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The witch and failure

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I have been battling the issue of feeling useless if a spell does not work. For the past couple months I've focused very intently on increasing my results and the power of my familiar.


And things were going pretty strong, until a shift happened.


I had sent my familiar on a task to return some lost property, and my big ego told me that this should be a simple task. We had done more impossible things in the past... why not?


Days passed and the property had not returned. A feeling of weakness and uselessness keeps creeping into my mind. What is a witch that can't do a simple spell? I fight projecting this onto my familiar, seeing it as his failure as much as mine. I fight being angry with him, because even though it is my issue, I want to blame someone else.


Really, this happens. Every witch goes through a dry spell (no pun intended). Sometimes, or more often than not, a spell won't happen until you forget about it (such as what the chaotes say), or at least until it isn't the main thought in your mind...


Or really it could be you just need a break. It happens. Could be cosmic, could be mental.


So a note to all who go through this also... don't beat yourself up. It happens.

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