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My new nemesis...Google

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I've always enjoyed the ability to look up random things i hear or see to learn more from on my computer, sometimes recipes or conversions when chatting about the weather to my american friends, and damn it all my friends live in my computer. Lately Google is pissing me off, I haven't decided if my uncanny ability to pick keywords to get what i want is failing, or a large variety of idiots have decided to boost the dumbest link to the top purely for shits and giggles, or the little man in my fridge that turns the light on and off has been coming on late at night and filtering all intelligence from the search engine like some sort of parent control. ( i wish he would download the justin bieber filter while he's at it) I can't find what exactly I'm looking for anymore, I just wanted a quick illustrated guide to plants so i could see what parts of some of the plants i'm picking can be used, I thought it was a simple request, keywords canadian, plants, uses..... After skimming by all the marijuana references I get stuck with wikipedia....I'm sure at one point this was a useful service, like the encyclopedia set your grandmother bought you for christmas that are in a box in your attic gathering dust holding useful facts like the 30 year old population rates of Japan, having a site that condenses all the information on the web about a specific thing, only to get a page of the links they got the info from to begin with. Once you get there you go link crazy, to hell with 8 degree's of separation, I could go from a wikipedia link on the war of 1812 and land of kevin bacon in three clicks at the most and then once you reminisced the 80's you're ready for youtube and a stiff drink. Mean while I've gone to the library got a book that's more than my expectations that i can take with me and off i skip down the trail humming "footloose".

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