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Thrusday May 29

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I got asked a while ago to do a chat on Wednesday nights on basic Elder Futhark Runes for 6 weeks. Last night I sat in that chat room waiting for these people to show up after all they asked me to do it, the time and the night they wanted it. I started to get pissed.. it was a slow flame building - knowing full well that a new chat was going on here and I was missing all the fun. I closed it with no one coming last night. I left a little bit nippy note about it in their forum.


This afternoon when I checked, the list owner suggested that I bump it to Tuesday nights, and suggested that I remind everyone.. another note I left said no not changing the day, and that it was on the calendar of several groups with reminders and I wasn't going to all of them to change em. It just makes me confirm the idea about skipping out of the "pagan" community. I am not going to do the chat again after this is over. I guess I don't seem to play very well with them.

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I am glad this is over. I like doing things like this but I want people to be involved.

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