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    All my life. Multiple Craft influences since my birth.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    Ceremonial/Crowleyan exploration, Western mysticism in general.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    Yes, but not with the understanding that what I am/practiced was defined as "Traditional Witchraft".
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    Witchcraft undiluted by the fluffiness that has become mainstream media fodder.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    All my life, grew up in and around it.
  • What brought you to our site?
    Browsing the web, I believe I was doing a generic search on Andrew Chumbley and came across this site.
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    I've read quite a few of the topics in the forums area, and feel that within at least some of the posts I have found people of a similar mindset with which to share ideas and experiences.
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    Knowing myself.
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    Knowing myself (still learning)
  1. This was actually a deterrent for me when I first read "Mastering Witchcraft", and not because of any concern of retribution. Not being raised as a Christian, the Lord's Prayer had zero meaning for me regardless of how it was read (forward or backward, in English or Latin). As such, I originally couln't take it seriously as the reversed Lord's Prayer conjured up images of Anton LaVey in his heyday of red hoodies and plastic horns, lol. Only because it was suggested to me by someone whose opinion I trusted did I not put the book down at Chapter 1.
  2. "Welsh Witches & Wizards" by Michael Howard. Good read so far, I'm about 1/2 way through it, although I gave up early on trying to figure out the pronunciation of some of the locations. :-)
  3. Nice one. When I first started on this trilogy it took me a bit to get into. His writing style threw me at first, much of it is written as if in a lucid dream, but once I got a feel for it the books opened up. I know I missed a lot the first time around (I bounced around quite a bit too throughout the 3) so now I'm going back and incorporating the pharmako series as a reference in comparison to others. As with most things it's a slow process, but I can't come close to personal comparison regarding Dale's experience with the plethora of plant allies he covers.
  4. Just received in the mail,"Veneficium: Magic, Witchcraft, and the Poison Path" by Daniel A. Schulke. Not far into it yet, but I'm liking it.
  5. I'm pretty intolerant with anyone that attempts to force their beliefs on me, regardless of their background. That being said though, most of the "new agers" that I know have been pretty open and understanding about the differences between our paths. Many of them are older anyway, and realize that life's not all gushy-roses-and-white-light-on-a-spring-day. Maybe I'm just lucky? I've had the most run-ins with fundies (aka Bible-thumpers) that would come knocking on my door (gotta love living in the bible belt); it used to amuse me when I was younger to thump back, but that's lost its luster over the years, now I just slam the door on 'em...or introduce them to my German Shepherd. :bolt:
  6. Heya Sara, yep, that was me. And thank you. I completely sympathize with you...I watched for months on E-bay, Amazon, and a slew of occult sites as VU would come and go on the rare occasion, but always out of my price range or in a less than desirable condition. Finally found more than I expected (and at a very reasonable price) through Ben at Caduceus Books. Very kind and informative purveyor of esoteric books if you haven't already done business with him.
  7. Viridarium Umbris by Daniel Schulke. Have not advanced very far in it yet. I can tell it's going to be less of a "reading" and more of a "working with". I'm excited! :witch_bounce:
  8. Poor kid was tortured by his own sister none-the-less. Not sure to what extent British Law allows punishment, but I can think of a few old tortures that were popular a couple of centuries ago that seem fitting in this case...
  9. I recently received my copy. I agree, it's a different read than his other works. I still have to cross-reference and/or look up many of the words he uses though....he was a walking lexicon of religious terminology and praxis. Anyhow, I haven't finished it yet, so I'll report later with a final thought, but so far I'm very intrigued by his presentation on the similarities of oneiric transmission spanning from early Mesopotamian history, to Tibetan, to Sufi/Muslim examples. Removing the names from those historical writings, one can almost superimpose them and glean a similar message. Archetypal Mysteries, perhpas?
  10. According to CNN (not sure about posting links, so you can Google it or check CNN.com for more info) a Nepalese woman was accused by local shamans and her own family of practicing witchcraft, so they beat and stoned her, then doused her in kerosene before setting her on fire last Friday. She was accused of making another family member sick. Local police rounded up the suspects and are charging them with murder. One of them is an 8 yr old boy. The article didn't go into any detail regarding why exactly she was fingered out as the evil-doer. Does anyone else have further details on this? I am not familiar with Nepalese traditions, so I am curious about the circumstances. Was there physical proof (poppet, drawings, carvings...anything)? Or were the shamans getting inside info from the other side? How paranoid must a family be to just accept the word of the local shaman and then torch a relative?
  11. Just finished "Children of Cain" by Michael Howard. I found it a decent introduction for a few groups and / or paths which I'd never come across before or hadn't studied in any detail, such as the Regency and the Horseman's Word. There were definitely some areas that I would have liked him to delve deeper into, such as the CS / Sabbatic Craft tradition; most of what was in that chapter I'd already come across through other channels. All-in-all a good read though. Some new information and stories, some old.
  12. Started off on the Rider-Waite deck when I was younger. Over time though the more I delved into Crowley's works the more drawn I became to the Thoth deck. Took me a looong time to get comfortable enough with it for a decent reading. That being said, concious/deliberate divination is one of the weaker aspects of my Craft.
  13. Ars Philtron just arrived yesterday, started into it last night. Already has me (happily) caught within its spell, to the point that I dreamt about making Philtres throughout the night...
  14. Just curious, which copy of L.H. do you have, the deluxe or standard? I reached pg 21 of the standard edition last night and didn't identify any spelling errors (lol, your post was stuck in my head). Daniel did use an older form of "ancient" (capitalized, when referencing the "Antient Mirror"), along with a modern spelling on the same page but in general reference that time. The old form isn't seen often anymore; most common reference now that I'm aware of is in regards to Freemasons, as in "Antient Free & Accepted Masons". Is that the error you were referencing? (As I said in another post, I'm fairly OCD about spelling also, but I was rather tired when reading L.H. last night)
  15. Back around to the( har) topic: CG, you caught me lol. My eye's going to start twitching if I don't proof read my posts better... It's great to have that though, for an extra "ummphph" but not necessary, if it's not available at the time. I agree completely. Symbolic / Sympathetic representations are merely for additional focus, and if one can utilize the target's DNA itself (from whichever part of the body) then all the better as far as I'm concerned. I personally am screwed right now as I'm molting like a snake everywhere I go due to a nasty sunburn I got last week at my son's Boy Scout crossover. I suppose what I am trying to examine is the dichotomy of this situation: On the one side you have the belief that the hair can enhance one's personal magickal "potency", and therefore the longer the better. On the opposing side, the belief that those same locks could be used against you in the wrong hands, therefore the shorter the better. :stirring:
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