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Superstitions for witches

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Lots of these in our family too :) (Ireland)


- Greet magpies, request no bad luck in our house. One for sorrow, two for joy etc

- Money spiders are good luck / bring money but only if you let them safely outside

- Salt over the left shoulder

- Never walk under a ladder

- No umbrella up in the house

- Buy heather from a gypsy. In fact, generally keep gypsies happy!

- Black cats lucky if they are heading your way, not good if they cross your path or walk away.

- A healthy respect for fairy trees

- Never turn your back on the sea

- Apple peel tossed for lovers initial

- Getting the coin in the Halloween barmbrack is good luck


I love ivy and will never let my husband cut back the ivy on our house. To me it is very protective as well as beautiful. I use it in my boundary protections too.

I always greet the moon, especially the full moon.

I have iron in strategic places and I dry herbs and have protective bundles.

Sea water is powerful / useful for just about everything. Paddling or swimming in sea water cures loads of things.


There are loads more. We're a superstitious island :)

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The rings around the moon one has actually been proven true scientifically. Cirrus clouds typically show up a few days before a storm, and they float up above every other cloud at around 20,000 feet. They are very thin, so they are very hard to see. The way they are spread out, the water/ice in them floating around up in the air refracts light in a way that makes it look like there is a halo or ring around the moon or sun. The halos are seen more often around the moon, just because it is much easier to look at the moon than it is to look at the sun.


They are called Moon Dogs and yes, they mean rain.  So do Sun Dogs.

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OMG, I love these sayings, most of them I have heard before.  I must admit that I have a thing for Horseshoes, one year I silver leafed a horseshoe for each of my friends to give at Yule.  I included a sprig of White Heather for Good Luck.  They were a big success.

Another British (Scottish) custom is to gift a new Bride a Horseshoe for luck and fertility.  Fertility because the horseshoe is the same shape as the Crescent Moon.

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Not sure if they're especially witchy, folksy, or if these two things just go hand in hand by default, but I'm leaning towards the latter and throwing what I grew up on and can still recall:

  - Walking the length of a crack attracts the Devil's attention

  - Letting spiders safely out of the house brings financial luck

  - Greet the moon, whether you see her or not; you'll live more happily

  - Walking backwards over running water will break an unlucky streak

  - Salting your food before you taste it will spoil the hour to come

  - A mirror in the bedroom invites trouble at night

  - Burning the remainder of the Christmas tree during New Years celebration lays grudges to rest



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