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So Much Stuff

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I know there are many aspects to all things witchy, but where to start, i want to know it all, but a part of my brain is telling me to hone the pieces i know, but with so much information it's hard to keep to it. Being easily distracted does not help this....squirrel???

Learning to use an inherited trait is driving me crazy, I think I'll leave the psychic side of me to randomly tell me things when it wants, my brain hurts when i try to tap into it, but then there's that damned squirrel again.

I mean i know some herbs and their uses, I grew up knowing them, should i expand, search every plant in the area, cause my other half will be oh so thrilled when on top of my rocks there's more plants and flowers... I don't think he or the squirrel have found the dandelion roots in the pantry yet. *fingers crossed*

Healing has always been natural like a 6th sense, that or i just like telling people what's wrong with them and then they seem to see the squirrel and change the subject.

The urge to go buy a cauldron and start throwing things in is tempting and I've always wanted to make myself a wand, although that usually ends when i've poked myself in the eye with a stick and pitch it back into the woods where the blasted squirrel can have the damned thing.

I tried my hand at crocheting, I sat down and visualized myself making a hat, my very own witch's hat to wear when i go out looking for my witchy things, that bloody squirrel now has a lovely knobbly tea cozy.

I see all these sites with shiny pretty products, talismans, clothes, coloured candles (maybe a brown one will get rid of this squirrel), incense burners, pentagrams, fairies, satan doll, cutesy voodoo keychains and all i can think is what ever happened to hags on brooms with cats. Maybe thats what i need, a cat..... he can eat that good for nothing squirrel and i can go back to being me.

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