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It's been about a year, but I'm back!

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I'm almost done with the college chapter of my life (I graduate next quarter), and so I think I now have time to log in and be an active member again!


Things have changed, though. I guess I can say I'm a lot less...confused...about what I'm doing. I have a much better understanding of how magick works now, and it's a lot less complicated than I was making it out to be. For one, I've decided to cut a lot of the high magick and ritual-based aspects from my practice, because that was one of my major hang-ups. I couldn't afford it, I don't have the space for it, I simply don't have the privacy in my life right now to do such elaborate spellwork, and honestly? I felt a little ridiculous doing it. I came to the realization recently that it really wasn't my thing beyond lighting a candle and some incense. My visualization has improved to the point where I can do a lot of the ritual part without lifting a finger on the mundane plane, and I've had some excellent results from this. So for this reason, I don't keep an altar anymore. I have a storage corner for my few magickal tools, but that's about it.


Anyway, glad to be back! Hoping to jump into some interesting discussions soon! :smile:

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