne's season sounded at first like last year here. However, if the fruit trees made it but the vines and low bearing blossoms didn't then it sounds more like the my year before last. This gave me a vague notion that with this speeding up we may be able to look to places of greater distance to see whats coming. Luckily modern communications(where its reliable) makes that a bit easier.

    So I'm looking at a solid point of reference to get a long rang forecast. The same way as asking a traveler what the weather was like where they came from for more immediate forecast. However, it might also open doors to getting a feel for the changing patterns. I know one of the difficulties in forecasting with out communication systems is that we only see whats hitting us. This leaves us to look to our signs for short term changes to get our early warning. However, if we do find points of reference for a year and a given distance away we could start to map the approximate change over time and distance.

    One thing I've observed is that it seems better for me to get a first hand account rather than a report. The reports are handy, but often don't reflect the effect the weather has on things in a relevant way. It for instance doesn't take into account things like wet or dry ground or if pants and animals were already struggling from heavy rain a week ago when a new rain comes. That 70 degrees and 2” of rain means something altogether different if your coming out of drought rather than flood.

    Anyway this is all just a loose thought, but I know for me this added familiarity with the turbulent weather patterns would like to help me connect more with them. I know connection makes all the difference in the world with divination for me.


    One way or the other loosing your vines and low fruit is not a small thing. I feel your pain there. Like I said we lost the lower fruit the year before last. Last year we lost all the fruit. I know I would watch close just in case one proceeding the other is a trend. We had an early blooms in that spring from a warm spell. Then one cold night right at our frost safe date took it all by morning. I think there is to many variables between here and there and think we need to look to closer topography to find reference points. All the same I'd keep a little caution in the back of my mind myself. This year on the other hand its all back and looks better for its troubles. We only lost the spring foraging and are fighting back to much water.

    Had my first apple the other day and even a touch early it tasted great. Ether that or I missed it more than I though.


    I talked about a keeping a weather journal, another study aid I find quite useful studying any divination is a journal of predictions. This is just simply a notebook to jot down my predictions, how they came to me, and anything that might be useful to look at later about them. I find what works best for me is to keep a pre-punched note book to write in. Then I move it to a binder so the pages can be reordered to the date I expect to see it play out, rather than the date I made the prediction. Then I can take a quick look at it every morning to see if I should be expecting anything and to comment on the outcomes of the day before.

    Now in my experience this does best as a simple no frills book akin to school notes. I have at times tried using a fancy, handmade, or otherwise, special books for this. The result was often that it was less comfortable to just scribble casually about things I was less sure of. I figure I just had something in the back of my mind about keeping it nice or some such thing. It can always be added to a nicer book later if deemed worthy.

    For me this tool is a wealth of advantage in honing my divination. For starters it allows me to track successful readings. This lets me be more mindful of why readings went wrong. It also lets me track over all accuracy in a method of reading by finding the percentage of successful readings. Having a gauge of my overall accuracy can be quite important to me. It tells me where I need to devote work. It also means I have something to guide me in how comfortable I should be in sharing my predictions. I typically find I'm okay with throwing something out there in conversion as what I'm expecting to see if I'm seeing about 70% accuracy in the method and feel pretty good about it. I don't often feel comfortable about giving it to others as a prediction or on a mater of importance till I'm at 85 – 90%. In the end after all the question for me is always, am I willing to risk my good name on it.

    Another of the many things this is useful to me for is tracking trends in the predictions themselves. For instance the I'm noticing in this study I'm finding a trend in seasonal prediction. Looking over my forecasting of when seasons will change I'm finding I'm putting it less in terms of distinct weather shifts and more in terms of plant life cycles. Thing along the lines of the dandelion will peak at this point, we'll see deadnettle from this date to this date, and the basil will be gone by this time of this month. This makes me think that I should make more of an effort into reckoning by plants and likely work with particular plants to better define the local seasons.

    Right now its showing me this month has been about what I expected to months ago.


    I'm sure others learned study tools on these lines or maybe have entirely different methods that works best for them. I'm always interested in education and study methods and how they do for folk. So if anyone would like to share some of their study tools successful or not I'd much enjoy hearing about them.

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Going on geese, years back it was a tradition here that when you ate a goose in late summer or fall the patriarch of the family held the beast bone up to a light. Then they'd read the harshness of the coming winter by the thickness. If they're clever they can map the whole winter. Unless your cousin put a shotgun pellet or two through it. Then it seem traditional not to let them live it down for twenty years or so.

    For a witch this bone can be held to a fire for scrying out even more little going ons.


Interesting, I see how that would work. I had not heard of that custom.

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It was a real nice tradition Onyx. One I had almost forgotten. Till I stumbled onto it in a book not long ago and my sister and I got to reminiscing. When we were kids after thanksgiving or harvest diner everyone would be lay around. While Grandpa held the keel up to the lamp and told us about the winter ahead. It was almost as exiting as the wish bone.

By that time snow was typically flying but it was still useful for the hunters and thinking about the next years planting. You know I think the only reason the tradition's slipping away is the popularity of turkey. I may need to start eating more goose.


I've always found goose feathers and bones useful in weather related charms and spells as well.

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Well Onyx, off the top of my head. Goose feathers alone are good luck. Particularly for travel and weather. If you take a goose feather or part of a goose feather(The tip was popular) and dip it in a rain puddle reflecting the sun. Then tie it to your boot, put it in your shoe, or on your hat. It will provide good luck, protection, and good travels.


It seem to me this is a folk charm from around the 1800's in the northern and middle Appalachians. I haven't seen it before that or any wider spread. I'm pretty sure it is a later version of a more involved weather charm from somewhere around 100 or so years before that. Maybe older or later version.

You kind of got me moved to get my notes written up to something more readable. I'll see if there is anything handy in there or in further research, and make a note of it.


My research it starting to move from general folklore to more obscure books. This hopefully means what I find will be deeper and more interesting, but its likely to be less abundant. So the bulk of my research is moving to tracking origins, philosophies, and deeper meanings of the signs I've found.

One I'm enjoying is Onyx's Swallows acting as a conduit or messenger for the dead. This gives some focus to the idea of the Barn Swallow aiding house/ancestor spirits in protecting the barn. Particularly from enemy spirits that rile up the animals in the night. This makes it bad luck to kill one or drive them off. You might be banishing an ancestor that came to give you a hand. It also can give new direction to working with them, and through them our ancestor. This could give more insight to figuring out the weather.

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PapaGheny So are you thinking that swallows are psychopomps? Or just messengers. I have heard of Sparrows assisting souls to the afterlife.

On a different note, my cat seems to have a vendetta against Hummingbirds, I think he is up to 6 or 7 now. He does not eat them, only kills them.

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I think it safe calling it that way Onyx. Swallows have shown up carrying or delivering the spirits of the dead in what seems to be quite wide spread folklore. Also as messengers between the living and the dead.

What's interesting me at the moment is how this seems to go along with house/ancestor spirits in local lore and folklore in parts of Europe. The swallow nesting on the house or in the barn is good luck. They're said to help protect the animals in the barn from spirits like the mare terrorizing them in the night. This is also behavior of a few common roles of house spirits. As I said above its also bad luck to kill or drive off swallow once they've nested. I imagine this in part gos to them carrying some of the dead to the afterlife. However it also has been said you may be unintentionally banishing an ancestor or spirit bring a message.

So then if we hold with all this we could say they also have the nature of conduits or mediums of a sort as well. Enabling pathways from their nesting location to spirits connected to the same location. It may hold up or not, but I find them a pleasant critter so worthwhile to look into further.


I also found this one just to throw it out there. When the swallow’s nest is high, the summer is very dry. When the swallow buildeth low, you can safely reap and sow.


That sounds like a rather clever cat. The barn cat would chase around the hummingbirds but seldom got one. I am a little surprised its not eating them. Are they leaving them for you, or just letting them lie after they had there fun?


You know I sure haven't found much yet with hummingbirds and the weather. The only thing to come to mind was some American tribal folk's belief they could advocate for them to end a drought.

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I love the swallows, I get really upset when people knock their nests down, just because they are dirty. The neighbour's have a couple of nesting boxes on their garage, I love to watch them fly in and out to feed the little ones.

I think the cat is bringing the Hummingbirds for me because I am a terrible hunter. He lines the bodies up in a row on the stairs. I take away the bodies when he is not looking, I don't want to insult him, by throwing them away.

He eats the larger birds that he catches and all of the mice, yuk!

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Onyx I'm always interested in our relationships with animals. Particularly in how they relate with us. Gift giving and the motives and meanings behind it being a big part of that. If you'd care to check it out, I seem to remember having a conversation about ways hummingbirds relate in divination in the Animal Divination topic in this area of the site.

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  • 6 months later...

Hello folks, I would have liked to get here sooner, but I'm afraid my attentions been elsewhere. I hope you all in the winter have been fairing well enough to enjoy it.


I've just now realize something, in part from glancing over our past conversations. For me this winter's been the other side of the coin for weather prediction from the summer. By that I mean short rang prediction has been more difficulty than long. It seems like the coming month, spring even glimpses of summer are more clear than what will happen tonight. Although despite a sunny day, I'm guessing light snow and wind like the last two nights.


Well anyway, it looks like Punxsutawney Phil(The groundhog) is tells us it will be an early spring. That's a bit hard to see at the moment as here, and in Punxy for that matter, there is still plenty of ice and snow on the ground. Also four days ago we had a rather nasty ice storm. It should also be said that the meteorologists I've checked disagree with him. Although I haven't seen their reasoning yet to know if that's their real forecast, or semantics and misunderstanding on their part. Could go ether way.


All that said, I'm seeing that my divination work like others I've talked to in the area (a handful of farmers, witches, and such) are also seeing early spring. For me this was at first one of those times that my Spiritwork had to rely on blind faith. Mostly due to January being pretty mild and early February looking a lot like the worst weather we'd expect in January. Logic said we where a month behind and it might drag out.


This lead me to looking back over my journal and take more note of the state of things. I did see that my journal had few small notes about signs of early spring from last spring and summer. I think most seemed related to balance. Such as plants blooming and dieing off quickly that could mean disaster for them to reestablish without an early spring or mild winter. This is not a great indicator around here. Its pretty common for a particular plant population to effectively disappear for a few years. Till birds, deer and coyote bring them back with them from their adventures. I also notice that by Autumn I didn't take notice of any more signs of early spring. At least not till resent weeks.


Despite the weather the birds became more active. For a direct sign a flock of geese flew over the house headed north east toward Lake Erie. This however was accompanied by a barn owl taking great risk to hunt through the day. She was even trying to bully a small hawk for territory. Telling us the worst was not over. Or maybe something more like, “keep your wits about you for dangerous times ahead”. As it happens it could have been talking about winter not being done coming in waves, a late isolated frost, or directly about a vicious wind rain and ice storm a week or so later that took utilities and communications away for a few days.


For a final thought here that gos back to learning new or forgotten signs to read. There was an observation made throughout last year and into this one. Although I don't have a lot of confidence yet reading it my self. This had to do with odd behavior from the deer. From observations in the area spotted fawns where seen with there mothers all year. It started around March nothing odd about that however it has persisted to this week. This seemed especially odd given the flood conditions damaging trees and vegetation through the year. Often in a swampy year birth rates are low. Now there are always some off season births, but to my knowledge never so consistent or abundant in my life time.

By summer's end I had considered a growth problem. Figuring maybe the fawns had not matured. Although not definitive I've been convinced otherwise by finding a freshly dead fawn not more than a few week old last month. Well, that along with odd behavior in the bucks. They had the rut like normal, but before and after they passively followed the doe around. As if they thought the off chance might present its self. But not expecting it to or showing any sign of aggression, even to each other.

At first I took this along with other signs to mean a winter that would come in waves from mild to hard. This held true, however now and in a stray journal entry in late summer, I figure it could point to early spring. More likely even both.


Well I suppose. I'm out of time, but I hope to talk more on all this later. If anyone’s interested.

If anyone would like to share how their weather predictions has been going I'd like to hear about it.

Also, if anyone has thoughts, references, or insight about how uncharacteristic mating patters could come into play I for one could use more ideas about it.

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PapaGheny I enjoyed your update. I don't have anything specific to point to an early spring other than it sure feels like it has shifted into spring here (I live near Lake Erie). The Robins returned a few days ago, and my Daffodils are already sprouted up a few inches. I hope for their sake spring really is hear and any future snowfall will be minimum. 


 Also about the deer; a big buck has a trail through our yard and each winter when we see his tracks and he is always alone. This winter ( early Feb.) we saw his tracks but he was traveling with 4 smaller deer, one which was very small, maybe last year's fawn?  So I'm guessing the group he was with was a few does. I found this odd considering the time of year. 


I'm not sure how uncharacteristic mating patterns could come into play. From what I have read about deer is that they are pretty sensitive to the weather, barometric pressure, amount of daylight, temperature, and even moon phases affect them and their behavior, and to some extent their breeding cycle.

 So I could see the possibility of the current strong changes in our climate could be messing with their internal "clocks" and bring them into erratic breeding cycles. 

 I've also read before that, at least in some species of animals, environmental stress can bring females into heat outside of the normal season. Kind of a survival of the species reaction. 

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Its good to hear from you and how things are looking by the lake Nature Mama. Like you said lets hope I doesn't get to crazy while things coming around.


We're still getting wintery nights here, but its melting off in the morning for bright sunny days. The crows have been flocking a week or more, and now robins and red winged black birds are joining them. Yesterday I noticed one or two daffodil trying for it to. They aren't looking so hot, but still have some green. I also noticed some tiny buds starting on the lilac. We don't really expect to see any of that for another month or so.


I figure what we should see here if this is early spring is that after the next week or so the snow should be isolated events. Then hard frost should become less frequent for about two weeks. Then around the last week or two of April we should be left with thawed ground and just watching for a stray killing frost. Agriculturally speaking that would put us about a month early. Guess we will see.


Something else I'm curiously looking for are significant spells of drought this summer. Last year as I said was terribly wet. Winter gave significant snow, but a rather shallow frost line and uncharacteristic surface ice. Seems to me that could add up to winter not providing as much ground water as we expect. While making a wet year in the foot hills. I figure it will be up to if the rain can make up the difference. I'll be interested in seeing if it does and maybe should take a look at my irrigation.


Now those are some good thoughts and points to bring to light about the deer. First to the deer in your yard. Yep, I figure your little deer could be still small from last year, maybe a late birth. Also, could be an early birth if it was small enough. If early it was apparently viable. Meaning to say the doe was able to get the nourishment to grow and feed it. Meaning more vegetation through the winter, or more food stored from fall. I figure in your shoes I might be looking more at them grouping up. That's not strange on the face of it, but if you haven't seen it in your yard before than its new. To me new and odd behavior or events is a great place to be looking for significance, or at least to ask why now.


That sort of leads into what you said about uncharacteristic breeding habits. I think you had great thoughts and perspective there. I really had to read it a few times and mill it around to respond in a way I hope is reasonable. So let me be clear that I'm trying to add a perspective to your statement not disparage it in and way.

I find the perspective of your statement very scientific, in its assessment of cause and effect. In science at least for the most part we have to look at previous or seemingly current events as the guiding factor of behavior. That's one of the things that makes it so useful. So it tells us things like the weather patterns an animal is in or was in have determined how it is behaving now. I don't think we should find ourselves at odds with that as a rule. After all we are all operating in and looking at the same world.


However, when we start adding witchcraft, mysticism, divination, and what have you, to this it starts to broaden things. We can start to look at say the energy in an area, spiritual activity, individual thoughts of an animal, or even the relationship between say the night sky as factors. While they must be absent from a scientific analysis. For instance we might say we have intimate knowledge of the way one dog thinks compared to another. Could be a more relevant example to say sometimes the deer are proactive because of what they know or think is going to happen. The scientific approach must ignore these things because they're not available to any given observer. It also means we can look closer at outliers and odd behavior. While science needs to stick to the typical and expected.


With that in mind the question about the off season births in deer might be. Is it do to the stresses they have been under or preparation for whats to come? At the moment I would have to say one way or the other could be true, or even a mix. I hope through observation or gaining an intimate knowledge of the animal we may find out. Although that stays second for me to, what does it mean is going to happen? I figure they're entitled to their secrets. I'm more interested in what they are telling me.


Okay rereading that I think I may have been over explaining myself. So, let me say I was just trying to be clear, not schooling anyone. If anything that was the other way round. I think my perspective may've been straying to far the there way. I appreciate you helping to level it a bit.

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PapaGheny I don't think you over explained at all. And I agree with what you are saying. I always enjoy your writing and respect your experience and knowledge. 


 As you said there is more than just the physical material side of our reality to take into consideration. The spiritual side is important as well.  I have been learning how to incorporate more spiritual awareness into my daily life and personal experience of the world, and my connection and understanding has been developing well. However I admit I had not considered how important developing a more expanded awareness is. 


 Reflecting on past experiences I've had, each time I've clearly received a message through the weather, nature or animals they have been very personal.  Looking for meaning in a broader sense is something I hadn't thought of but it's very intriguing and I can see the importance.


You've given me a different perspective and I'm looking forward to being open to it and exploring it further. 


One thing I can say though is that I've been having a very deep "knowing" sense of big coming change ( in a broad sense, not just personal level) and the need to prepare for it. I don't know what is coming, just what the next steps I personally need to do to prepare.




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Thank you for your kindness there Nature Mama.


I'm glad to hear thing are coming along well for you.


Personally I find those direct messages can be sort of refreshing. Its nice to interpret things with the confidence of personal relevance. Things can often feel cleaner and more clear to me in those terms. I figure these types things also more commonly come to us on a spiritual level than not. However our traditions have grown us to acknowledge it. Be it a chat with Great-grandma’s ghost or by the pricking of our thumbs.

I don't know if the rest of you run into this, but when a prediction is personal I find it easy to forget it could effect others. So I find when we pull those threads or think of ourselves more universally or in a communal sense, we find they can be just as relevant to those around us. We might feel/know hard times are coming for us from the weather. Then it maybe a time to hint to a neighbor to put up some extra food. I tend to think its uncommon for the weather to effect me that way and not someone a quarter mile off.


As for knowing change is coming in a broader sense. Even if I don't know where its going, I find these types of predictions strangely optimistic. Things are always changing in small or major ways. That's weather even if its not wind and rain. I figure if I know how to prepare for it than I'll know how to grow to live with it. The ways to prepare can also lend clues or impressions to anticipate whats to come. But I figure that's not always important. Just knowing a change is coming is reminding or warning me to allow myself to grow with the changing world and passing of time.


Of course that's just how I've looked at things, I think where familiar to what you are talking about there. But I hope it might be useful to you.

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Excellent points PapaGheny!



I don't know if the rest of you run into this, but when a prediction is personal I find it easy to forget it could effect others. So I find when we pull those threads or think of ourselves more universally or in a communal sense, we find they can be just as relevant to those around us. We might feel/know hard times are coming for us from the weather. Then it maybe a time to hint to a neighbor to put up some extra food. I tend to think its uncommon for the weather to effect me that way and not someone a quarter mile off.


This is so true. I often don't think past my immediate family, not because I don't care about other people or my community but because I am not use to having any effect or influence in my community or with my neighbors. I often feel like an island in a sea of "others" which is not community minded at all. This is something that has been brought to my attention multiple times, and now once again ;) , and I have been working on to remedy. I am seeking ways to become more community involved and find ways to be of better service to others, even if it's sometimes just as you mentioned, just hinting to someone about something. 


It's an interesting topic. Thinking about it I think at least for me, and maybe some other people, the habit of keeping my practice secret or just very private tends to keep me in that mindset so that when I receive personal revelations or messages I tend to take them to heart and it doesn't usually go further than that. That's something I can be more aware of.





As for knowing change is coming in a broader sense. Even if I don't know where its going, I find these types of predictions strangely optimistic. Things are always changing in small or major ways. That's weather even if its not wind and rain. I figure if I know how to prepare for it than I'll know how to grow to live with it. The ways to prepare can also lend clues or impressions to anticipate whats to come. But I figure that's not always important. Just knowing a change is coming is reminding or warning me to allow myself to grow with the changing world and passing of time.




Very well said!  And I think it highlights an important point - allowing ourselves to grow with change.  Personally I think that's the main purpose of change, the growth it encourages and it certainly doesn't do me any good resisting it or fearing it. Learning to be aware and receive the messages, and then to trust the process and allow it to unfold puts me in the right state of being to continue to be open to guidance and help along the way. 

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 It's still a rather cold and dreary Spring so far but  it seems Spring truly is here in my area. Today was dark and had a cool wind but it got up to 68 F, a Dandelion was bloomed in the yard, my Daffodils have their heads on them, I saw 2 Wooly Bears out and about, a mosquito tried to bite me, and the Peeper frogs are out in force. All the Turkey Vultures that live near my house seem to be back roosting in their two usual trees too.

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We are seeing purple dead nettle and buds on all the trees and bushes. Frogs and wasps have been every where to. I'm hoping the dandelion bloom makes it this year. Last year a late hit sent them to seed in a day or two.


I tend to think its often a good thing for a witch to interact with the community in some way. Going to the topic there are worse ways than weather prediction to start. I know around here every store has folk in line buying seed or thinking about their yard. Everyone's trying to decide what they think it will do and talking about it. I find that's a good way to throw forecasts out there without any pressure or going into were they came from. It can also draw feed back of how others in the area make their predictions.

I also don't think it has to come into it that someone is a witch. Often how we go about things is best left to others assumptions. So its just a case of careful wording.

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