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  2. I have been contemplating getting a tattoo for years. I have now settled on a few designs I like, but have yet to do it. As an aside, it took me 3 years to decide on a paint color for my living room. Then another 2 years to actually paint. I put a lot of time into the decision. What that says about me is up for debate. I know that a tattoo is permanent and I want it to reflect my decision.
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  4. ROFL !!! and Roll Again! your comment is Priceless!! (and true) 😄 Ill go see today...
  5. OMG! I have to laugh! I totally have a visual of this. Then they say "What? it's my best photo!" You have to go look, I hope you didn't get banned.
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  7. Geees(us)....almost every group on FB I belong to gets the proselytizing people from time to time... Our other pet peeve is the newbie on an intellectual discussion group site that announces themselves with a lot of cleavage and puckered lips photo. And then whine and wonder why their posts are not taken seriously or totally ignored or they are banned. LOL. This just happened yesterday and I was not in a good mood so I posted asking "what is the positive purpose of the TIT shot ? This is an intellectual discussion group not a porn site! Or something close to that wording. I haven't been back yet today to see what kind of reactions I got!
  8. Oh, no problem. Really as long as people are making some attempt to answer the questions enough for me to know they are not a bot or something that is usually enough. Your answers were intelligent and relevant. I did have someone else around that time send a request with no message or answers, not sure if it was someone from here but if so here is a friendly reminder that if I don't know who you are or have some idea why you are trying to join I probably won't approve the request. We have gotten a few holy rollers trying to join recently as well most likely for nefarious purposes.
  9. I have seen some cool finger tattoos on Pinterest, if I were to get one, I would start small.
  10. Each of my tattoos has been planned, except one, with what the subject and color mean to me. I didn't consciously decide to have the right be day oriented and the left be night oriented. The rose on my thigh was a dare. A nurse I was working with dared me to get a tattoo on my thigh, and then show it to him. I was 36, so I figured it was my midlife crisis.
  11. 😓 Yikes I wasn't paying close enough attention...I dropped a message to another Belladonna Miles on fb. He was not impressed or amused... We are probably cool now, Although he hasn't sent me a friend request LOL. 😁 He must not read his fb messages very often I sent it weeks ago. Thank you for not deleting my request to join as a bot or spammer even though you didn't receive my message.
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  13. I've done this. I also have tattoos, some of which I regret for various reasons, but I guess they "had to be there" due to circumstances at the time. Please be careful with what you tattoo on your body... as for locations on the body, well, there are lots of reasons, I suppose. Intuition, appearance, symbolism. The parts of the body have metaphysical meanings "in your hands" "cross your heart" "best foot forward" "in your gut" etc. Acupuncture or acupressure points. Planetary or zodiacal correspondences. Left/right side of body. When I have done this, it's been either because the body part was readily accessible/easy to draw on though, to be honest, and not for much other reason.
  14. That is a lovely way to remember your special friend.
  15. I've had a pentacle tattooed over my heart for many years. It was expanded later, to include a special cat who died too soon. It's a gray and white long hair tuxedo girl, coming down a branch. She has white wings and blue eyes. She wears the pentacle on a chain. The moon peeks over her left shoulder, from behind the clouds. The tattoo starts midway down my left breast and extends over my left shoulder.
  16. Black Cat says "Your Pizza is nice and warm!"
  17. I have a half Cheeto cat. 🙂 No black cats here though.
  18. I hope you’re doing better.
  19. I like to watch the Dead Files with Amy Allen, I think she is genuine. I do watch Ghost adventures too, the only one guy who seems to feel anything is Arron Goodwin, and he seems to over react sometimes.. Once on a while , they include a psychic called Chip something, Sorry I don't remember, but he seems to be quite accurate.
  20. I purchased a print of this (see Pinterest link.) I’d assume for most artists prints are where the money is? They only spend the time to make the art once but then get paid for every print or digital copy sold. Having not tried to sell prints myself I may be missing an aspect of why this wouldn’t be as good a use of your time as I’m assuming it would be. I get for the buyer it’s not the same as owning an original piece- but if they want an original piece- they get to pay a proper penny for that! https://pin.it/6Z1unhG
  21. (edited to add- please disregard this comment- I thought I was in another thread about relationship with plants where this comment would have been more appropriate and less redundant .... apparently I’m still adjusting to the new site format!) This probably goes without saying- buy definitely do research that specific use first. Some plants that are not poisonous are heavy irritants when burned and unsafe to inhale the smoke.
  22. Thanks Onyx! 😁 And yes, pricing your art is very tricky. I almost feel bad asking for payment. But I have a set price now, which seems reasonable, at the moment anyway. If I ever become in demand then I'll review my prices. With pieces I'm working on I plan to sell some as prints and then do a one off original with a higher pricer tag. I'll be mainly selling online. There are a couple of pop up galleries from time to time for local artists in my area. With what I'm working on though I wish to remain anonymous, going under the name Phagos, as I'm known here.
  23. I'm family trained, so yes, I would still be a witch. But even if I wasn't family trained, I think I still would have found my way into witchcraft just the same, and my practice wouldn't be too different. Books and internet aren't the only sources of information available, and without those two, I dare assume people would have come up with other ways to teach, to learn, and to share information.
  24. Short answer; yes, I would absolutely have still been a witch.
  25. Nice. I only mention this because you mentioned it could be used as a floor powder: I also like to use lavender oil in mixed with warm water and take a cleaning cloth and wipe down the doors. I use lavender for healing. Occasionally I’ll use peppermint for protection. It makes you home smell good too. I usually put something like eucalyptus, lemongrass, or tree oil in the window seals while the windows are open. It keeps away unwanted bugs. Another thing I like to do is to get a pan of warm water and fill it with lemon and orange peels, cinnamon sticks, vanilla, and rosemary. You let it come to a light boil and it a nice scent to the house. After it’s boiling if you don’t want to stay at the stove and watch it, you can set the bowl by your window and let the air do the work in distributing the smell. It’s very calming and relaxing.
  26. I have a hard time taking ghost aventures seriously. A lot of it is overdramatized however, it is very entertaining to watch. They went to the Stanley Hotel here in Colorado. I went on the ghost tour there and they said that a lot of the stuff on ghost aventures was not true. The investigation was real but some of the facts are a little skewed, by accident or intentional I do not know. I still watch it occasionally.
  27. I use plants for things like keeping flies out of my house (eucalyptus), cleaning, I use different plants for their benefits when I cook, make teas etc. I talk to my plants to help them grow as well.
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