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    astronomy, walking, reading, music,
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    I have had a strong interest since a child, and over the years I have read, surfed and expanded my knowledge on witchcraft and its many paths. I do feel it is a part of the way I live my life in general.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    Went to Sunday school as a child, never could settle myself with its teachings. I later discovered runes and worked with these easily. Then spent many years reading many witchcraft and wicca books.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    I have been brought up to use local plants to heal, for eating and also for their charm effects. Much of the local folklore from where I grew I have carried with me, and it is still working for me. I also tend to use my own intuition rather than always instruction to create useful charms and spells.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    Delving into your own ancestory, to find the link with those who created you on this earth. Connecting with the energy which runs through everything, the earth, the sky, the universe. Being awake to your surrounding, your environment, the plants and animals, changes in seasons, everything that has shaped the way you are, and that you are part of, and embracing, and working with this ever existing energy.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    For about 10 years, though the path I have been on has twisted alot on the way.
  • What brought you to our site?
    I found you on google when I was trying to whittle down the sites which were just about traditional witchcraft, and I have read though many of the posts and it looks like a great place to discuss TW.
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    To find well informed discussion on the many topics I am uncovering as my research into TW continues, and I hope that where I can I may be able to share some of my own experiences where relevant.
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
    I belong to traditionalwitchcraft.net which is also a great TW site.
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    My strongest point is that I have always believed in gut instinct and following my intuition above all else.
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    My weakest point is that I have little time to explore aspects such as pathworking, as I am a busy mum of and time is limited.
  1. yeah, with butter and pepper - yum! animal intestine can be used for divination, so why not eat them too!!! hahaha!
  2. I must admit Haggis is nice, but black pudding is yummy! Just wondering too about the old ground hog - he still gets pulled out every year to try and see his shadow doesnt he? :chakrahearts: edited to add: and if cows stand on top of it hill it won't rain anytime soon. :wickedwitch:
  3. I love her! and I am sure she would appreciate a biccy too lol!, :chakrahearts:
  4. do you mind giving more detail on why you weren't impressed? I go back and dip into 'Treading the Mill' alot, and have been considering getting 'walking the tides' (well once I have more money!). you can PM me if you want, if you dont want get done for slating the author! lol! or just a few pointers why would be good - ta! :chakrahearts:
  5. thanks for this Tana - very interesting! - my mums uncles used to gather willow and make baskets from it, to use and sell. I have always had a love for hand made baskets anyway, and would love to make a willow basket one day!
  6. ahh! so thats what a 'moon cup' is! ta! :smile: i did wonder....!
  7. I totally get what you mean about 'programming' the road using knots. the number, spacing and size of the knots can say alot about the intent and intensity of the person tying them too. ts like people saying 'they have knots in their stomach' when they are worried or troubled - the assocation with knots must run deep, as Jevne also posted.
  8. maybe thats why we have thumbs - for tying knots? :vhappywitch: lol!
  9. I think I do agree with Michele thoughts on this, in that some do not like to work with the dark element of the craft - for which the new moon is a perfect example. I can see reason 8people, in your theory as to why the triple goddess in Wicca may exclude this. From an amateur astonomers point of view too, the best time for stargazing, or even the moon, is not when its full - most deep space objects become invisible with its at its fullest, so I am always happier when the moon isnt full if the scope is out. there is something extremely hypnotic about a full moon though. its all good!:ani_witch_moon:
  10. you have made a good point M, Along with the waxing and waning of the moon to tell time, our ancestors would have also relied heavily on the tides for survival. if you look to the tides they are 'pulled' by the moon regardless of whether the moon can be seen or not. If you draw a straight line directly through the moon, to the centre of the earth and then out the otherside, these areas of water will have high tides as the levels are pulled by the moons gravitational pull and the earths centrifugal force. So if the moon can pull all that water in one direction (up) then its packing some power for us to use! So anyone wanting to work with the moon, but are unsure where it is, you can check out the tide charts too.
  11. Hi Elf, I have always loved knots too (was a Brownie, but not sure if we did much of the knot tying thing lol!). In answer to you question I use knots in my magical workings with intent, and also on spur of the moment when they present themselves while doing mundane things. Without prior thinking about magical workings, I often find myself tying knots in things (like my mind is on something else, but my fingers feel the need to be tying knots?) If you tie a knot in a loose thread or in something without really thinking about it, I believe its your subconscious doing that for a reason, and the knot should remain until you feel it can be released – I go along alot with my intuition so I kind of let that determine which odd knots I will untangle and which I intuitively feel need to be kept for a time or indefinitely. Another example is my youngest, who is almost two, and she has always had a habit of twisting her hair as she gets sleepy. I try to get the tangles out but sometimes they have to be cut off (not too many though!) – I keep these as they are precious to me, her action of twisting the knot its powerful stuff I believe. Then there are the times I come across knots in shoelaces and washing lines, and if I feel they are there for a reason I leave them, if not I release them – its an intuitive thing really, I usually feel they are there for protection of a sort. In my workings I like to tie knots in sets of numbers into cords, I think these are called witches ladders. And use them in workings – you can tie them in and work through each knot as you focus your intent on the job in hand, some people like to chant while doing this, I mostly do it in my head, or hum a tune. I don’t ever untie these knots though. It’s a bit like the folklore of tying a thread round your finger to remember something important, or if your finger gets trapped in a knot while tying a parcel with string, its an omen to watch out. Though history knots have been used a lot in magic so there are plenty of avenues to go down with this!
  12. Michele, it would be good to have something handy which can be used in this way - I am more thinking about when the wee ones cut and graze themselves, blood could be transferred from a clean cloth to the braid. I am thinking that incorporating knots and blood in this way, would provide additional protection for them. I have used knots but never with blood but you got me thinking..! On the subject of knots, I am forever leaving knots in their shoelaces, as its bad luck to undo a knot which hasn't worked its work its magic yet. or to remove the knot at all!
  13. like the sound of that Gramayr, I would love to go to Iceland. :)
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