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    no idea
  1. Love this Tana. Many of the trees mentioned are not easily found here (if at all) but my personal favourites still remain rowan, hazel, holly and hawthorn, all of which I have in my garden. Hope all the oldies (:)) are doing ok, and hello to the newbies I don't know xx
  2. I think school can be very difficult for children who do not fit in to the notion of 'normal'. Children with any degree of learning difficulty but bright enough to realise it...also can have a rough time. I agree structure can be difficult but easily sorted if you stick to a reasonable routine. With my daughter, we worked mornings, and left the afternoon for less structured stuff outdoors, weather permitting. I grew up in a little village and went to a school which had 48 pupils in total. The ethos there was....work really hard until lunchtime, then afternoons we played cricket, or rounders or just sat and made daisy chains. In the winter afternoons , we drew, made collages, knitted, sewed, did woodwork and chatted. When I went to secondary school my grades were as good and in many subjects much better, than my peers.
  3. LadyHawk


    I have always been able to pick up emotions from people, it is something I was born with and until I learned how to shield myself properly it caused me many problems. I do believe hat most people are capable of this to some degree, but the way you were brought up, and whether you were allowed to use this skill I believe determines how much you pick up now. Although I can tune in pretty quickly to friend and family it is the emotions of strangers that can cause more upset, so I don't go to supermarkets except early morning or middle of the night....shopping malls are the same, and cemeteries that are in use are a nightmare. Even with good shielding, when you have an off day these busy places are just too overwhelming. I had to smile at the psycholgist remark though....we are trained not to bat an eyelid....doesn't mean you don't feel it. Likewise with doctors....you can't cry when you treat someone with a terminal illness or such.... There are/have been empaths on this site.....Anjel for one and KW too if I remember rightly
  4. I home schooled one of m daughters for a couple of years.....it deff has pros and cons but there is help out there if you are going to carry on with it. You have to de-register your child/ren from their present school and tell the LEA where you live that you intend to home school. They will asign someone to your family and provide you with the outline of what they should be doing and in some areas help with materials. Up here I had to buy most of it myself. Your children will be assessed, usually twice a year, to make sure that they aren't falling too far behind with anything. Science was the subject that I found was the most difficult to keep up to date....basics like maths, english, history etc are ok when you know whats expected, but I found it more difficult. If you don't de-reg then you run the risk of court orders etc...it's not against the law to home school as long as you keep the education in line with the national curriculum in Scotland but they make a stink if they are still registered! All paper exercises! Good luck anyway.....i found one of the best things was being able to time study with her more alert times, and leaving good weather days free for nature studies/walks/photography etc
  5. I don't keep a grimoire....like Sandy, it's all in my head and mostly comes 'off the cuff'. I don't spend hours deliberating on spells or potions or whatever, I usually know what I want to do and use what I have accordingly. The only exceptions are recipes for healing eg cough mix, headaches etc which are usually scribbled on bits of paper then transferred to a notebook....eventually (sometimes) ending up on a storage hard drive
  6. Blood & Mistletoe by Ronald Hutton....the history of the druids in Britain. It's an area that I'm interested in.
  7. If you are diabetic like me you can substitute the sugar with sweetners (artificial or not, to your taste) and the recipes work just as well. I love elderberry syrup and have used it for as long as I remember, and they grow wild everywhere here so accessing them is easy. Great recipes. Winter is on the doorstep here....we've had the first snow falls and yesterday was very cold with frost in the morning.
  8. Same here....I hope everything goes well for you and your boys x
  9. I am very connected to where I was born and where I live. There were people here 12,000 years ago ( remains dating back 14,000 years have just been found in Scotland) and this has always been at the core of who I am. Everywhere around me there are standing stones, remains of pictish forts, we are steeped in ancient scottish lore and I was brought up with the stories and tales that kept it all alive for me. I am deeply connected in a spiritual way with our druidic history and was brought up beside the remains of one of the biggest druid teaching schools in Britain, so definitely it is the land that connects me. If I had to pinpoint an era I would say roughly 500ad pre-xtianity and earlier. I would agree with you that it is the land that connects me to who I am, makes me who I am... My connection to other witches is the the acknowledgement of like minded people, although probably very different, there is still a thread of recognition. Many things make a witch, I certainly couln't define it...I only know me and my ways
  10. I have all Nightwish music (old), not so struck now original lead singer has gone, have some Leaves Eyes and Tristania and a couple of other Finnish groups which I like....I don't like Enya, although I do like Loreena McKennit a lot. I guess it depends on the mood at the time....I'll listen to nearly anything although not fond of country or jazz
  11. I don't have a SO anymore, but my beliefs were a huge source of argument when I was married although he left the children out of it. They were raised with a knowledge of other religions, and of my beliefs and have all gone their own way....none xtian, all pagan, none really interested in trad craft.
  12. I've read some stuff by Louise Hay....very good. ATM im reading A History of Social Care in Great Britain (not as bad as it sounds), it's part of my uni work, Hand of Evil by J A Jance....just finished Devil Bones by Kathy Reichs (a load of cobblers!) and waiting for The Heir to Sevenwaters by Julliet Marrilier which comes out on Nov 7th.
  13. Ah well....just to be different,as always,lol...I sleep with a large mirror in my room because it is the entry point for my travels....I don't use mirrors for scrying because I'm useless at it....I use water. I have had a couple of very bad experiences with a very old mirror in my grandmas house when I was a wee girl, so I am respectful of them
  14. Loads of different music at the moment and I listen to it on www.lastfm.com Its a great station....you type in what you like and they recommend loads more similar music. You can save it all and build up a library or download/buy
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