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    I make Malas,trying wood carving.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    Raised Catholic, left that as soon as I left home (at 17). I do not like someone telling me what the rules to a spiritual path are, and that if I do not follow those rules I am wrong.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    Once when questioned if I was a Wiccan, before I could answer, another friend stated that Wicca was waayy to organized for me. I guess that covers it. While I can easily resonate with working with/for nature, and trying to get along with all elements, working within an explicit structure seems to much like the book religions. I want to learn more, but I do not want someone telling me what I can and cannot do according to some organizational rules.

    Celebrating all forms of life in a manner that is most apealling to me.
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    Support, Friendship, ideas.
  1. Brisingr (Inheritance, Book 3). by Christopher Paolini Serpent of Light; Beyond 2012. by Drunvalo Melchizedek
  2. I have two...one on each "cheek" (rear end). One is a Yin/Yang in Blue and 'natural' with black bear paw prints in each side. The other is a dreamcatcher with a bird of prey (not a specific type - sort of hawk like though) on the center piece of the dreamcatcher. GO
  3. Sent from a friend. I found it very amusing, but I immediatley thought of Monty Python's "Holy Grail" bunny when I saw it. GO
  4. GreyOwl

    health update

    For all who have been aware of my stuff since returning from scarry land...I found a new doctor who is taking a holistic and case management approach to my entire medical situation. I have reduced my daily meds by 3 pills already, and I am doing much better dealing with the problems from the ex and the kids. They no longer affect me as seriously as they did when I first came back. My connection to enegery is also returning. It is not yet constant, but I can tap into it when needed most of the time. The shields are still weak, but they are getting stronger and more controlled. GO
  5. GreyOwl

    handfasting ceremony

    I have been to Port Arthur. That was in 1989, at Christmas time. It was a nice place as far as the grounds went, and great for a history buff, but the energy is really bad there. I could not imagine a wedding on those grounds. GO
  6. GreyOwl

    Spirit Walking

    Been there, done that. Stick to the battle drills for initial contact. Adjust as required. Call on me for strength if required. I will be there (I never left). GO
  7. GreyOwl

    Bible Visitors

    I forgot to mention the visit we had Monday evening. We generally do not get local Christiqans coming by the apartment to 'talk' about the bible, and I am not so sure we will get anymore any time soon. Two gentlemen came by. When they stated they wanted to discuss the bible, I pointed out that they probably did not wish to get into a discussion on that book with me since I am a Waitch. The 'speaker' of the two immediatly asked if I had ever read Exodus 22:18. I then proceeded to point out the inaccuracies in the translation/transcription errors. We chatted for about 45 minutes. He succeded in upsetting me with his assumptions, and (as expected) provided absolutly no valid arguments to support his thoughts. The biggest thing that bugged me was his attempt to make me feel bad for having served in the war. Trying to quote Jesus and his talk with a soldier, he assumed I went willingly, and I went to kill people. Anyway, my girlfirend (not a witch) provided great arguments about her thoughts that Eve was set up, that there are to many sucker bets in the bible,a nd that it is inconsistent. On point she made was easily viewed from my time at the war. If a person commits suicide it is wrong...but if a person throws himself on a grenade to save the others in his truck, it is consided ok. That is still suicide. The reasons for it may be different, but it is still knowingly killing yourself. THe 'speaker' kept trying to tell us that the words in that book had to be taken literally, but he could not explain why it was ok to do one thing under certain circumstances when the bible clearly says it is not. After 45 minutes of my girlfirend and I pointing out the flaws in thier arguments, they finally left. Overall, it was very enjoyable to watch them struggle to find answers to our questions, and to watch them try to explain thier position without real substance to thier points. GO
  8. GreyOwl

    Mid-South Tornados

    It was a long night here in the Mid-South. Memphis area is currently showing anywhere from 8 to 13 dead. It looks like a current total of dead from the storms that passed through is about 44 or 45 (depending on who you listen to). I am not a 'normal' person, as we all know...once the tornado sirens began, I was outside watching and feeling the energy. Have you ever felt the strength of the storm? It is great! I was working with what I could connect to, trying to force the storms to move away from my place, and that of my family. The closest tornado came within about 2.5 miles of the apartment. There was also one headed directly toward us at one point. It changed course. One headed directly at the ex's house (where my youngest still lives) and it also changed course. I do not know if I had influence, but I had the intention. It could have been so much worse if the tornadoes followed their projections when the touched down. They were heading for very densely populated areas, during rush hour. It was fun to connect and work to change their course some, but it was also nerve racking. It has passed, we are well. GO
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