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Fantastic Age [Medical]

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After approximately three years of suffering with shoulder pain that was steadily getting worse I had surgery!


On the morning of Friday, October 5th I found myself and husband waiting in the lobby at the Outpatient Surgery. To cut a long story short I had surgery on my right shoulder to remove a bone spur and repair a tear in my rotator cuff; the surgery went well. After taking a week and a half off from work - eight of which were working days, tomorrow [Wednesday] will be my first day back to the office. My stitches were removed yesterday and much to my annoyance I can still feel little stubble of the stitches left on my shoulder.


I find it is so amazing what can be done these days when it comes to the talents of the surgeon and the anesthesiologist in their partnership in making the patient better with as little pain as possible. What a fantastic age we do live in, full of so much wonder and powerful magic all around us. I am still with discomfort and know that having the physiotherapy four times a week for a while will be painful that is well worth the effort and though things will seem to be worse the can only get better than it was as far as I am concerned.:happydance:

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PT IS painful but well worth working through it!


Calendula salve will help your incisions heal. Once they're healed (and not before), switch to Arnica Cream/ointment a couple times a day ... especially before PT ... to help with inflammation.

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