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    Middle Tn , USA
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    Repairing old cars , collecting various stones
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    Not a novice , nor a master , everyday is a lesson. There are many traditions and ways , all with some basic foundations and beliefs .The strength of the path is as strong as the will.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    Looked at Wicca , it's a way , just not mine . Presently developing my way in hopes of passing it down to my offspring, when it seems fitting. Was raised in a Christian ( non Catholic ) setting early in life .
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    Lightly , as I have no inherited path or researched lineage to known ( or unknown ) practices / paths. Practice what feels most natural.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    TW is practices of various families , groups of like interests , usually handed down orally , through obsevences from elders as to the comprehension of the understanding of workings presented for development of one's path . Not always from blood relatives , but by certain traditions / ways of the host group ( s ) .
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    Been aspiring to become a practioner since childhood ( still aspiring ). Actual working off / on ( not everyday ) 20 yrs.
  • What brought you to our site?
    Searching for the forum I was a member of , it disappeared during a breif absence of mine. This site seemed to be the most aligned with the ideas and ways I chose .
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    More knowledge of the various ways ,witchcraft in general , from interacting with members , asking questions , providing my viewpoint / experiences , abiding by the site guidelines asuring access to the folks and info here.
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
    Traditional Witchcraft.net ( no longer active , not the present one that the name brings up on the web ), no others at present.
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    My strong will , openess to new / different ideas as they would benifit me , knowing one size doesn't always fit all , acknoledgement of the fact that there is usually a debt for the working to be payed
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    Not enough practice under my belt to date , limited knowledge of herbs,land spirits , not having ancestors to pass down any path to me ,
  1. The owl is trying to stop someone from writing the words down , thus exposing themselves .... Nabu
  2. Oh , I do plan on a salvage operation especially since it has fell over on the ground . Just a matter of doing it , much of the wood has already decayed since the spring . Boxes and wands came to mind when I first found it , now to find folks that do have a use for the energy from the strike . This is something that is not often available to some , and I should make use of it and not waste the opportunity .really should have taken pics of it when I found it , but hindsight sometimes kicks in after the fact. Busy time ahead with this material of fortunate gift. Nabu
  3. I have access to a tree that was lightening struck in the spring of this year . It has already fallen over on the ground. I actually heard the strike when it happened , went out a couple of weeks later and found it up in the tree line behind my property , bark all sprayed out , some was even stuck in the ground like spears . I have wondered what I could make or do with some of the wood , before it all rots away. Maybe some suggestions from the folks here...... Nabu
  4. I have no direct experience with most of the shadow people , other than the little things out of the corners of my vision which move rather quickly. my experience comes mostly from what my daughter and grandson have told about what he has seen when he stayed at certain places with his dad ( custody thing ) at night or just before dawn . He has described the " hat man " as the guy from Mad comics as the Spy VS Spy guy , hat and sometimes with red glowing eyes, also others around at the same time. He has also described events with the hat man where the man was behind him with his hands on his shoulders squeezing him and hurting to a point I can't recall exactly but I would say that he ( grandson ) may have mentioned about there being sharp fingernails on his hands , really can't be positive about the nails , been a while since he spoke of the Shadow people since he doesn't stay there anymore and was like when he was about 4 or 5 years old , he's now 10 and hasn't spoke of them for some time now. Everybody perceives some things differently , but the Hat Man seems to be omnipresent to a lot. Nabu
  5. Izzie , that was grand - " She's awake " !!!!! :vhappywitch: Nabu p.s. Happy Day to ya
  6. Monsnoleedra there is no doubt that what you conveyed / shared with the members here was a very special and unique event that probably few , if any , here have or will partake . It evidently was allowed so that you were shown / enlightened to a perspective of life and death in the animal kingdom that perhaps you had some wonder / pondering of . It seems from your tale , should be also passed down to your young , struck a cord with the compassionate valley in you.Your senses felt the pain, reverence and loss of the attendance, and that was part of the answer . The rest is what you can and will do with is a matter of future to pass. I do have differing views than most with the regards of death animal or human- we are all destined to do so , there is no argument. Over the years I have found many different animal bones , skulls even a nice sized turtle / tortoise shell , and each find I felt it was a treasure / gift bestowed upon me by the spirit of the land and waters that run upon it ( there are bottoms to creeks , rivers , and oceans - that is land with water on top of it ) . I was pleasantly surprised and joyed at the most recent ( a couple of weeks ago ) find of a crow skull with most of the backbone attached. It apparently had been the feast of some other creature , I suspect a cat, not sure as the feathers were natty and not really well intact and the feathers and skull was what was left. Now I wasn't the one that took the life of the crow , but I did say thank you to the spirits of the area , as I have done with all my finds. What I will do with any of my collection only time will tell me , but they are with me and it does give me the opportunity to learn from them , just as the animals of the deer event offered up something for you to learn. We all learn different things from nature - beauty , grace , reverence , life that also feeds another's life . We harvest plants from gardens, wild fields, forests . Hunting animals has always been a means of feeding ourselves and family . One just has to keep a positive perspective and know that if someone or something should die , that it be for the benefit of something or someone . We can't keep all of the world safe from harm , but we do have the obligation to at least offer a prayer for it in this life and the next . I do understand the point you have presented on the possibility of pain and anguish being transferred to the bone collector , it just comes down to what the collector will gleam from the find . Respectfully, Nabu
  7. I've read through all the posts with the idea what most thought about the devil , heck he didn't get much if any mention !!! Great !!!!! But what I did read and see that the most treasurous ( is there such a word ) possession is happiness and what and how one obtains it seems to be the most important aspect . Whether it comes from humble beginnings , self acquired ,conjured or else ( the term of " By Hook or Crook " comes to mind ) . The form of happiness does vary slightly from one to another, but that is what the world is made of , and not everybody is the same , also what we are willing to accept from others as to how they view us and our material possessions . Childhood impressed upon me the ideas and thoughts that others had of me ( and my family ) that money was the most worshiped and guiding judge as to a persons " worth " , funny thing is this mostly came from the churches that my parents insisted that I attend with them .As I expressed to a friend of mine some time ago , I don't come to your house to see how you live , what you may have , I come there to see you , talk , laugh , share life not strife . There is always a lot of sadness in the world, just got to get through it , chin up and plow forward. As one expressed earlier - you and your little dog , I always said - you and the horse you road in on !!! :fucku: Nabu
  8. Well Nikki to be honest , I dug up the plants to repot for a short time to be later on taken to my mother's grave and planted on her birthday back in April. They are of the "wild flower " variety and I have rather admired them from time to time . They grow wild all over the woods around my house , so I took a notion that I wanted to get some to take to mother's grave that I would plant when I planned on visiting on her birthday . So it was done with the hopes that it would be viewed as a benevolent gesture ,we'll see if and when I get the chance to visit next year, she be a ways off . The nails I suppose could possibly be a gift before the planned flower planting I have just got to feel there was some positive in this . As far as the mason jars and such they were in an area that was used for a dumping site which just really grinds on me for folks to do such , but it is and has been a common practice for decades for people to use vacant areas to dump trash in / on. I did go back to the area a few weeks later and scrounge up a bunch of old unbroken bottles , brown purex , green medicine dropper types , syrup bottles with handles , just everyday consumables who's packaging has changed to plastic but none the less still litterable ' Thanks for the replies , really haven't explored HooDoo yet ........... :thinking: Nabu
  9. Wexler fear isn't always bad , if anything it makes one more cognizant of almost everything - be aware of your surroundings as much as possible , guard especially your thoughts ; much less words . I will call you commendable for expressing and sharing your experiences , debating if one made a mistake or not sometimes is part of the process. Just got to make some to gauge the severity or to what degree the outcome of the mistake / unwanted consequence will turn out to be. You have posted to the fact that you acknowledge that one must continue the venture so you have a fairly good grasp and don't beat yourself up so much , these things will teach you a more wise course of choosing ideas , actions , words , desires , directions , and the bane of my thoughts - goals / plans . When you get lemons , make lemonade - as in , if it isn't what you intended , work with it to salvage as much as possible , waste is not in natures vocabulray , it makes use of all. The dark will always be there , endevour to work with it , you will eventually close your eyes to sleep so it will come.You are not alone in transversing a path ,such as I and many more that visit / post here.Fortunatly there are those that will give encouragement . Chin up !!!!! Nabu
  10. Ok , went back to where I got the Sweet Betsy plant , tree specious unknownous, dug around a little more - more nails . I do believe that monsnoleedra hit the nail on the head , couldn't resist that , it do appear to be where someone in the past " dumped " them in that spot .Not far , maybe 30 feet from the tree is an area about 30 feet around where the previous folks that I bought the house and property from used for a household dumping sight, broken bottles galore , along with old metal / tin Mason jar lids that used a rubber ring , with the white ceramic insert ( maybe future candle holders ) . So I got another hand full of old, rusty , bent nails for my collection of " stuff ". Thanks for the replies , all very well received. Nabu
  11. I seem to be finding old, rusty, bent nails off and on around my property . Few years ago storm blew over a large sycamore tree that had been growing in the stream in between my house / property and that next house down, matted up in about a 10-12 foot root ball , it grew on a flat creek bed so no tap roots to speak of , were a bunch of old, bent rusty nails . Ok a present from the water spirits . Now a few weeks ago I dig up a wild flower / plant - a Sweet Betsy- with a good sized ball of dirt, I sift through it to repot , and there again a bunch of old, rusty , bent nails . Trying to figure what I might could use them for ... Anyone have any ideas to maybe point me in a direction ??? Thanks, Nabu
  12. As far as birthmarks go , I probably have a very good one , my left eye is 2/3rd Brown , 1/3rd Blue , right eye is dirty Blue from birth. Mother told me that she wanted my eyes to be Brown like father's cause she thought his were good looking , alas she got just a smidgen of wish HaHa Ha !!! Some of the old pohtos of me it can be easily detected as to color , license has them listed as blue , they didn't have a catagory for mine . Nabu
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