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  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    I have to be honest here. I really dont have a feeling on traditional witcraft. I was directed here from another site thattold me as some of the questions I was asking on there might be more directed to this place so here I am to learn and grow, with the help of the other members here.
  1. I am currently reading a book by Dr. Mark J. Plotkin tittled "Tales of a Shaman's Apprentice".
  2. eagleheart75

    Wedding Bells....

    Greetings all, Its been a long time since my last post. Thought I would share in some very exciting news. This past August I started dating an old friend of mine. We had been friends for like a year previous. Just a week ago I prposed and she accepted!! :) We set a dat for July 16th 2011. I am very excited and happy. We are going to hold an outdoor wedding with a midevil theme and also having a handfasting ceremony this coming July to follow in the tradition of 1 year and one day b4 the wedding. We share very similar beliefs and whats coolest to me about her is her abilities to see the spirits that walk among us. Couple that with my abilities of sensing the spirits around us we make a great team, for ghost hunting...which is how we met. We decided to go with the midevil theme so that we could have an actualy handfasting cerimony in stead of the traditional Christian wedding neither of us believe in. Anyway I gotta get going for now, I will post again with any further news and updates. Eagleheart75
  3. eagleheart75

    Keeping tabs

    Hey all, its nice t osee some your smiling faces again. It has been entirely to long since my last visit. But since my last visit some things have changed in my life that I feel is worth sharing. As of wednesday last week I am no longer on probation. It has been a long 3 years and I look forwad to the time to come when it was just a distant memory. I have some updated photos of my kids to show yall too but I do not have them on cd yet or digital format at all for that matter. I am still working at the same place barely, lol I am waiting to hear from a very positive and potential life changing job. Working as a prep cook in a local casino that is opening here next month. I will let yall know what comes of that. Or if one of you specially gifted individuals care to let me know that would be great as well lol. love ya all and miss you. talk again later sometime.
  4. eagleheart75


    Greetings all. It has been a long time since I have stepped onto the site. Is nice to see you all still here. ( not that I expected you to be gone lol ) Anywho, Things are going as well as can be expected. I have just over 3 months left on my probation. I just landed a second job. On a more spiritual topic I have come along way since I first came to this wonderful site. I am becoming more fluent with my pendulum and not to mention becoming more comfortable with my abilities to communicate with both my guides and other spirits who have passed. On a similar note, unfortunately the ghost hunting group I was apart of has folded. The founder was diagnosed with cancer and she is currently fighting that. So the hunting kind of took a back ( way back) burner of the priority stove. I hope all things are well with the group here. I will check in again soon. Eagleheart75
  5. Greetings all. I just thought I would give yall a hollar. I went on my first Ghost investigation this past weekend. It went well. I had a few good experiences and one not so good one. I was able to take part in using the Infared Thermomitor ( sp? ). I was able to get the temp to drop almost 20 degrees. I was also able to use some dousing rods ( again not sure if I spelt that right) but both were very cool experiences. Now the one bad experience I had was on a more spiritual note. I felt a very strong energy drain from one room I went into at one point that almost made me fall over. I braced myself in the door frame for a few minutes then was able to enter the room. Well a few minutes later I was asked to go back up to the room I was in when I had that experience and see if I could get it again. I reluctantly agreed. after about 20 or 30 min upstairs myself and the other person that went up with me started back down stairs. well on my way down I got hit again with that energy, only this time it felt as though someone had grabed my entire body gave a squeeze. I felt light headed and just not good all over. This time I did collapse onto the steps. After a few minutes the feeling passed and I was fine. Cant wait for the next one lol!!!!!!
  6. eagleheart75

    Darkness Rises.

    Things are finally starting to turn around slowly for me. I still feel dark and angry at times but not nearly as much as when I first wrote this blog. Many things have happened in my life since then to change the tide if you will. I have started training on becoming a professional Bowler and will be in my first professional tournament in April 2008. I have also joined another local grp of people that ( and I think I touched on this a little b4) do paranormal investigations. We just had a meeting this past Monday and I will be going to my first investigation on Saturday night. I am really looking forward to that. So yes all in all things are starting to look up. I still have no money lol but at least I have people to talk with both on here and in the 3 outside groups to keep me focused not to mention the Bowling.
  7. eagleheart75

    Darkness Rises.

    Well all it has been a long while since I have posted a blog so here goes. As the Title stats, the darkness is rising....within myself. I have been feeling very dark and angry the last few days maybe longer. I cant put the finger on any one thing, I am just seemingly being bombed by so much that I have no control over. and it is starting to eat at me. Starting to make me want to do something, anything, nothing illegal mind you just something to release some tension and some of this building anger that is reaching near boiling point. There is nothing I can do to correct any of it, at least to my knowledge. I have been burning my candles one after the other trying to aid me in anyway possible. But even that don't seem to do anything. My next thought was to focus some of this dark energy im feeling toward someone that has pissed me off but that wont do anything to fix the problem, but it would make me feel better for a min. well thats it for now I lost interest in doing anymore. ttyl.
  8. eagleheart75

    Staying in touch

    Good evening all, I just thought I might take some time tonight to let yall know I'm still around. I pop in every now and then just to see whats what. I post now and then but for the most part have just been doing this inward spirit searching on my own. Well not so much on my own really, I have met a few ppl that are giving me directions and suggestions along my path. Also ( this is kind of off topic but I need some help with something ) my mother is going to court later this week to fight for her rights to see her grandson ( my son ) In case you forgot I am linking his pic again lol. http://www.axcessmypics.com/eagleheart75/_entry/c885520d14633f6c0114b76224cb195a/jsps/entry?foneblog=1188585974314 For a focus point lol. Anyway he has not seen my mom or his sister, my daughter, in months. I am just asking for a little positive mojo toward my son and my mom. Back on topic now. This path has lead me to doing my genealogy in search of my ppl. The bloodline that runs in my heart. that rushes through my feathers as im flying with my brother and sister spirits. anyway, things are as I am being told grow spiritually for me rather fast. and im loving every minute of it. So thats it for now. I will get back with ya soon. :hugs:
  9. eagleheart75

    Energy Focusing.

    I had a spiritual reading the other day by an empath. What she told me was rather cool and quite uplifting. She told me that I have a very strong ability to focus energy, of internal abilities to direct those energies. I found this very interesting as it played right in tune with a dream I had not to many nights ago about doing just that. Warding off an attacker with nothing more then words and and a gesture with my hands. My Native guide told me that the spirits have told him that this is because I have a certain path that I am following that will will someday reveal itself to me and I will know what these abilities are. The reader also told me of some other very personal things that made me feel she was right on the money with. but thats for another story lol.
  10. eagleheart75

    Soaring Eagle

    Well sorry I have not been around much lately everyone, but as all young Eagles must do do I have been out soaring through the sky's of my new path. Researching my heritage, studying the ways of my ancestors. Many wonderful things have happened since I last posted to my blog. I have Journeyed for the first time. I have seen many birds to which I found may have been messengers from my spirit guides. I have met new and wonderful ppl to aide me in my travels, and assist me if questions come up. I just wanted t take a min to reach back out to you wonderful People here at TW, for if it were not for my beginnings here I would not have come to where I am today. I will keep everyone up to date on my happenings and I will stay in touch.
  11. I trully did. am looking forward to doing it again. As long as my work schedule permits lol
  12. Well I got some cool news to share tonight. I just went to a guided chakra Meditation group tonight. It was a bit odd at first cause I did not know anyone there, found it on Witchvox. Anyway I as we started we stood in a circle and someone led in a meditation welcoming, and all of a sudden she ended with "blessed be" I was like oh boy I'm surrounded by Wiccans lol. But I stood still and just let that part go in one ear and out the other. The cool thing for me was for the very first time doing this I was able to actually see the colors of the chakras as we hit each one. except for Indigo, because I had no idea what color that even was. anyway after we went through all the colors we went into a free fly or what ever you call it, I was able to at that point see myself flying as I had in a dream so many years ago. I was in the form of a bird and when I flew over the water I saw my reflection and I was an eagle it was awesome. At the end of it all we shared with the group what we saw and everyone was impressed with what I saw being my first time, as was I. All in all it was a great first time. Putting aside the fact that it was a Wiccan grp I thought it was fun.
  13. eagleheart75

    Tarot Reading.

    Wow only $19.95 that would have been alot better then the 35 I dropped lol. By the way I did listen to you witches lol I just needed some additional info that I could lay my hands on so to speak lmao. Anywho, I look forward to the days and months to come as I hope to continue my forward progress.
  14. eagleheart75

    Tarot Reading.

    I wanted to share with you all something that I went through today. I went to the local metaphysic shop today to get a few items to start building my stock of insents and what nots. I picked up a Guided Meditation CD as well a pack of frankensence( sp ) and Myrhh combo. While I was in the shop I saw that there was another woman there that kept looking out at me and smiling, I acknowledged her with a smile in return. Well as my visit continued I was repeatedly drawn to look in her direction as she must have been drawn to me as well as each time I looked over toward her she to would look out at me. So as I was checking out I asked the store owner how much it cost for a reading and what the woman did. It turned out to be only $35 for 15 min. So I did it. I paid the $35 and proceeded to have my first reading in over 15 years. The womans name is Lorri ( cant remember her last name ). The first thing she asked me as I entered her room was "you have had a reading b4 havent you?" I said " yes I have but it has been a very long time." She told me that she could feel that I had had it done b4. she asked me also if I wanted to have the reading done by cards or just using the angels or what ever she called it ( lol my memory is horrid ). I told her that I would prefer using the cards as I need the visualisation more to understand and see what is going on. Well the 15 min session turned into nearly 45 min for the same price she said that she continued only cause she felt that I really needed the extra time and it was at no extra cost to me. Which I was all for lol. Any way this woman hit on so many things that I am going through I was just amazed. She told me of a pet that was coming through that i had not thought of in ages. She also told me that the spirits and cards alike were telling me I am on the right path and the guides were very happy and excited for me. The cards also nailed how I am feeling right now, stressed and very tired. Because I am trying to take on to many things at once. That i need to focus on one area and learn that entirely b4 branching out to learn others. I was also told that I have a very healing soul, a very beautiful soul, and that my kids ( who I did not even bring up ) were very gifted in both the psycic and intelectually. I could keep going on about this session but I will just rap it up by saying that i had a very good session indeed. I loved every moment of it and look forward to being able to do it on my own.
  15. I would have to say that my favorite one is the black one. But then again I just love the color black ( or as I think I read on here somewhere or heard it elsewhere the shade of black as it is not a color but a emptyness of the other colors in the rainbow)
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