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Open Mind June 1st

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Open Mind is the name of the business that I am looking into to purchase. I got an appointment with the person who takes care of all paperwork, and pays everything. This should fill in all the questions needed that the banks, lenders and grant people are looking for.


I went ahead and asked another person to partner with me - sort of, that is I will try this on my own as a women getting into a small business, and also he is a vet, and we will also try together with him appling to the VA for a small business loan.


This is the business and what it is around



Yes I would like to make some changes, I hope to get the opportunity to do so.

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Oh thanks FM, this is a very hard thing to do, since everyone you try to get financing from whats different things. It's been a dream of mine for about 15 years or more. Never give up your dreams I say!

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